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Take advantage of all these features for only $49/month per company:

No contracts. Cancel at anytime.
Anytime, anywhere online access.
Automatic data backup.
Export data to Excel.
Free and friendly customer support.
Import contacts from Excel or GMail.
Import inventory data from Excel.
Track sales.
Create & manage invoices.
Create quotations.
Enter & manage vendor invoices.
Shortage alerts.
Create RFQs and purchase orders.
Service work orders.
Manufacturing Work Orders.
Work Centers and Work Flows.
Up to 50 users on your account.
Permission controls.
Detailed Inventory tracking.
Integrated with QuickBooks Online
Business Web Profile page.
New features every month!
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OfficeBooks reviews

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Miguel Gonzalez

Complete Solution For Manufacturing Companies

Used weekly for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-06-24
Review Source: Software Advice

OfficeBooks is seriously powerful and might not necessarily work out for small DIY manufacturing. But, then again, it might. This is not your run of the mill application. It can seriously manage high yield manufacturing. IT does offer a free account that handles 25 records. This is enough to take it for a spin to see if it works for your environment. I am in the process of testing it out thoroughly for small scale manufacturing for a client, as well as a potential endeavor of mine for the manufacturing of only a handful of products. Time will tell if it works out. Based on all the research I have conducted and my soft run of the application, I have nothing but positive reviews at this time. With the application still in its first major revision, I can only imagine this becoming much more vast and powerful.OfficeBook offers a complete solution for manufacturers of products. They offer 3 distinct account types, based on your needs. There is a Purchasing subscription which focuses on purchase orders. There is the Distributor subscription, which offers the same features of the Purchasing subscription, but more focused on Sales & Quotes. And then there is the Full Suite, which combines both the Purchasing and the Distributor features, plus extras like Work Orders, Work Centers, Workflows, Bill of Materials and more. OfficeBooks is truly a complete package in that it provides CRM features, where you can manage and track your contacts. You can tag each contact in the list as a customer, a supplier, or even a staff member, as well as "other" classification that does not meet the other 3. You can even view the history of each contact, from events to sales and purchases. Need additional ways of identifying your contacts? Use tags. Keeping track of your products is easy. OfficeBooks has a very extensive list of variables for each of your inventory items. For every item you manage, OfficeBooks tracks details under various categories: inventory, bill of materials and revision control, purchasing, sales, shipping and export, other details and complete history. Manage inventory totals, minimum stock quantities, locations (for facilities with more than one manufacturing or storage location), and quantities across various levels (sold, on hand, using, making, on order, net stock and on shelf). Truly a complete means of tracking all your manufatured goods. OfficeBooks offers comprehensive view of your Sales, Purchases, Work Orders, and Finances. And it even allows you to collect payments online. Impressive, too, is the number of reporting categories and reports within each. It provides a comprehensive view of your business from every angle.

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Shane Pizzolato

6 month user

Reviewed 2012-06-15
Review Source: GetApp

Office Books is a very compatible program for all major formats and for the human mind. Any questions that I have go directly to Gregg and he promptly confronts the issue with good manners and a sense of urgency. Technical Assistance is a real person in the US! OB has a Self propelling flow of documents inside the program, ie. PO, Quotes, the Invoiceing (Very picky about my invoicing). This program is not for dummies. And don't forget the DASH BOARD SUMMARY

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Ryan Golden

Excellent for Small Businesses

Reviewed 2014-12-26
Review Source: Capterra

I own a small business and I really was just looking for a simple PO program that could auto generate PO numbers, keep them on the cloud, and be easy to use. Hot damn, this program does it ALL. And from what I can tell, it's free for just one user. I'll come back here to confirm after using it for a bit, but setting it up to make really professional looking POs was easy as hell. And it will email to your vendors right from the program. And it knows if it was viewed, which is really cool. If you just want a simple PO program, this seems like it's the perfect one.

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Amy Towry

office books review

Reviewed 2014-12-23
Review Source: Software Advice

It's somewhat easy to learn and use. My company provides it to us and it is what we use for work. We are able to share documents so that's what I use.

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Megan Vallejos

OfficeBooks is an affordable

Reviewed 2018-03-28
Review Source: Capterra

The inventory control feature is easy to use - I did not use this often but looked at it once with a Colleague and they had nothing but great things to say about this software.

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OfficeBooks is free. A subscription is required if your account exceeds 25 item records, or if you want multiple user accounts. Pricing is per company - not per user. That means your costs stay the same no matter how many user accounts you create!

OfficeBooks features

Automatic Notifications
Inventory Management
Reporting & Statistics

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Key features of OfficeBooks

  • Inventory Control
  • Service Work Orders
  • Manufacturing Work Orders
  • Bills of Material with Work Flows
  • Purchasing
  • Quotations and Sales
  • Contact Management
  • Executive Dashboard
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OfficeBooks is optimized for small to medium sized manufacturing businesses. With virtually unlimited user accounts, you can empower your employees with access to your system rather than restrict access to save money on licensing.