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DonorPerfect overview

DonorPerfect provides a complete fundraising and donor management solution to help you reduce your workload and build relationships with your constituents. Discover all you can do with DonorPerfect:

Manage Constituent Contacts and Donor Development
Send Personalized Communications
Track Every Type of Donation
Report & Analyze Results
Manage ALL Information in One Complete Source
Integrate With Best of Breed Products & Services
Collect Donations & Information Online


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DonorPerfect reviews

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Amy Webb

Look no further than DonorPerfect!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-12-03
Review Source: Capterra

Overall, I can't imagine another fundraising software being any better than DonorPerfect. The donor records management and reporting functions are very user-friendly and the logical manner by which they are organized and laid out on the website are big time-savers. DonorPerfect is a huge asset to our development team!DonorPerfect is perfect for all my organization's software and database needs relating to fundraising. My absolute favorite thing about DonorPerfect is the excellent customer service I receive each and every time I reach out. I am sometimes asked to provide data that I'm not sure how to obtain in a time-effective manner. It literally takes a quick phone call or even an online chat session with a DonorPerfect rep for me to find a report that will work to get me the information I need. I am always amazed at how well the DonorPerfect customer service folks know the software, and the ease at which they are able to share its capabilities. I have never had to wait for a solution or an answer to my questions. That is so valuable for me, someone whose greatest challenge is not having enough hours in the day! One of the other pros at the top of my list is the user-friendly interface of DonorPerfect. If you have even a little computer knowledge and experience, DonorPerfect is very easy to use. Everything is laid out and organized in a logical manner, which saves the time and frustration of not being able to find a simple function.

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Kristina Huber

Perfect for small organizations with few staff and minimal amount of active donors.

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-07-19
Review Source: Capterra

I have set up a number of non-profits with Donor Perfect. It is a great program for non-profits, particularly those with minimal funds, small staff, and new fundraisers. I have worked with organizations that fit every part of the spectrum. My current organization benefits from the data that I am able to retrieve about individuals, gifts, history... There are so many advantages to building relationships but also the ability to have data and notes that is easily retrieved and instrumental in the smooth transition of development staff attrition.The cost is the most attractive part of Donor Perfect. For small organizations needing a database to get prospects and current donor information in one place for importing and exporting, this program is ideal. Having something inexpensive and yet widely used in our community of nonprofits, had definite advantages. There are many features of large software organizations that makes it a great deal and the add-ons are reasonable once your organization is able to take the next step.

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Melody Sturing

Great support and training and a few glitches.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-12-15
Review Source: Software Advice

Overall, this system has worked very well and I look forward to learning more about how I can better use its functions and capabilities. I can't comment much on the financial side of things because I mostly enter data and run spreadsheets for mail merging for mailings.Customer Support and Training has been the most awesome feature of using DonorPerfect for me. I have learned a lot from the webinars available and whenever I call support for a certain problem, the staff are always very knowledgeable, professional and patient.

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David Faustina

A Robust System for the full-time nonprofit

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-11-08
Review Source: Software Advice

Donor Perfect is on par with some of the top CRM programs for the nonprofit at a price point that is affordable. The training modules online are great resources and their support is top notch. I have implemented DP from the bottom up and the process was seamless and helped us create a great cultivation program. This is a system that requires maintenance and good input practices. I would place this at the advanced/intermediate level and recommend it for a NPO with a full-time development staff. If you are looking for a robust, trustworthy and scalable system this is it but be prepared to dig in deep to the training modules and in the end your fundraising programs will benefit. Donor Perfect is one of the mainstays in nonprofit donor/constituent management and there is a reason for their longevity. This is a robust system that is more complex than some of the newer entries into the market that tout cloud, ease of use and a free website builder. I have always thought that the gimmicky add ons is kind of like a realtor staging a home and putting potted plants on warped areas of the floor so you can't see them. With Donor Perfect, no frills just serious computing and data mining power. Standing out is their quest to stay relevant and they are continuously updating their software with the latest proven trends in the CRM space and have done a wonderful job with their updates. You can manage the full life cycle of a donor using this one system, create web forms for online donation gathering, mobile fundraising capabilities and full integration with QBO and other financial programs.Their support is outstanding and very responsive and they also offer free one and one training as part of the support package. I actually had a staff workshop day for training and they had a trainer come on a web conference and she trained our staff. It was amazing.

