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Resource planning, time-tracking & invoicing for SMBs

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elapseit overview

elapseit is a collaborative project management software that covers multiple important functionalities needed to manage small and medium companies, startups, and agencies, especially for creative agencies, digital marketing, web development, IT & software or legal. Users can better manage projects and resources, from project kick-start to billing, and get an updated status for different aspects of the business.

elapseit is a tool built to offer a secure and complete user experience based on different access levels such as user, project manager, project director, accounting and administrator. All functionalities are integrated with each other and each role of the company can benefit from specific features:

As a BUSINESS OWNER (administrator), users can get an overview of the company including client status, project status, people allocation, contract management, time management, as well as a workflow of approval for logged hours, leave system management workflow, and invoicing. Users can access different customized reports for productivity, available capacity, resources cost, forecast, invoices, time-off, resourcing allocation, and time-tracking. elapseit's dashboard highlights key factors of the business such as account receivables, over burn projects, over allocated persons, next approved time-offs, allocation versus burned hours by day in a graphic, and more.

As a PROJECT MANAGER, users can keep control over project budgets and the allocation of people on different phases or tasks, receive budget decrease notifications, and monitor over-allocations or under-allocations. Users can approve or reject hours submitted by team members on projects (phases or tasks), and get access to see who’s available and who’s not in a specific time period, and more.

As a PROJECT DIRECTOR, users get an overview of all projects within the company and access a variety of reports.

As an ACCOUNTING MANAGER, users can view several reports and export data, as well as lock hours submitted by employees or contractors, which can only be modified with permission. Users can issue accurate invoices with a few clicks based on submitted and approved time-tracking. Users can manage projects in different currencies, select a default rate per project or customize rates on the same project. The dashboard allows users to see accounts receivables in a selected currency, which is automatically calculated. Users can approve or reject time-off requests and the number of remaining vacations days for each person will be automatically updated. Documents can be shared with other users.

As an USER, employees can submit the hours worked. Based on the allocation made by the project manager, users can confirm or modify hours on various projects, and choose from the list of projects add hours on a specific task, phase, project.


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elapseit screenshot: Resourcing planner: See in who is under-allocated in orange, who is over-allocated in red, and who's working accordingly to their weekly working hours in green. Filter by projects, people, departments, locations, or job titleselapseit screenshot: Timesheet of an employee: Hours could have status such as: allocated, saved, submitted, approved, rejected, locked.  Allocation of hours from planner will appear automatically into the timesheet which can be confirmed or modified.elapseit screenshot: Add requests for time-off, approve or reject, and see the number of remaining vacations days in real time. Filter to see who's requested time-off for a specific project. elapseit screenshot: See the number of allocated hours, burned hours, invoiced hours for a selected period. Expand to see more data, and filter data for a specific project, or export into PDF or CSV.elapseit screenshot: Create a simple invoice, or an invoice based on the timesheet. View multiple currencies per projects, or different rates on the same project.  elapseit screenshot: Filter by a specific project, type, client, and see the status of total burn and total allocation on each project.. elapseit screenshot: Time-tracking workflow: Approve or reject hours submitted for a project. elapseit screenshot: Document management: Automatically create a folder for each client, project or person to store related files. Keep them private, share with a person or a group of persons, or with the entire company.elapseit screenshot: Available capacity report: See if resources are available or (under-allocated) to take a new project on board. View how many hours are available for each person with a specific job title. elapseit screenshot: List of invoices: Filter by client, status (draft, sent, confirmed, paid, write off), or invoices issued within a selected period.elapseit screenshot: People list. Manage the access levels of each person, burn for the previous month, and allocation for the current month. Filter to see users from a specific department or location. Only the accountant and administrator can see financial info.elapseit screenshot: Customize the company account and add more locations, set maximum hours per day that a person can submit, maximum vacations days per request, default vacation days for each person, default currency, and manage bank holidays

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Alexis Samuel

Best PM/Resource Mngt Tool. Even Better Customer Service!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-09-11
Review Source: Capterra

