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XhibitSignage is Mvix's free cloud-based digital signage software. It comes bundled with a solid-state digital signage media player, for which there is a one-time fee. There are no subscriptions or contracts to use the XhibitSignage software. The one-time fee for the digital signage solution (XhibitSignage + HD signage player) gives you unlimited lifetime usage.

XhibitSignage has multiple dynamic content apps & widgets i.e. social media (Vimeo, Flickr, Picassa, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram), RSS/MRSS feeds, metrics dashboards, scrolling text, dynamic weather, live web pages, HTML5 , YouTube, QR code, events listings, Google Docs, emergency/CAP alerts etc. The apps and widgets allow businesses to easily display and update a large variety of dynamic content.

The software also has smart playlists, unlimited cloud storage, multi-zone screen layouts, and a day-parting and calendar-based scheduler. It also allows multi-user management where each account can have multiple users, each with highly specialized permissions.

Mvix's XhibitSignage also generates reports. These reports include a log of the content that has been played/displayed, the users that have logged in, bandwidth usage and updates that have been made to content, playlists, templates and schedules. The reports help management to monitor and keep track of the performance of their digital signage network.

Being cloud-based, the software can be accessed from a standard web browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari). There are no downloads/installs involved. This simplifies remote management, where users can make updates and manage their digital signage network over the internet.

It also includes free updates at no additional or hidden costs.

Mvix XhibitSignage Reviews (39)

Most positive review

 The best web-based digital signage software

Mvix XhibitSignage has been one of the best pieces of software I've chosen for my business in recent memory. The features are incredibly comprehensive. I really appreciate the fact that I can manage a variety of screens over the internet using a standard browser; it makes it much easier to get ...

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Reviewed 13th of October, 2015 by

Most critical review

 Good device - Horrific product support. 
Vendor responded

Customer support is laughable. Requires a ridiculous amount of effort and followup to have them actually place hands on to resolve an issue in our experience. MVIX behavior is interesting but I guess the overall numbers work for them or they would behave differently.. When the equipment is ...

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Reviewed 9th of February, 2016 by

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Mvix XhibitSignage Pricing

Starting from: $259.00

Pricing model: One-time License

This all-in-one solution by Mvix includes the free XhibitSignage digital signage software AND a robust HD signage player. Starting at a one-time fee of $259, the Mvix solution (XhibitSignage + HD signage player) supports HTML5 media playback and includes -remote management -zoned screen layouts -playlist management -comprehensive scheduling options and a multi-role user management.

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Key Features of Mvix XhibitSignage

  • Free software updates – no hidden costs

Mvix XhibitSignage Screenshots (12)

Mvix XhibitSignage screenshot: The XhibitSignage dashboard gives you a snapshot of your account i.e shows users, media, storage, templates, schedules, playlists etc. and shows a live view of your screensMvix XhibitSignage screenshot: All media is stored in the XhibitSignage media library, and can be organized into groups for easier selection.Mvix XhibitSignage screenshot: Free XhibitSignage content widgets include social media, RSS/MRSS feeds, traffic, weather, clock, HTML scripts etc.Mvix XhibitSignage screenshot: Use the XhibitSignage playlist manager to create a playlist of media. Add tags for easy identification and sorting.Mvix XhibitSignage screenshot: Use Mvix's XhibitSignage to create a template or screen layout with zones, and add media/content/playlists to the zones.Mvix XhibitSignage screenshot: XhibitSignage by Mvix enables you to create a calendar-based schedule for your content days/weeks/months/years in advance.Mvix XhibitSignage screenshot: XhibitSignage's multi-user platform allows you to have an unlimited number of users in the same account, each with varying permissions.Mvix XhibitSignage screenshot: View all of your Mvix signage players, and see the status, physical location, IP address etc. of each. You can also reboot your players from the library.Mvix XhibitSignage screenshot: Reports show user access, playback activity, etc.Mvix XhibitSignage screenshot: An Mvix displayMvix XhibitSignage screenshot: An Mvix displayMvix XhibitSignage screenshot: XhibitSignage


Intended Users
Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non Profits, Public Administrations, Small Business
Devices Supported
Supported Countries
Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom, United States
Supported Languages
Support Options
FAQs, Knowledge Base, Online Support, Phone Support, Video Tutorials

Alternatives to Mvix XhibitSignage


No contracts/subscriptions: For a one-time fee users get lifetime usage of Mvix's XhibitSignage bundled with an HD signage player. Users will never be locked into a contract or subscription.

Cloud-based: To access XhibitSignage, simply log in from any modern internet browser. Users are not limited to one single access point only, and there is no software to download or install.

Free software updates: XhibitSignage includes free software and firmware updates at no additional costs or hidden fees. XhibitSignage want users' digital signage network to stay current as the technology changes

Easy to use: The sole technical requirement is access to any modern internet browser. This CMS by Mvix has a simple user interface, and is easy to use even for non-technical operators.

Multimedia content: Free content widgets include static images, slideshows, videos, social media (Vimeo, Flickr, Picassa, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram), PDF, RSS/MRSS feeds, scrolling text, calendar, web-URL, YouTube, QR code, traffic, weather, clock, event listings, HTML scripts, Google Docs etc.

Multi-user platform: Each account can have multiple users (no limit to the number of users). These users can have highly specialized rights and permissions for easy management of the network.

Advanced scheduling: XhibitSignage's scheduling tool allows comprehensive day-parting and calendar-based scheduling across individual signage players.

Template management: XhibitSignage allows you to organize your different screen layouts or templates in a library. This simplifies how you manage multiple campaigns in multiple locations from one account.

