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Resource Central

Meeting room & resource scheduling software for Outlook

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Resource Central overview

Resource Central is a user-friendly meeting room booking system for Microsoft Outlook®, Exchange, and Office 365. Users have the ability to instantly book appointments, meeting rooms, and resources within Outlook. The software also supports Skype for Business and offers built-in reporting, visitor management, and digital signage integration. Resource Central provides an at-a-glance overview of available meeting rooms by day, week, or month. Users can quickly identify the size and location of meeting rooms and view photos and floor plans. When planning meetings and booking meeting rooms, users can simultaneously invite attendees and book the services they need for the meeting, such as catering and AV equipment. Service providers automatically receive the order requests.

Resource Central is more than just a meeting room booking system. You can also use it to book desks, parking spaces, vehicles, or any resource that fits the needs of your organization. Users can seamlessly complete bookings in just a few clicks, which saves time and enhances productivity. With the Resource Central web app, users can book meetings anytime and anywhere, including from their mobile devices when they’re on the move. Through digital signage integration, you can set up meeting room signs that are synchronized with your meeting room booking system, allowing users to book meetings right on the meeting room signs. Scheduling meetings and resources is quick and simple with Resource Central, giving users more time to focus on other tasks.

Built-in activity reports provide valuable data about meeting room and resource usage. These advanced reporting tools help your organization track user behavior and detect common usage patterns, so you can gain insights and identify opportunities for space optimization. This helps to maximize efficiency and ensure that you’re using existing resources to their full potential. Resource Central’s visitor management system allows front desk staff to register visitors, print visitor badges, and send automated email notifications to hosts when visitors arrive.


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Supported languages

English, Danish, German
Resource Central screenshot: Users can book additional resources like laptops, projectors, cars, bikes, and more, as well as roomsOutlook Integrated Meeting Room Booking SystemResource Central screenshot: Color-coding tools show users who will or won't attend a meeting at-a-glance, plus the reason whyResource Central screenshot: Resource Central allows users to order catering, AV-equipment and other services in their Outlook calendarResource Central screenshot: Users can register attendees, entering important information such as name, email and mobile numberResource Central screenshot: Users can manage extra services such as cost information, table arrangement and digital signageResource Central screenshot: Review all planned meetings and their corresponding dates and locations from a single, centralized location

Resource Central reviews

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Kevin Gilbert

Applications Systems Analyst

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-12-09
Review Source: Capterra

What first attracted us to Resource Central was that they leverage the native Exchange room booking functionality. We had used other products that tried to synchronize with Exchange, but reservations were actually made in SQL. We frequently had reservations "disappear". The Resource Central Architecture is robust because the reservation is actually held on the Exchange server, like any other Calendar Appointment/Meeting Invitation. This means it is very robust and scalable. It tracks "orders" attached to a reservation in SQL, but the most important thing, that so-and-so has this room at this time on this date is handled by Exchange and is therefore very stable. We've had little to no trouble with this product. Virtually every time reports a failure to me, I can trace it back to user error of some sort or another. You need some knowledge of exchange to create the underlying objects for the rooms, but their engineers are very helpful and patient. Customer support is triple A. Cannot praise them enough.

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Wayne Simpson

Resource Central Review

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-01-09
Review Source: Capterra

We have worked with the folks at Add-on Products for several years and have found their sales and support staff very responsive. The product has a lot of great features and provides our end user customers with great value. Resource Central is tightly integrated with Exchange or Office 365 and MS Outlook. So when you are booking a room or any ancillary service like catering , room setup and etc., Resource Central leverages your organizations Microsoft Exchange infrastructure to book any room or service. In essence, Exchange does all of the heavy lifting when it comes to booking a room or service and you don't need to support and manage a secondary database when booking these resources. From an IT perspective, this makes supporting the software very easy and your end users love it because it is easy to use.

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Great addition to our department!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-05-04
Review Source: Capterra

The ability to sync with Exchange, Outlook, and Office sold us! Our department uses various avenues to book rooms and Resource Central has allowed us to come together and see what's truly available in one place. There are tons of excellent features which are customizable but keeping us organized is my favorite!

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Wayne Simpson

Resource Central from Add-on Products

Reviewed 2016-02-18
Review Source: Capterra

Resource Central is a great product which integrates extremely well with Exchange and Outlook and looks like it is naturally part of native Outlook. The Resource Central plug within Outlook provides users with additional functionality to allow them to book additional resources like conference rooms or hot desks or ancillary services like catering, selecting floor plans or AV equipment for a particular resource. The beauty behind the products design, is that this solution layers on top of and offers additional functionality to Exchange and Outlook, but utilizes all the exchanges built in features and can be easily configured to meet any organization business requirements.

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Jimmy Pluszek Hansen

Awesome product and easy to use.

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-12-10
Review Source: Capterra

I've had the pleasure to use the program for some months now and I must say, it fully covers all my needs and then some. The product is enormous and I only use a fraction of it, but I like knowing that I can use it for even more.

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Resource Central features

Compliance Management
Reporting & Statistics
Third Party Integration

API (463 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (367 other apps)
Activity Tracking (239 other apps)
Audit Trail (201 other apps)
Auditing (278 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (381 other apps)
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Additional information for Resource Central

Key features of Resource Central

  • Room scheduling
  • Equipment management
  • Visitor management
  • Employee scheduling
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Associated services requests
  • Name badge generation
  • Digital signage integration
  • Service provider overview
  • Multiple time zone support
  • Shared calendar booking support
  • Hot desk booking system
  • Video conferencing & screen sharing with Skype for Business
  • Meeting requests
  • Changes & cancellations management
  • Appointment reminders
  • Communication management
  • GDPR compliant
  • Custom order forms
  • Email notifications
  • Meeting & conference planning
  • Microsoft Outlook & Exchange integration
  • Support for 14 languages
  • Real-time availability updates
  • Recurring meetings & appointments
  • Self-registration
  • Resource scheduling
  • Search functionality
  • Availability management
  • Order receipts
  • Appointment management
  • ERP integration
  • Meeting room booking
  • Categorization
  • Reservations management
  • Visitor check-in
  • Reporting
  • Meeting room usage monitoring
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Schedule meetings, order services, book resources, and invite attendees directly from your Outlook calendar

Register visitors, print visitor badges, and automatically notify hosts of visitor arrival with Resource Central’s visitor management system

Book meetings anytime, anywhere, and from any device with the Resource Central web app

Request catering, audiovisual equipment, and other resources while scheduling meetings

Automatically send order requests to vendors, who have access to a vendor screen to manage orders efficiently

Access detailed reporting that sheds light on how your meeting rooms and resources are used to determine where you could make optimizations and cut costs

Take advantage of our GDPR compliance technology to delete user data after a predetermined number of days