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Collaborative project management with built-in chat

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Taskworld overview

Taskworld is a cloud-based project and task management solution which combines visual task boards, project analytics, burnup and burndown charts, in-app group and private messaging, and more. Native apps for iOS and Android allow users to receive real-time notifications, access shared files, and collaborate with their team no matter where they are.

With Taskworld, users can create and manage projects, and utilize task lists or Kanban boards to manage workflows according to their preferences. Tasks can be dragged-and-dropped into lists, assigned to team members, set due dates, and have tags and labels added. Recurring tasks can be set to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, removing the need for users to continually create repetitive tasks from scratch, and projects can also be copied or created from templates. Individual tasks can also be linked to multiple projects, allowing users to update the same task across multiple project locations in a single step. Tasks can be assigned a number of points based on their difficulty, and then be organized according to their relative scores. Users can also comment directly on tasks to keep team members updated on progress or issues.

Taskworld includes built-in chat functionality, allowing users to send direct messages to one another. Public channels can be used to send messages to the whole organization, or users can create private groups or individual chats to communicate with selected team members. Files can be uploaded into Taskworld to share with team members using the drag-and-drop upload, and can also be dropped directly into messages to be sent as attachments, with image previews immediately displayed to users. Users can also send and reply to chat messages from within their email inbox, as well as receive notifications by email.

Taskworld’s dashboards give users an overview of projects, with the ability to filter tasks by due date, status, assigned team member, and more. All scheduled tasks are displayed in an interactive calendar, and project progress can also be visualized on a timeline, burnup charts, or burndown charts. Project health status can also be tracked through the tasklist overview, which informs users of which tasks are planned, completed, overdue, or which have no due date.


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Taskworld screenshot: Built-in chat allows users to chat with individual team members, groups, or the entire organizationIntroducing TaskworldTaskworld screenshot: Tasks progress can be viewed on the timeline in TaskworldTaskworld screenshot: Users can drag-and-drop tasks into lists on the visual task boardsTaskworld screenshot: Taskworld's analytics dashboard gives users an overview of project progressTaskworld screenshot: Taskworld allows users to plan and manage multiple projectsTaskworld screenshot: Users can also manage tasks through the native Taskworld apps for iOS and AndroidTaskworld screenshot: Taskworld gives users an overview of the progress and due dates of all of their active projectsTaskworld screenshot: Colored labels can be assigned to tasks in TaskworldTaskworld screenshot: Files can be uploaded into Taskworld to be shared with team membersTaskworld screenshot: Taskworld also includes an organization directory, with individual colleague profiles

Taskworld reviews

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Mark Skovron Ph.D.

An extremely simple and very intuitive system to use. Decent for the price point.

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-12-18
Review Source: Capterra

Everyone, even those who are disorganized and generally resist this type of discipline was able to get on board and get up to speed right away - and I mean immediately. So that was great! Right now - the team likes it more than I do in the CEO/COO role - but it is a great fit for the right useage. Control your expectation level: If you want it up and running now - no learning curve - got to have this. If you value simplicity and a few features over tons of options - this is your best choice. If you are a solopreneur or a smaller business, and want to keep track of several (or lots) of projects and be able to very simply choose who gets access to what files and lists, this is it. If you set it up to remind you about everything you've input - it will surely do that - this system will remind the hell out of you! It's like anything else - you have to commit to it's use and any applicable team members for it to work. This is also a GREAT system to BEGIN with if you're not sure what you should be doing, keeping track of, and so forth. If you are the overarching control manager freak type who wants to know every second who is doing what - what is coming in, and going out - how much it's costing - chances of closing sales, and so forth - this system is NOT for you. Bottom line - It delivers way more than it costs - and for beginners - is the system to start with. Disclaimer is - if you have a LOT of users - it can get more expensive - but all of these SaaS are designed that same way. NOTE: We are a direct sales B2B company with lots of Reps and lots of creatives fulfilling on SMS, websites desktop and mobile menu driven, SEO, press releases, book editing, formatting and publication. Intuitive-this system is very simple to learn and use. Basic stream lined design, just like using a file cabinet. Would definitely suggest this to those who need a system with JUST the basics - and don't want to be overwhelmed with a ridiculous learning curve. Customer service is great and responsive and personable, which in this day and age is always a very big surprise and great selling point. Totally inexpensive - for mid-range features.

