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Neurored TMS & SCM Software logo

Digitizing global trade, transportation & logistics

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Neurored is the leading Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Solution on Salesforce Appexchange.

Our 100% cloud-native solution is a great fit for Shippers, Manufacturers, Traders, Freight Forwarders, and Terminals.

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PayEm logo

Global spend & procurement platform

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PayEm's spend management platform allows your company to simplify its vendor payment process, boosting efficiency & controlling corporate spending, all with complete transparency. Control vendor payments by issuing unique virtual credit cards & locking them per vendor. Say goodbye to overspending!

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Logility Platform logo

Supply chain management platform with quality assurance tool

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Logility is a supply chain management software that helps businesses across several industry verticals, including wholesale distribution, electronics, apparel, retail, and life sciences. It enables organizations to plan inventory, optimize demand, and manage compliance, among other operations.

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eftsure logo

Cloud-based fraud detection tool for finance professionals.

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eftsure is a cloud-based financial fraud detection solution for small to large businesses. The platform employs a multi-factor verification approach that protects organizations from financial loss due to cybercrime, fraud, and other security breaches. eftsure helps CFOs and finance teams handle payment errors, supplier onboarding, fraud checks, document expiration, and more.

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Coupa logo

Everything You Need to Optimize Your Spend in One Place

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Coupa’s cloud-based suite of financial applications provide visibility and control over all expenditure in your company; procurement, expenses and AP

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Transformify logo

HR suite for recruitment and employee onboarding

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Transformify's Vendor Management System (VMS) offers a cloud-based solution that revolutionizes how businesses find, engage, and manage their external workforce, including freelancers, independent contractors, and service providers.

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Substly logo

SaaS Management. Made Easy.

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Save time and money by managing all your SaaS, users and costs in one place.

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Corpay logo

A seamless end to end solution from procure to pay.

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Corpay's expense management solutions offer businesses a seamless end to end solution for managing expenses from procure to pay.

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Torii logo

SaaS usage & cost tracking, optimization & control solution

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Torii is a cloud-based platform for tracking, optimizing, and controlling the usage and costs of various SaaS applications, including finance, identity management, CRM, HR, project management, communication, marketing, and more, with automation tools and continuous insights

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Fusion Framework System logo

Making resilience actionable & keeping your business running

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Fusion Framework System is a cloud-based platform for managing risk and resilience programs. The platform helps organizations understand how their business works, how it breaks, and how to put it back together.

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Zip logo

Intake-to-procure solution

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Zip gives employees one place to kick off a purchase or vendor request. Each request is programmatically routed for approval across procurement, finance, IT, legal, data security, and other teams, and Zip integrates into all major ERP / P2P solutions to create a PR or draft PO.

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Promena logo

e-Auction, e-Procurement, e-Sourcing Solutions for all

learn more
Promena is an e-auction, e-procurement and e-sourcing solution designed to help enterprises manage purchasing activities efficiently & effectively

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TYASuite logo

Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software

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The TYASuite Vendor Management module is the world's #1 cloud ERP system, giving a unified platform to streamline all back-office processes, such as CRM, accounting, and eCommerce. With built-in business insight, reporting, and real-time visibility over your association.

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SAP Fieldglass logo
Category Leaders

Vendor management and services procurement for enterprise

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The SAP Fieldglass Vendor Management System, or VMS, revolutionizes how organizations manage talent across multiple channels - including contingent workers, Statement of Work-based consultants, freelancers, independent contractors, gig workers and many more - to achieve total workforce visibility.

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Yokoy logo

The intelligent spend management platform

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The proven, AI-powered spend management platform that delivers automation, transparency and control across all company spend, with purpose built modules for invoices, expenses, and payments.

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Proqura logo

Procurement management software

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All your supplier and vendor information in one place.

Proqura offers an easy to use vendor management system that enables you to maintain a directory of all your vendors--complete with their contact details, product catalogs, company profiles, and performance history.

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Healthcare Compliance Software logo

Your best healthcare compliance management tool.

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Compliance is manageable with Compliancy Group’s customizable software. No matter your size or your current standing, Compliancy Group can streamline your compliance.

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OnPrintShop logo

End-to-end web-to-print solution for Print Commerce Needs

learn more
OnPrintShop is a web-to-print software solution provider for print commerce businesses. Dedicated to streamlining print automation, OnPrintShop comes with print order management solutions, B2B and B2C w2p storefronts, w2p online designer, 300+ ready-to-use integrations, w2p with vendor API etc.

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C1Risk logo

Single Source of truth for integrated risk & compliance

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C1Risk supports the move from spreadsheets to automation & a single source of truth for Governance, Risk, Compliance for companies of all sizes. Open API for system integration. Full GRC platform & supporting content for CMMC, ISO, SOC 2, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR and more. $4,500 per year.

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UpGlide logo

Channel Data. Gain Intel. Increase Efficiency.

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UpGlide is the cloud-based software for full visibility over your entire workforce and total talent management. The tool supports staffing business models to engage and manage talent and staffing vendors. UpGlide can be used as a VMS, sub-vendor management tool, and/or time and expense solution.

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IntegrityNext logo

Supply Chain Sustainability

learn more
Screen and monitor your suppliers regarding sustainability and compliance

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Teampay logo

Request, approve, and track company spending in real-time.

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Teampay’s spend management platform gives finance teams control and automates the purchasing, reconciliation, and reporting process.

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Pi. logo

Pi makes risk less risky.

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Pi is an ML-driven decision-making engine that dynamically personalizes and manages risk for individual users throughout their lifecycle so that businesses can shoulder the burden of risk more easily and proactively pursue their growth strategies.

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Users also considered logo

Intelligent and Scalable Accounts Payable Automation

learn more
Finly is a powerful AP Automation, giving AP full control & visibility over the purchase lifecycle. By centering communications on top of the purchase & invoice issues are quickly resolved and approvals happen 10x faster. #AccountsPayable #InvoiceManagement #EProcurement #PurchaseAutomation

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VendorPM logo

Modern approach for vendor sourcing and procurement.

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VendorPM is the modern approach for vendor sourcing and procurement. More specifically, VendorPM is a software-enabled marketplace that empowers property managers to easily work with vendors by automating the vendor sourcing and procurement process.

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