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Predictive marketing platform for enterprise

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Mintigo overview

Mintigo - a predictive marketing and lead generation platform - allows enterprises to identify, prioritize, target and engage with leads.

Mintigo first identifies your ideal customer profile using predictive analytics. With this intelligence, Montigo then targets prospects who are ready to buy, engaging them through the right channel.

Mintigo collects and analyzes information from across the web, combining CRM data, online marketing indicators and machine learning to create an ultimate prospect profile. Mintigo identifies the targets most likely to buy your product using real-time predictive scoring. With this information you can run targeted marketing campaigns to engage only the right prospects.

Prioritize leads, identify opportunities to cross-sell within your customer base and discover new markets to expand into with SalesPredict.


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Mintigo features

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Additional information for Mintigo

Key features of Mintigo

  • Prospect evaluation
  • Predictive score assignation
  • Micro-campaign creation for specific personas
  • Real-time predictive lead scoring
  • Integrations with Marketo, Salesforce and Eloqua
  • Prospect engagement
  • Customer data collection and analysis
  • Customer intelligence platform
  • 360 degree profiling of each lead in your database
  • CRM data cleansing
  • CRM data standardization
  • CRM data enrichment
  • Rich marketing indicators (MIs)
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Mintigo is fully integrable with existing marketing automation software.

Target specific personas with micro-campaigns from Mintigo.

Mintigo enriches leads with more comprehensive data - sourced from across the web - that CRM databases lack.

Scores are continually updated in real-time with Mintigo’s adaptive predictive lead scoring.

Identify which leads are ready to be pursued by sales and which leads first need further nurturing.