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Cecil Bordages

DPO Has Made Tracking and Contacting Donors Much Easier

Reviewed 2013-06-05
Review Source: Capterra

PAALS is a small non-profit (around 200K in annual revenue and less than five employees). We have found DPO to be a very large help in managing our charity by allowing us to track all of our pertinenent information in one place that is accessible anywhere. The information in DPO used to be on several dozen spreadsheets or in QuickBooks. Duplication of data was everywhere (particularly email addresses) and no one really knew which was correct. Simply eliminating all the duplicates and multiple lists has saved us quite a bit of time and money. I have used Softerware's telephone, email and online chat support. In all cases the support personnel were knowledgeable and helped resolve my problem or answer my questions -- usually in minutes I would highly recommend DPO for any non-profit that wants to grow their donor base and/or who wants to get their data organized.DPO is in the "cloud" which means PAALS volunteers and staff can work with it wherever they using just a web browser. Also, the DP mobile app makes it very easy to access donor information wherever you are. DPO has almost unlimited flexibility to add new fields and configure screen design. PAALS is using DPO not only to track Donor information, but also to track information about the dogs we have in training, about our clients who have or are waiting on a service dog and about our hundred plus volunteers. And the custom report writer allows us to create reports for almost any purpose we need. The optional WebLink Pro module has allowed us to create web pages quickly and easily to process event registrations and single or recurring donations. These are easily integrated into our existing website. The donation and donor information is automatically integrated into DPO saving much repetitive data entry. DPO also has automated interfaces to Quickbooks and Constant Contact.

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DonorPerfect pricing

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Lite $89/month
Express $159/month
Essentials $269/month
Premier $459/month
Enterprise $799/Month

No setup fees. Unlimited users. Constant Contact Email and integrated online donation forms included in Express and above.

DonorPerfect features

Access Control
Activity Dashboard
Automatic Notifications
Communication Management
Contact Database
Credit Card Processing
Custom Fields
Data Import/Export
Electronic Payments
Email Integration

Activity Tracking (25 other apps)
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Customizable Branding (28 other apps)
Customizable Reporting (34 other apps)
Grants Management (25 other apps)
Mobile Integration (26 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (36 other apps)
Third Party Integration (29 other apps)

Security and privacy


Encryption of sensitive data at rest
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Additional information for DonorPerfect

Key features of DonorPerfect

  • Track and manage unlimited donor and prospect records
  • Track upgrades and lapsed memberships
  • User-defined fields and screens to match your unique needs
  • Track volunteer skills, availability, certifications, etc.
  • Comprehensive membership and volunteer management
  • Targeted Mailings & E-Mail
  • Integration with Microsoft Office and Outlook
  • Grant Tracking and Proposal Management
  • Integration with wealth screening andthird party vendors
  • Donation Processing and Gift Management
  • Powerful linking, cross-references and relational data
  • Constituent Reporting
  • Secure, controlled access to data
  • Manage Relationships and affiliations
  • Modify virtually any standard report
  • Develop and build relationships with Moves Management
  • Create your own unique reports from scratch
  • Contact Management: Major donor profile reports
  • DonorPages™ Social Network Fundraising*
  • DonorSearch Screening
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Flexible Fundraising Constituent Relationship Management (CRM):

One centralized database so everyone works with the same, up-to-date data!
Track and manage unlimited donor and prospect records
User-defined fields and screens to match your unique needs
Comprehensive membership and volunteer management
Integration with Microsoft Office, wealth screening and other third party vendors
Powerful linking, cross-references and relational data
Secure, controlled access to data
Modify virtually any standard report, or create your own unique reports from scratch.

Fundraising Management Software

Can manage unlimited data in one easily customized database.
Contains sophisticated reporting & analysis helps identify the source of your next big gift.
Allows for easy merges of donor data into customized thank-you letters, e-mails and direct mail.
Improves pledge entry and the recognition and manage ment of gifts and pledges.
Also quickly generate reports on grants, campaigns and events.

Powerful Donor Reporting and Analysis
Manage Targeted Fundraising Efforts
Comprehensive Donation Management Software