Real-time updates: Any changes made to the content are automatic. They are instantly picked up by the signage player and are displayed on the screen. The players do not have to be updated manually.

Reporting: Auto-generates reports include user access, playback log, bandwidth usage, and updates/activity reports. These reports allow users to monitor their networks, and make adjustments as seen fit.

Comprehensive support: Standard support gives you to 24/7 access to Mvix's technicians, and a 1 year warranty. Get premium care with their enterprise-level Signature Support which includes device upgrades, training, premium content, and lifetime warranty.

No blank screens: All content is stored locally in the signage players, so users never have to worry about display screens going blank in the event of a network outage.

Who is Mvix XhibitSignage For?

  • Experience level: All experience levels
  • Industry: Corporate offices, real estate, recreation, education, financial institutions, religious venues, healthcare, restaurants, hospitality, retail & malls, manufacturing, and theater
  • Business size: Small businesses, mid-size businesses, large businesses
  • Departments/roles: IT and marketing managers
  • Budget/point: One-time fee for the digital signage media player
  • Example customers: Amazon, Muzak, Hilton Worldwide, Anytime Fitness
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Multi-factor authentication options

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Data backup in multiple locations/GEO regions
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GetApp Analysis

New York City’s Times Square is the epicenter of advertising, largely because of the large digital screens flanking many of the area’s tallest buildings. When it comes to influential advertising, digital signage is both noticeable and incredibly effective. But the technology that supports it can often be expensive, which is where Mvix’s XhibitSignage comes into play.

Mvix is aiming to make digital signage affordable. The company offers an all-in-one solution that provides organizations with its free cloud-based digital signage software, XhibitSignage, bundled with robust HD signage players. Rather than relying on expensive and outdated technology, advertisers that work with Mvix’s XhibitSignage get a robust solution that promises a healthy ROI. The cloud-based digital signage software communicates with advanced digital signage media players to display content on HD displays. Future changes or updates to the advertising display can be easily made in real time.

What is Mvix XhibitSignage?

An entry-level digital signage system consists of a playback device (digital signage media player), a digital screen (typically LCD, LED, or plasma display), and a content management software (CMS). The Mvix digital signage media players are connected to large displays via HDMI cables, and to the internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cables. Once the player is online, it communicates with the XhibitSignage CMS to receive content and updates for playback.

XhibitSignage is used to manage the advertising content that displays on digital screens. The software includes a simple calendar-based scheduler for scheduling content for playback. It also allows for multi-user management, which is ideal for large digital signage networks with displays at different locations.

Designed for small and mid-size organizations, XhibitSignage makes digital signage affordable for businesses of all sizes. In fact, it is available for free with no subscriptions or contracts. The cross-functional solution is also not market or application specific. It is easily applied to different markets, for example retail stores, schools, hospitals, hotels etc. Users are able to store as many files as they like in XhibitSignage, while an advanced playlist manager makes it easy to create playlists of media.

Main Features

Free Content Widgets

XhibitSignage provides users with free content widgets that they can use for things like social media, PDF display, RSS feeds, MRSS feeds, Text Ticker Marquee, calendar, web-URL, YouTube, QR code, traffic, weather, clock, events listings, graphs and charts, HTML scripts, Google Docs, stock/financial data, and maps/POI. These widgets simplify the process of displaying the related content on a digital display.

With XhibitSignage, you’ll be able to customize the widgets you want to display, along with the theme settings and sizes of the individual widgets, as well as integrate them into your digital signage display for an added level of dynamism.

Playlist Manager

Within the playlist manager, XhibitSignage users are able to create playlists of media. These playlists can include a mix of content, such as a 15-second video followed by an image that displays for 10 seconds, followed by a webpage that displays for eight seconds. Users can also setup social media feeds, such as Twitter feeds or Instagram feeds, to display content at pre-determined intervals.

You can design your own custom playlist using XhibitSignage’s tools, making sure to choose the content you want and the length of time that each piece of content should display. The playlist you put together will continue to loop for as long as your digital signage is set to display.

Template Manager

XhibitSignage’s CMS includes a template manager, which was created to represent the layout of each user’s screen or display. It enables the end user to create multiple zones, with each of those zones carrying a different type of content or media.

When you use the template manager, you’re able to set up zones with unique forms of media in your display. For example, you can set up one zone to have scrolling text and another zone to have a playlist. You could even add a third zone with a video, and a fourth with a calendar that updates on the display in real-time.

Multi-User Management

Every XhibitSignage account can be set up to support multiple users, each with highly specialized permissions. Accounts can be designed so that users only have the ability to view and edit the content they are assigned to work on, and nothing more.

When you’re creating accounts or logins for all of the individuals who will have access to your company’s account, make sure to pay attention to the unique permissions settings. For example, you can allow certain employees to have access to the content assigned in one zone only, while other employees (such as upper-level management) have access to all content.


XhibitSignage offers a handful of free content widgets. These include widgets for social media, such as Vimeo, Flickr, Picassa, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. XhibitSignage also integrates with Google Docs, along with third-party stock, financial, and mapping applications.


XhibitSignage is available for a fraction of the cost of comparable full-featured solutions. Most of the company’s competitors charge a monthly fee for use of their software. This app charges a one-time fee for the digital signage media player that’s configured to work with the free software. Users get lifetime usage of the software. It also provides regular updates at no additional cost.

Bottom Line

  • Makes digital signage affordable
  • Provides a cost effective way to communicate and engage with audiences
  • Can be used in 14 different applications
  • Includes a dozen free content widgets
  • Cross-functional software satisfies varying needs

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