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Environment, health & safety (EHS) management

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EcoWebDesk overview

EcoWebDesk is an all-in-one environmental health and safety (EHS) solution with modules for audit management, sustainability, health & safety, online instructions, eco-controlling, legal compliance, process management, and hazardous materials. With the aim of helping businesses to ensure health and safety, manage compliance, adhere to laws, increase efficiency, detect risks, carry out audits and more, EcoWebDesk provides the features needed through a range of independent and combinable modules.

EcoWebDesk modules can be used individually or combined to make a solution tailored to the specific needs of each business user. The EcoWebDesk Basic System allows users to view their tasks, responsibilities, and deadlines, and tasks can be delegated by management from within the dashboard. To facilitate the organization of appointments, the audit management module provides a schedule overview of upcoming appointments and helps users to prepare for audits by providing pre-built lists of questions. Users can input participants and inform the relevant parties via email. From the legal compliance module, users can also view and manage upcoming plant inspections and notify users on how and when each component needs to be checked to ensure compliance.

Safe usage and storage of materials can be managed within the health & safety and hazardous materials modules which provides information and instructions on how to safely work with specific products and environments, and carry out hazardous activities. Training is also provided within the online instructions module to train employees for qualifications and certification courses relating to health and safety. Further modules including sustainability, process management, and eco-controlling allow users to collect and manage data, create and view optimized workflows, view reports on resource usage, and more.


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EcoWebDesk screenshot: The health & safety module provides employees with instructions on how to act responsibly and avoid risks with a database of texts and symbolsEcoWebDesk supports INEOS Köln with tighter processesEcoWebDesk screenshot: The audit management module helps users ensure that they are prepared for all audits and guides users through external and internal auditsEcoWebDesk screenshot: The hazardous materials module provides simplified information on how to handle and store hazardous working materials and equipmentEcoWebDesk screenshot: The basic system dashboard provides users with an overview of their upcoming tasks and responsibilities and allows delegation of tasksEcoWebDesk screenshot: The legal compliance module helps users to adhere to laws and standards by providing relevant and up-to-date legal textsEcoWebDesk screenshot: The sustainability module provides the tools to organize reports and enhance collaboration and information exchange EcoWebDesk screenshot: The eco-controlling module provides resource reports to help users understand resource usage such as energy consumption, waste by department, and moreEcoWebDesk screenshot: The process management module allows users to create optimized workflows though visual step-by-step charts EcoWebDesk enhances nobilia’s compliance with centralized data management

EcoWebDesk reviews


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Harri Salomäki

Superb user experience

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-11-15
Review Source: Capterra

Implementing NordSafety mobile solution for construction process's EHSQ inspections, reporting and on site document handling brought us a long step forward. We have achieved our goals to improve efficiency, EHSQ-matters and employee satisfaction in management of our construction sites. Real-time reporting and transparent handling of deviations bring great value for the users and the management to follow and improve the processes. Due to superb user experience and NordSafety team's customer oriented approach, the solution has created a strong engagement even among our contractors' elder blue-collar workers who are not so used to ICT-tools. At the moment, total 540 users within our own and 45 contractors' organizations use the solution daily in hundreds of our construction sites. This is something that truly drives the EHSQ-culture forward.No instructions needed. Easy to use. Construction site management from paper to mobile.

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Kathy Shannon

Perfect HS Management Software

Reviewed 2017-03-14
Review Source: Capterra

After a long year of searching and trying around 8 different software packages, I am so happy to have found NordSafety for our Health and Safety Management and Reporting. We are a global company, 20+ bases with +1000 employees and this software has been perfect in a number of fashions, notably the fantastic customer support (from the CEO no less!) and always available at the end of an email. The system itself is modern, sleek and so easy to use - I am no tech wiz but can easily create, edit and manage our forms online. I would recommend this software to everyone, it has the capacity for small companies to global companies and covers everything from induction reports, to inspections, audits and risk assessments all with beautiful reporting and analysis functionalities, just to mention a few, with the map reporting analysis being my favourite - you can live see where the reports are coming in from on a map .. genuis! The cost and personal touch of this company is what makes it so great.

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Thomas Müller

Great software for ehs management

Reviewed 2014-11-03
Review Source: Capterra

We use ecowebdesk for our ehs management to create risk assessments and operating instructions.

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Additional information for EcoWebDesk

Key features of EcoWebDesk

  • MSDS
  • Safety Risk Assessment
  • Corrective / Preventive Actions
  • Audit Management
  • OSHA Recordkeeping
  • Waste Management
  • Injury Reporting
  • Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Management
  • Occupational Health Management
  • Industrial Safety Management
  • Change management
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk alerts
  • Safety management
  • Health insurance
  • Compliance management
  • Audit trail
  • Process management
  • Business intelligence
  • Document distribution
  • Collaboration tools
  • Version control
  • Database access
  • Legal risk
  • Workflow management
  • eLearning management
  • Process control
  • Email alerts
  • Environmental compliance
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Achieve legal security with relevant and constantly updated legal guidelines, procedures, and protocols provided within EcoWebDesk to minimize liability risk.

Support certifications and guarantee HSE standards by documenting actions in a traceable and audit-able way. Upcoming audits are displayed in an appointment schedule and emails can be automatically sent to the relevant parties.

Optimize workflows with the process management module where users can view tasks and responsibilities at a glance and access standardized, visual diagrams to ensure no essential steps are forgotten. Processes such as reminders and email alerts can also be set up as workflows and automated.

Ensure that all employees are working safely and efficiently thanks to online training, health and safety instructions for handling equipment, activities, and work areas, as well as safety measures and information for handling hazardous materials.

Increase transparency with reporting within the eco-controlling module which generates reports on resource usage including energy costs by department, waste production, target values vs actual values, and more.