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What if you could capture the enthusiasm of your best customers to promote your product and company?

Influitive helps B2B companies drive revenue and increase customer engagement through the voice of their most passionate advocates. Influitive’s AdvocateHub is an Advocate Marketing Platform that builds trust and transparency by giving customers personalized relationships with the brands they love.

Your advocates include your top stakeholders—such as your employees, customers, partners, or alumni—and we believe treating them with the respect they deserve is key to the transformation of marketing. The future belongs to companies that discover, nurture, and mobilize their advocates, and we believe that companies who operate 'advocate-first' will be industry leaders.

To do so, we elevate and bridge fragmented initiatives like word-of-mouth, branded communities, social sharing, product reviews, referrals, references, NPS, and feedback, while fulfilling your advocates’ desire for social status, access, belonging, and shared sense of purpose through a best-in-class advocate marketing experience.

The Influitive family also includes AdvocateAnywhere and Upshot, which allow you to reach out to advocates wherever they are and produce ungated customer stories effortlessly.


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AdvocateHub screenshot: Get your advocates to complete fun, educational and business-related challengesPut your customers at the heart of your marketingAdvocateHub screenshot: Make it easy and rewarding for your advocates to submit referralsAdvocateHub screenshot: See the status of submitted referrals at a glanceAdvocateHub screenshot: Make it easy for your advocates to complete challenges anywhere, anytimeAdvocateHub screenshot: Easily track, analyze and report on acts of advocacy completed

AdvocateHub reviews

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Nicholas Chambers

Producing Great Results!

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-08-30
Review Source: GetApp

The idea of customer advocacy and customer marketing is a new way of thinking within B2B business. I feel fortunate that we have chosen a partnership with Influitive, who in my mind, is the leader in this particular space. Our implementation was quite easy and even with my competing priority of creating an online user community at the same time. Their customer support is quite incredible. They are timely, polite, and sure to close the loop. The knowledge base articles are great and usually show walk-throughs and how-to's on nearly everything. I also appreciate their willingness to continue to foster partnership through ongoing coaching with advocacy experts every two weeks. They have even gone so far as to add me to a great SLACK group with Awesome Advocate Marketers from around the world to learn and grow. As a result of our coaching, execution, and leveraging the software within the first 30 days we have had 12 new software reviews, 9 referral leads, and 10+ users raising their hand to be references. I have been blown away with our results and so have my executives. We are going to continue to build on our early success and leverage this tool at an upcoming event - specifically with Influitive's great mobile app. Another thing I appreciate about Influitive is they are constantly learning, growing and trying new things. Their own VIP AdvocateHub is a great place to learn about the company, what's coming around the corner, and also great advice to incorporate into your own hub. We are really looking forward to continuing our success with our Hub and ultimately mobilizing our advocates to spread the footprint of our brand and services via word of mouth, social, and reviews while having fun at the same time!You truly get out what you put in. The time spent building campaigns and targeted challenges are directly related to what results you're able to yield thereafter. Their customer support is incredible. Their coaching is very helpful and they are all about building value for your Hub. If you are the sponsor, rest assured you will have plenty of benchmarking and metrics to present to your executive teams.

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Advocate Marketing Experts

Alec Pinkham

Wonderful tool, ROI in weeks if you can have a dedicated person work on it!

Used weekly for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-08-04
Review Source: Capterra

We've been growing our hub quickly after implementing it a few months back. The ability to get private discussions going in our forum and gather valuable feedback has already put us to a point where ROI is pretty easy to see. Product Management is getting feedback like never before and Marketing is able to build relationships to get more webinar participation as well as messaging feedback. We're just about to roll out referrals as a challenge so we're still new to the platform and I can't speak to the increase in referrals, but our engagement has been through the roof.The customization is wonderful. Influitive spends a lot of time setting up training for you, offering a customized portal within Influitive to get you started (insert Inception sound effects here). There is so much to do, but they help you bite it off piece by piece until, poof, you've got your very own advocate portal with real live customers talking with you and engaging daily. If you look at it as a partnership then you'll succeed easily. Using their advice on rewards systems, challenges and content will get you up and running. Afte that it's definitely something that needs to be managed, but their newer reporting engine shows a lot of the ROI metrics we're tracking to prove effectiveness and success of the product internally. As a side note - we're getting unsolicited product feedback from our most engaged advocates which is helping our product team figure out more about their use cases.

