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Revenue Intelligence Data Platform for B2B Sales Orgs

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Tie Marketing Campaigns to Revenue. CampaignHub connects your Marketing Campaigns, Leads and Contacts to dollars. Prove exactly how much Opportunity Value and Revenue your Marketing campaigns are driving.

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Build custom dashboards and reports with Klips.

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Klips is a realtime dashboard and reporting tool used by thousands of data-led marketers--from growing startups to global brands. Whether you’re a data-savvy leader, a builder, or an analyst, Klips automates and manages the reporting of marketing metrics for your team.

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Affordable Email Marketing Software

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SendX is an Affordable, Intuitive & Feature-rich Email Marketing Software for marketers & business owners. SendX provides unlimited email sends, powerful automation tools, 24x7 live support, great email deliverability. Starts with 14 days free trial. Pricing starts at $9.99/month.

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Actionable customer intelligence for brands & enterprises

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Pyze is an actionable customer intelligence suite which helps brands and enterprises to maximize user retention through AI-based engagement and personalization

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AI-powered business analytics and visualization solution

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AnswerRocket is the AI-powered business analytics solution that enables businesses to ask natural language questions about their enterprise data in order to make proactive decisions and keep every team member and stakeholder in the know.

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Octoboard for Agencies


Client reporting solution for marketing agencies

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Octoboard is a cloud-based client reporting solution, which assists marketing agencies with managing processes for client reporting, scheduling, and advertising. Key features include custom branding, user management, campaign monitoring, predefined templates, and conversion tracking.

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ProQuo AI


Brand management and social media monitoring software

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ProQuo AI is a brand management software designed to help businesses create action plans, define brand goals, and conduct real-time analysis using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Brand managers can use the built-in CreativeLab module to upload and automatically optimize work-in-progress (WIP) or finished creative assets.

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Odyssey Attribution


Marketing attribution & spend recommendation for advertisers

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Odyssey Attribution helps you identify the true performance of your marketing campaigns by looking at multi-touch attribution. Unique to Odyssey is the integration with Google Analytics, meaning we can use your historical data. Set up only takes 2 minutes and doesn't require development resources.

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Feedback analysis for customer experience

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Keatext is a cloud-based text analytics platform for customer experience management, market research, employee engagement, and more, which analyzes customer comments and feedback, including survey responses, reviews, call center transcripts, and emails, to provide actionable insights

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Moz Pro


SEO & Social Monitoring Made Simple

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Moz (formerly SEOmoz) PRO combines SEO management, social media monitoring, actionable recommendations, and so much more in one easy-to-use platform

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All-in-one business dashboard

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Monitor and visualize your business on one easy to use, real-time dashboard. Social media, analytics, marketing, sales, support – all of your data together.

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The leading B2B revenue attribution platform

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Dreamdata’s out-of-the-box technology gathers, joins, and cleans all revenue data, to present actionable analysis on what drives B2B revenue. This includes attribution across and between pipeline stages, tracking ROI and LTV, benchmarking growth, predicting revenue, and planning what to scale next.

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Conversion rate optimization & marketing analytics software

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Plerdy is a conversion rate optimization (CRO) software designed to help businesses track and convert visitors into buyers. The application enables marketing teams to record and analyze website clicks via heatmaps, generate custom reports, and monitor user behavior across websites.

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Automated data platform for marketing analytics & reporting.

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Harness your marketing activities and operations to reach your overall business goals.

The Madtrix platform enables a simple process that allows you and your team to keep track of and utilize your marketing performance analytics across all of your marketing channels to grow your business.

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The 1st AI-backed All-in-one Marketing Platform

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Madgicx is used by thousands of marketers, who wish to make data-driven decisions when optimizing their ads. Madgicx utilizes meachine learning and computer visioning technologies to provide advertisers with high-end performance analysis capabilities.

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HubSpot Marketing Hub


All in one inbound marketing platform

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With HubSpot’s inbound marketing software platform, you have access to integrated metrics that span your contacts database, marketing content & website traffic.

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Business intelligence & analytics

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Tableau helps people and organizations become more data-driven as the trusted leader in analytics.

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Salesforce B2B marketing automation for marketing & sales

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Analyze your marketing activity with Salesforce Pardot through closed-loop reporting, lifecycle reporting, search reporting, prospect activity tracking & more.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Stand out in Your Customer's Inbox

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Meet Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the leading marketing solution to increase engagement with every consumer.

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One search platform. Limitless search solutions.

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Yext organizes a business's facts so it can provide direct answers to consumer questions — wherever people search.

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All your learning challenges, solved.

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Leverage a suite of tools that seamlessly work together to cover the entire enterprise learning lifecycle, from content creation, management and delivery to measuring learning impact and key business drivers, all from a single vendor.

With the Docebo Learning Suite, you’re empowered to solve any le

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Create beautiful data visualizations that make you look like

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Juicebox is a data visualization platform for consultants and information workers who want to impress with their next data-rich presentation.

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Attribution tool for maximization of marketing ROI

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Marketing analytics suite for managing channel attribution, understanding multi touch journeys & maximizing ROI of online campaigns. The application enables marketers to identify underperforming campaigns, manage advertising budgets, and track multiple marketing channels via a unified platform.

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Web-based performance marketing platform

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LeadsPedia is a performance marketing platform offering tools for lead capture and validation, affiliate management, call routing and tracking, and more

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Marketing Optimizer


Digital Marketing Optimization Software

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Marketing optimization software for marketing managers that are focused on generating targeted leads and improving sales team performance. Marketing Optimizer empowers digital marketers with the tools and reporting to continually improve their lead generation campaigns. Marketing Optimizer integrates with all popular website testing, web analytics, and landing page optimization software.

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