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Collect Loyalty


Powerful in-store and online loyalty and referral program

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Create your own Loyalty and Referral Program with built-in customer emails and Apple Passbook and smartly integrated with leading point-of-sale and eCommerce software. Try Collect Loyalty for free.

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Turn your customers into your biggest advocates.

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LocalReferrals is a referral program management system designed to turn your happiest customers into your biggest advocates that refer you new leads.

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Social marketing & customer advocacy management solution

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Nouncy is a customer advocacy tool that helps businesses post announcements, create networks of online brand ambassadors, and manage marketing campaigns across social media channels. The platform lets marketers create campaigns to promote websites, blog posts, event pages and more via custom links.

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Real Links


Referral management software for HR professionals

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Real Links is a referral management software designed to help businesses automatically match staff members' recommendations with available job positions, enabling human resource (HR) teams to select potential candidates.

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Employee referral management software

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ReferIQ is an employee referral management software that enables businesses to create and run successful employee referral programs, facilitating employee recruitment and retention operations.

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Reputation management and referral marketing software

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RenegadeWorks is a cloud-based reputation management and referral marketing solution which enables users to gather customer feedback, manage reviews, and more

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Campaign planning and lead acquisition solution

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SPREAD is a cloud-based social media marketing solution designed to help businesses create loyalty programs and acquire customers across multiple channels. Key features include reward programs, discount code distribution, campaign scheduling, analytics, ROI tracking, and audience segmentation.

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We Love Customers


Customer loyalty, reward & referral platform for e-commerce

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We Love Customers is a customer advocacy and referral platform that allows companies to analyze the customer experience, identify brand advocates, and encourage recommendations. Features include satisfaction surveys, gamification, real-time NPS analysis, ratings badges, custom rewards, and more.

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WorkLLama Enterprise


Acquire, Engage and Retain Top Talent

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The WorkLLama™ Platform is a unified SaaS solution, empowering you to attract, engage, hire and grow superior talent.

Trusted by more than 1 million users worldwide, WorkLLama is one of the fastest-growing recruitment platforms powering efficiency throughout the entire hiring process.

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