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Advocate Marketing Experts

Liz Pedro

A+ Product to Transform Your Marketing!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-06-29
Review Source: Capterra

I think one challenge is some companies haven't got the concept of "advocacy marketing" yet. Advocate marketing encompasses many different marketing departments. First and foremost, I see that it's a demand generation opportunity because you can get referrals from employees and customer advocates for new business. That's really powerful and Influitive already has templates and training on how to do this. Second, I think it's a major social media initiative. Every Friday since January 2014 I've sent out customer success Fridays with a new customer success. This includes suggested tweets but then employees have to cut and paste the content. With Influitive it's so easy for advocates just to click a button! The other ways you can leverage customer advocates are for online reviews, customer references, identifying customers for press/case studies/videos and so much more! There are so many opportunities to leverage our advocates and I think of new ways every day!The product is solid. As an admin I was responsible for creating challenges, coming up with point amounts and some other things. Influitive manages the software. I did a three month pilot to build and test our Mitel Champions Hub and didn't encounter any problems with the software. The staff at Influitive is rock solid! I was assigned a success coach, Eli, who met with me weekly to set goals and work through action items in Basecamp. This was the highlight of my experience having someone guide me to build the best Hub I could! Anytime I had questions the team at Influitive has been stellar! The folks at Influitive get marketing! This Hub is brilliant and is going to help us grow our social selling initiative and other marketing initiatives so much that we are thrilled we found the product!

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Advocate Marketing Experts

Jessica Mitchell

Influitive's Advocate Hub Helps Me Drive Results for My Organization and Mobilize Advocates

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-11-14
Review Source: GetApp

We're using the AdvocateHub to run our advocate marketing program - Homeroom. The tool helps us communicate with our customers in a meaningful way and reward them for everything that they do for our business. Not only can we provide tools and resources to help customers with our product but we can drive measurable results by building out testimonials, a reference pool, and revenue through referrals. The tool is intuitive, easy to use and is adaptable. The first thing I noticed when I started using the AdvocateHub was how easy it is to use and how flexible the platform is. This enables me to adapt my program and shape it to fit my needs and strategies. Influitive is committed to ensuring their customers are successful. I noticed from the beginning that the company is dedicated to ensuring that my program is successful which is a huge benefit of using their platform. It feels more like a partnership than a vendor relationship.

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Advocate Marketing Experts

Genevieve Guerette

Great Engagement Tool

Reviewed 2015-07-17
Review Source: GetApp

We've been using Influitive for a few years now, and I started using it as an admin over a year ago. I didn't go through any hands-on training as the previous admin had already left our company when I joined, and I was able to learn the tool on my own fairly quickly. I leveraged not only the articles in their Community, but also asked lots of questions to our customer success manager and support team. They're always very responsive and helpful, whether it's a strategic initiative or a technical question.The gamification piece is really stellar. Our customers are not always the most active on social media or other forums outside their industry, but our advocates have been consistently engaged with our advocate hub and it is continuing to grow in size and engagement. We use it as an additional marketing channel and work closely with our customer success organization to come up with not only educational challenges that will help with user adoption, but also for special programs like getting more reviews on our affiliate sites, creating awareness around our events via Experiences, and for industry thought leadership.

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Advocate Marketing Experts

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AdvocateHub Pricing Reviews

  • Very easy to use and simple to set up
  • Love that it saves me time and that my advocates genuinely enjoy it!
  • This tool does offer good functionality and does have good business value.
  • Ease of use, team dedicated to helping you succeed, positive feedback from consumers.
  • I don't have any cons at this time.
  • The price is high but the return is worth it no question
  • Coming up with new challenges/producing new content to keep advocates engaged.
  • Setting it up does require a lot of help from Influitive to get things set up.
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AdvocateHub features

Activity Dashboard
Social Media Integration

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Key features of AdvocateHub

  • Sales Reference Automation
  • Referrals Management
  • Social Network Integration
  • CRM Integration
  • Challenge Editor
  • Points, Badges, & Levels
  • Gamification & Leaderboards
  • Messaging & Feedback
  • Rewards Catalog
  • Automated Reward Fulfillment
  • Perks Management
  • Segmentation
  • Multi-channel
  • Custom Branding
  • Data Export
  • Open API
  • Mobile & Web Presence


-Drive new leads and higher conversion rates from your advocates’ referrals with referral automation and sales reference management
-Accelerate sales cycles by surrounding prospects with social proof and easily providing reference calls
-Deepen customer engagement and build 1:1 relationships, ultimately increasing customer retention
-Integrate with your CRM, marketing automation and other apps to facilitate every step of the customer journey
-Get quotes and testimonials to easily drive more user-generated content
-Generate brand awareness and increase sales through word of mouth marketing
-Segment and target individual advocates and groups to provide a personalized experience to every user
-Create a community through discussion boards and advocate-to-advocate messaging
-Receive meaningful product feedback and increase your pool of beta testers by leveraging the wisdom of the crowd
-Report on the impact of advocate marketing using advanced analytics