I represent an IT Contracting matrix style organization of Appx 100 users who we have integrated into using Elapseit for Timekeeping, Records Management, Expense Reporting, Travel Request, Project Management, Task Management, and most importantly for us, resource and capacity planning. I worked with the customer representative from the first 30 days trial version throughout our entire service which we have had for several months now. The support has always made herself available when needed, and when she could not or when she knew she would be away she would always ensure someone else was available to support us. As someone who works daily with all aspects of IT services, I can confidently say Elapseit provided great customer service for this application. One of the things that really set the Elapseit Team apart is that they always notified me following and often prior to an update being made. If you have worked with applications before you know how frustrating it can be to not know whats going on, whats coming in the future, or what changes may have affected your work. The customer representative was great about giving us a heads up and ensuring that once an update was made, that she explained what they did, and how we could use it. Lastly, I really appreciated how open they were to listen to our suggestions and needs. While we did our best to not over customize, any request we had they really took very seriously and did their absolute best to integrate it for us. Great Job Elapseit. Keep it up!

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Alexandru Blaga

Multiple features in one package, great customer service

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-12-25
Review Source: Capterra

Using just one app instead of at least two separate apps + technical support on setting up the platform to our needs.

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Vali Valentin

Complex tool to manage your projects, easy to use.

Used weekly for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-03-10
Review Source: Capterra

Saving time and money!

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Alfred Feher

A lot of PM goodies packaged into one

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2019-04-09
Review Source: Capterra

Tool packed with good features, also great on the communication with the customer!

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CArmen Persa (afronie)

Perfect solution for remote work

Used weekly for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2019-04-09
Review Source: Capterra

As I was saying, elapseit helped us a lot in managing our business, because all the information about projects and clients were in different places (excels, emails, shared documents, etc) and we always needed to send emails with our working hours to managers, accounting, etc. There is no longer the case, everything we need is in one place and, I can access my account from everywhere, as long as I have an internet connection.

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All plans include mandatory functionalities to manage projects&resources (time-tracking, time-off, resourcing planner and other).

elapseit features

Activity Dashboard
Collaboration Tools
Drag & Drop Interface
Project Management
Project Time Tracking
Project Tracking
Task Tracking

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Additional information for elapseit

Key features of elapseit

  • Billing&Invoicing
  • Time-tracking software
  • Time-off management
  • Resourcing planner
  • Document management
  • Project planning
  • Reports
  • Status tracking
  • Data exports
  • Resource management
  • Scheduling
  • Ticketing platform
  • Different access levels
  • Bank holiday system integrated with time-off and planner
  • Task
  • Phases
  • Multi language invoice
  • Legal documents sharing, versioning
  • Custom rates per project
  • Multi currency
  • Dashboard
  • Payroll tracking
  • Notification
  • Ticketing platform
  • Approval worfklow
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See resources available in real time to take on new projects by using elapseit's report for available capacity.

Secure the confidentiality of projects within the company, allowing visibility only to users who have been allocated on that project with elapseit's permission feature for projects.

Be notified if a person has submitted hours on a project that need approval, and select to get notified by email with elapseit's time-tracking workflow.

Discover if an employee is over-allocated or under-allocated on projects/phases/tasks, using elapseit's resourcing planner.

Bank holidays introduced will be treated as non-working days, so allocations of people on projects for a period are accurate.

See how many remaining vacations day has every person has in real time, view requests for time-off, and approve or reject them using the availability planner from elapseit.

Be more organized with documents related to clients, projects, employees and contractors, keep them private, share them with a specific person or a group, or share them inside the company.

See the gaps between allocated hours, burned hours, and invoiced hours, and investigate further by using the reports feature from elapseit.

Compare costs with employees and contractors (monthly payment or hourly rate in any currency) by using elapseit's report for resources costs.

Issue an accurate invoice based on time-tracking logged, using elapseit's invoicing feature.

Keep the evidence of unpaid invoices with elapseit's invoicing feature.