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Laramy Applekamp

Intuitive program with a lot of flexibility to adapt to your company's needs

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-06-12
Review Source: Capterra

Our company is so much more organized now. We've been able to consolidate down from 4-5 different products down to this one task management platform. There's a lot more visibility all across the board, too, and fewer inner-office emails.-I love the visibility/oversight that TW gives you'we currently have about 50 'public' projects in TW, and management can quickly hop around and get an instant snapshot of how each project is progressing. -I love how it's a one-stop shop of information/communication. It's got conversation channels, tasks, personal to-do lists, time tracking, analytics, scheduling... we were able to consolidate 4 or 5 different platforms into just the one. -It's intuitive. Training roughly 40 new users on it at once was fairly straightforward, as the steps required in using TW are pretty clear. The basic functionality is easy to pick up on, leaving most of the training energy focused on hammering down specific protocols for how WE will use TW, and showing exciting, fun TaskWorld abilities and tidbits. -While the labels and points systems may be helpful for many, I really like the tags. The bold colors and easy-to-search tag titles provide important information on any task without having to even open it up. -The overview'oh my goodness! You can search almost any conceivable permutation of filters, quickly narrowing down to the pertinent info you're seeking. -I love how tasks can live in multiple projects'so a task can appear in its designated slot within a public project, but can also exist in my own personal Weekly To-Do project. No duplication of effort! -They seem really open to user suggestions'our rep has been quite responsive to my questions and requests.

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Lawrence Weiss

Almost Perfect

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-02-08
Review Source: Capterra

For starters this is the only platform that met our basic needs while still remaining easy to use and uncluttered. There are a few key features that made us choose it over free options like Trello. Key feature #1 shared tasks between boards. Think client boards, management boards and employee todo boards, all share the same tasks but different people need different views. Key feature #2 timelines (gantt charts). These allow us to see projects over time and manage resources and scheduling. The all projects timeline is key for management of all projects and how they relate to one another. The only downside is they do not support other gantt features like dependencies. Another great feature would be the ability to drag and entire project left or right without having to adjust each task one by one in the event that a previous project goes over time (as they frequently tend to). The features we would like to see that would make it complete would be: - Project sharing with clients. We would like the ability to share boards/projects with our clients so they can see what is in the queue and advise us on priorities etc. This could be a read only view as that would still bring a huge benefit to us, our clients and TaskWorld as it would promote sharing of the platform. For this reason we believe this should be included in the base product price. - Task estimates. Being able to enter an hourly estimate on a task. - Time Tracking. This is a feature we would pay a bit extra for, especially if integrated with Task estimates with some basic reporting for payroll and client billing purposes. - Estimates vs Time spent analytics. As far as we're concerned the existing analytics on task completion rates are not that valuable as tasks can be of any length and reasons for completion, overdue, etc vary so much that its inconsequential for us. - Drag and drop on mobile app. Competitors have the full KanBan view with drag and drop on mobile. This would be a nice feature. Also the ability to assign tasks to project on mobile would be nice. We did a lot of research on options and so far TaskWorld is still the best for our purposes but these features would make it integral to our operations.

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David Smith

Better than Trello!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-08-09
Review Source: Capterra

My first project management system was Trello because of a recommendation from our VP of Technology. However, at the time, Trello really fell short with its ability to send me proactive alerts and deadline notifications. Taskworld is a real blessing! Not only does Taskworld have flexible deadline options, I can also subscribe to my Taskworld calendar using my company's email system. If that wasn't enough, I get a daily "Morning Digest" that shows me the tasks that are overdue, or due today. The overview and timeline view really give me the big picture so I can track all my department's projects and tasks in one place. The team at Taskworld is extremely responsive and open to new ideas. I have nothing but good things to say about Taskworld. In fact, I now can't imagine managing my schedule without it!

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Darwish Franco

Taskworld is an all in one app for task management. However, I hope they'll soon add new features.

Reviewed 2018-05-24
Review Source: Capterra

It would be a great help for our Task management and Workflow Management.The interface. All information are grouped in one place. It's organize and detailed. I also love the chat feature where you can directly message a member of the team. And a direct feedback to the employee for his/her accomplishments in the project assigned to him/her.

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$14.99 per user, per month (billed monthly) or $10.99 per user, per month (billed annually)

Taskworld features

Activity Dashboard
Activity Tracking
Automatic Notifications
Drag & Drop Interface
Progress Tracking
Project Management
Project Planning
Project Tracking
Task Management
Task Tracking
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Key features of Taskworld

  • Visual task boards
  • Timelines
  • Burndown/burnup charts
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Information filtering
  • Drill-down statistics
  • Group chat
  • Private chat
  • Email integration
  • Interactive to do lists
  • Real-time overview
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Task assignment
  • Due dates
  • Tags & labels
  • Recurring tasks
  • Task comments
  • Automatic notifications
  • Image attachments & previews
  • Kanban boards
  • Organization directory
  • Project templates
  • Task prioritizing
  • Cloud storage integrations
  • Task & project status tracking
  • Task calendar
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Tasks can be linked to multiple project locations, allowing users to update multiple projects at once rather than creating several copies of a single task and updating them individually.

Task points can be used to organize tasks based on difficulty, allowing users to manage and balance their daily workloads.

Project analytics give users an overview of planned, completed, and overdue tasks, burndown charts showing remaining work, and burnup charts to display the project scope and completed tasks.

Built-in chat allows users to send messages directly to one another, individually or in groups, with the ability to attach and share files.

Users can receive notifications and updates via email, reply to messages, and create tasks directly from within their inbox.