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Social proof marketing software for businesses of all sizes

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Influence helps businesses track user activities, visitor traffic, sales trends, and other marketing data on a unified portal. The platform lets organizations display a variety of data like reviews, feedback, customer signups, sales, and more across websites via custom notifications in real-time.

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Actionable insights and reports on social media campaigns

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Vaizle is a cloud-based performance insights tool for brands, influencers, and agencies that provides actionable insight into social media campaigns. The platform generates reports on metrics such as clicks, opens, shares, and more to help users understand engagement and optimize their content.

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We Made SQL Visual

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Chartio helps companies blend data together from multiple data sources, and build analyses, reports, and dashboards with our easy-to-use interface.

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App, web and mobile analytics software

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Amplitude is a mobile analytics platform focused on providing access to the behavioral layer of user data

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Xperience is a CMS, eCommerce and online marketing platform

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Xperience by Kentico is an out-of-the-box CMS used by large businesses and enterprises for web content management, eCommerce, and online marketing

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An intelligent Customer Engagement Platform

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MoEngage Analytics helps marketers and product owners understand customer behavior, campaign performance, and product feature usage.

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Industrial Strength Account-Based Marketing

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Identify which B2B accounts visit your site in real time. See marketing reach, engagement and impact on your sales opportunity pipe.

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A free suite of tools for growing traffic on any website

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Easy to install on any website or CMS, Sumo is a suite of free app-like tools for growing website traffic, email subscriber lists and monitoring engagement

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The Leader in Sales Intelligence and Social Selling

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InsideView, the leading provider of sales intelligence, increases productivity and revenue by delivering relevant business and social insights. It integrates natively with leading CRM systems including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, NetSuite, Oracle, Siebel, SugarCRM, SalesLogix and SAP CRM.

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Monitor, analyse & engage online conversations in real-time.

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Meltwater media intelligence tracks over 275,000 global online news sources, and has partnerships for print and broadcast monitoring. Social media listening covers Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, comment, review sites, forums, message boards and over 300 million blogs.

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Visual Sales CRM system & Powerful Data Management software.

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With the SalesSeek Marketing Dashboard, you can track leads from marketing campaigns through the sales process and simultaneously calculate ROI.

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All-in-one reporting solution for digital marketing agencies

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Reportz allows you to track, compare and visualize all relevant metrics from various data sources. Since the data is pulled on a KPI-level you can present the data from different sources whether it's ad accounts, website analytics properties or even your Google Spreadsheets and CSVs!

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Web and mobile analytics

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Heap is a web and mobile analytics solution which automatically records all actions taken in web & iOS apps, and allows users to define new events without code

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Izenda Business Intelligence


Embedded BI & analytics for ISV's

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Izenda is an embedded business intelligence platform for web applications that delivers real-time, self-service reports, dashboards and visualizations.

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Growth marketing and user engagement platform

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Iterable gives you real-time analytics on all your multi-channel marketing campaigns.

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Marketing automation platform with push notifications

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Notifyvisitors is the simplest tool to create and show notifications on site based on visitor behaviour. One can select from multiple targeting rules including visit duration or frequency, device or browser type, url source, time of the day and many more. Detailed analytics provides actionable insig

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Leading Marketing Orchestration Platform for the Enterprise

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Percolate is purpose-built to help marketers deliver coordinated, efficient, and intelligent campaigns and content at scale.

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Comprehensive solutions for data consolidation and analytics

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OWOX BI enables users to calculate the value of their advertising campaigns using funnel-based attribution to evaluate the efficiency of all user sessions

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Say Goodbye To Old Marketing Analytics!

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Easily understand your website results. Get the actionable info you need. Try Oribi for Free.

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The Professional's Social Media Analytics Solution

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Locowise's dashboards use over 200 metrics & charts to monitor all social media channels. Export reports, get competitor insights, see tweet impressions & more.

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Cloud-based all-in-one marketing platform

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Phonexa is an all-in-one marketing software that streamlines call tracking, lead management, ROI tracking, email marketing, and accounting for businesses across healthcare, insurance, or home service industries.

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Power My Analytics


Automate your marketing reports

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Easily integrate metrics into your favorite data visualization, spreadsheet, analytics, and warehousing tools.

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Performance Marketing Software

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CAKE provides performance marketing software with solutions for affiliate marketing, lead generation and multichannel marketing.

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Veritone Attribute


Media attribution for radio & TV broadcasters

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Veritone Attribute is a real-time media attribution software which gives radio & television broadcasters the ability to measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns with features such as behavior analytics, campaign management, intelligent attribution, reports & dashboards, & more

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Native Advertising Platform

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Outbrain is the worlds leading native advertising platform. Connecting readers, publishers and marketers.

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