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Bloomreach logo

The World’s #1 Commerce Experience Cloud

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Powerful content, customer engagement, and product discovery offerings to achieve true personalization and drive unparalleled business growth.

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Activity Messenger logo

Translate your business rules into scalable workflows.

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We help gymnastics clubs, schools or dance studios translate your business rules into scalable workflows with a fully customizable camp & class management software

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WAWCD logo

WhatsApp automation solution

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WAWCD is a WhatsApp CRM with Contact Saver, Broadcasting & more. It maximizes impact with the most powerful WhatsApp solution. WAWCD enjoys privacy features, zero inbox, contact saver for WhatsApp, broadcasting, and seamless integration with ChatGPT, Hubspot, and more – all in one WhatsApp solution.

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Curogram logo

Cloud-based HIPAA-Compliant Patient Engagement Platform

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Curogram provides a complete solution to an enhanced patient engagement experience. Features include: secure two-way texting, electronic patient forms, smart appointment booking and reminders, mass texting, automated survey and rating requests, online payments and multi-user telemedicine.

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Mobiniti logo

Mobile SMS text message marketing

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Mobiniti is an SMS marketing platform created for today's marketers and consumers to help attract new customers and increase customer loyalty

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Solutionreach logo

Patient engagement platform for practices of all sizes

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Solutionreach is a patient engagement platform designed for healthcare practices of all sizes, including primary care, multi-unit operations, and specialty practices. With this solution, healthcare teams can access a comprehensive set of capabilities including website management, online scheduling, reputation management, follow-up surveys, patient portal, telehealth, and more.

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TextMarks logo

Mass text messaging platform

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TextMarks is a mass notification software that helps organizations send alerts to individuals, groups or entire subscriber lists as text messages. Designed for schools, non-profit organizations & religious institutes, it lets users schedule and deliver mass alerts at a pre-scheduled date and time.

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Zenvia logo

An intelligent tool for creating automation flows

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Zenvia Bots is a Portuguese-language intelligent tool for the Brazillian market that can establish automation flows in a few clicks. With this solution, a company can serve its customers from multiple conversation channels, such as chat, WhatsApp, SMS, email, and Facebook Messenger, among others.

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Tatango logo

Mass text messaging (SMS) marketing platform

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Tatango is a cloud-based polical text messaging marketing solution that allows marketers to send SMS, MMS, and RCS messages to voters and donors. The platform offers features such as workflow configuration, subscriber segmentation, and comprehensive analytics.

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CallHub logo

The best all-in-one campaigning and organizing platform.

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CallHub is an easy to use, all-in-one campaigning and organizing platform. CallHub makes it easy for organizations of any size to connect with their audience and drive change.

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SalesNexus logo

CRM, Sales and Marketing Automation for B2B Sales Teams

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CRM and Marketing Automation all in 1. Automate emails, texts and manage sales and marketing thru the entire funnel.

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WATI logo

Conversational AI Platform

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Wati is an automated marketing, sales, service and support tool for businesses who want to use WhatsApp as a communication tool to sell more products and services.

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Plivo logo

API-based Voice and SMS platform for businesses of all sizes

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Plivo is an API-based voice & SMS developer platform & global carrier service provider for businesses of all sizes wishing to leverage cloud communications. Customers can access versatile HTTP APIs for building voice & SMS capabilities into any web or mobile app using any web standard language.

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Mozeo logo

Communicate. Better.

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From marketing your business, ensuring safety during a storm, or growing your nonprofit, Mozeo provides the tools to propel your communications forward.

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Revetize logo

Business marketing software for small businesses

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Revetize is a business marketing software designed to help small, local businesses manage online reviews, referrals, promotions, NPS, customer follow-ups and loyalty campaigns all in one place and distribute these interactions via text, email, voicemail and pen-written letters.

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msg91 logo

Cloud communication tool for handling multi-channel comms

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MSG91 is a cloud communications platform that offers a diverse range of services to facilitate streamlined communication. With MSG91, users gain access to a suite of channel APIs, including SMS, email, WhatsApp, voice, authentication, and more, allowing for multi-channel communication. The platform also provides serverless tools and fully programmable solutions such as Hello, Campaign, Segmento, SendOTP, ShortURL, and KnowledgeBase, offering ready-to-use capabilities.

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Acrelia News logo

Tool for email marketing and bulk SMS campaigns.

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The software creates personalized email campaigns with links, interactive material, and calls to action. It integrates a bulk SMS sending service tailored to target customers. Results are collected and displayed in real-time. Email receipts are verified, and customer interactions monitored.

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Textla logo

SMS marketing platform for small & medium sized firms

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Textla is an SMS marketing platform for SMBs and low-tech teams, empowering businesses to reach their customers via text messages. It enables professionals to schedule SMS campaigns, create keyword opt-ins, communicate 1:1 via inbox, track analytics, and see deliverability.

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Botsplash logo

Omnichannel Live and Automated Chat and SMS Platform

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Botsplash is an omnichannel consumer engagement platform that includes live and automated chat and SMS that gives users the ability to engage customers across a suite of digital channels.

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Dexatel logo

Send and Dona!

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Dexatel, established in 2015, is a key player in omnichannel business communications. Catering to giants like TikTok and small businesses, we focus on tailored solutions for seamless connections. Our commitment is to enhance client engagement, ensuring optimal business outcomes for all.

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InputKit logo

InputKit, the best tool for an incredible experience.

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InputKit's mission is to help companies stand out from the competition by developing innovative software solutions.

With InputKit, get authentic feedback from your customers and employees to continoulsy improve your serivces. This will help you deliver the best experience possible!

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Exotel logo

Full-stack customer engagement platform-CPaaS, CCaaS,Chat AI

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Exotel is the emerging market's full-stack customer engagement platform that offers a communication API framework to build your conversational portfolio, an omnichannel contact center and a conversational AI toolkit to improve speed, quality and outcomes of customer conversations.

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MDirector logo

Email marketing and automation solution

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Send SMS texts to any country in the world and reach the most-used device with our platform for bulk and transactional communication. Prepare and send your Rich SMS with a short link and get your readers to view your email, mobile-optimised website, microsite or landing page.

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MyOperator logo

Cloud-based IVR and business communication management tool

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MyOperator is a cloud-based software that helps enterprises streamline business communications and resolve customers’ queries on a centralized platform. Supervisors can use the IVR system to provide personalized welcome messages to clients and automate workflows according to requirements.

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Mensagia logo

Omnichannel Platform

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Mensagia is a complete marketing software for companies of all kinds that allows you to send Email, SMS and Voice campaigns and features database management, automations, landing pages and forms, API and integrations, and much more.

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