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Jan 8, 2021

5 Best Affordable Email Marketing Software

An affordable email marketing software platform can help your business manage external communications and automate routine tasks while staying on budget.

Toby CoxSenior Content Writer

Your email marketing software should be an investment you feel good about. It should provide all the features you need to manage email communication with your customers—including newsletters and specific campaigns—without breaking the bank. 

The tricky part is finding the right fit. That's why we analyzed more than 39,000 reviews from real software users to gauge how they feel about the affordability of various email marketing tools. 

From there, we gave each product a sentiment score to bring you this list of the five best affordable email marketing software solutions (you can read our selection methodology at the bottom of this page).

What is a sentiment score?

This score shows how users feel about individual software products. We rate sentiment on a scale of 0 (negative) to 10 (positive). The higher a tool’s sentiment score, the better users feel about it. 

GetApp uses sentiment scores to determine how our users feel (negative, neutral, or positive) about certain tools. The scores are especially helpful if you want to see how they feel about specific aspects of a tool, such as affordability.

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Top 5 affordable email marketing software

Software Name Affordability Sentiment Score (out of 10)
EmailOctopus 6.59
Mailjet 6.57
Robly 6.57
MailerLite 6.55
SendGrid 6.41
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  • Sentiment Score: 6.59 (out of 10)

  • Mentions of value for money in reviews: 28

  • Percentage of mentions that are positive: 79%

EmailOctopus is an automation tool and email marketing platform designed for small businesses and small budgets. 

This marketing platform offers email marketing templates so users can easily create campaigns. Users can also build drip emails, import contacts, generate reports to track campaign performance, and manage marketing automation. 

EmailOctopus also allows users to easily connect with more than 1,500 third-party platforms through Zapier, such as MailChimp, Salesforce, SurveyMonkey, and Shopify.

EmailOctopus offers a subscription pricing model and a range of pricing options. Its free plan is for those with 2,500 email subscribers or fewer. For users with more than 2,500 subscribers, the platform costs $20/month. The company offers a free trial if you want to try it out. 

Users typically find EmailOctopus to be an affordable marketing tool: 79% of reviews positively mention its value for money.

percentage of user reviews that mention emailoctopus' user reviews favorably

Think EmailOctopus might be a good fit for you?

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  • Sentiment Score: 6.57 (out of 10)

  • Mentions of value for money in reviews: 37

  • Percentage of mentions that are positive: 83%

Mailjet is designed to be a small business’ one-stop shop for all things email marketing. 

It offers features such as marketing automation, marketing campaigns, scheduling, and management, contact and content management, social media integration, and real time reporting. It's worth noting that not all features are available with the free version. 

The cost of a Mailjet subscription depends on how many emails you want to send every month and the features you want. The more features and emails, the higher the cost. 

Businesses can use Mailjet’s “forever free” version if they send fewer than 6,000 emails/month or 200 emails/day. The free version offers access to foundational features such as unlimited contacts, delivery and analytics dashboards, and customer support. 

To send more emails per month or gain access to additional features, users pay anywhere from $9.65 to $398.95/month for a paid plan. If a business needs to send more than 900,000 emails per month, they will need to get a customized plan from Mailjet. 

Users seem satisfied with Mailjet’s affordability; 83% of reviews mention the platform’s value for money positively.

donut chart showing the percentage of user reviews that mention mailjet's affordability positively

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  • Sentiment Score: 6.57 (out of 10)

  • Mentions of value for money in reviews: 21

  • Percentage of mentions that are positive: 74%

Robly is an email marketing automation tool for businesses of all sizes and users of all marketing experience levels. 

It offers a comprehensive set of features such as marketing campaign management, newsletter management, email templates, mobile-optimized emails, bulk emails, and robust reporting options. 

Robly does not offer a free plan and bases cost on the number of contacts. Up to 500 contacts is $19/ month; 501-2,500 contacts is $35/month; 2,500 to 5,000 contacts is $58/month; and 10,000+ contacts starts at $92/month. Users have the option for monthly or annual billing, with a 15% discount if they choose the annual option. Robly also offers a 14-day free trial. 

All of the pricing tiers provide access to similar features, including unlimited emails, contact segmentation and tagging, Robly AI programming for scheduling emails, A/B testing, API, and detailed performance reports. 

The plan for up to 500 contacts is the only tier that doesn’t include phone support, while the plan for 10,000+ contacts is the only tier that includes a dedicated account manager. 

Overall, people seem satisfied with Robly’s value for money: 74% of users mention its affordability with a positive sentiment. 

percentage of user reviews that positively mention robly's affordability

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  • Sentiment Score: 6.55 (out of 10)

  • Mentions of value for money in reviews: 51

  • Percentage of mentions that are positive: 82%

MailerLite is email marketing automation software designed for marketers who want to add personalization to their email campaigns.  

Features such as a landing page builder, automation tools, targeted emails, pop-ups, surveys, templates, A/B testing, and abandoned cart management allow email marketers to connect with their audience on a human level. MailerLite also offers educational resources such as webinars, tutorials, and marketing guides. 

MailerLite primarily bases its cost on subscriber numbers. Its “forever free” plan supports up to 1,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month with limited features access, while paid plans offer unlimited emails. 

It’s $15/month for 1,001-2,500 subscribers; $30/ month for 2,501-5,000 subscribers; $50/month for 5,001-10,000 subscribers, and $75/month for 10,001-15,000 subscribers. 

Overall, people seem satisfied with MailerLite’s affordability with 82% of user reviews positively mentioning its value for money.

donut chart showing the percentage of user reviews that positively mention mailerlite's user reviews

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  • Sentiment Score: 6.41 (out of 10)

  • Mentions of value for money in reviews: 37

  • Percentage of mentions that are positive: 80%

SendGrid is a scalable email marketing solution for businesses that boasts email deliverability expertise. 

It offers features that can give businesses peace of mind that their emails are reaching their audience’s inboxes. SendGrid also offers a variety of reporting options to give marketers insight into how their campaigns are performing. 

SendGrid bases its price on the number of emails sent in a month and feature access. Its “forever free” plan allows users to send 100 emails a day with access to limited features. Free users won't get access to email validation, dedicated IPs, or subuser management features.

The “Essentials” pricing tier offers all the same features as the free version while letting users send more emails a month, and starts at $14.95/month. The “Pro” pricing tier includes everything from the first two tiers plus 2,500 email validations, dedicated IP, and subuser management; pricing starts at $89.95/month. 

People are typically satisfied with SendGrid’s pricing—80% of reviews mention its value for money with a positive sentiment.

donut chart showing how users feel about sendgrid's value for money

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Consider the product’s value for money when choosing an email marketing tool

Reviews suggest that EmailOctopus, Mailjet, Robly, MailerLite, and SendGrid all offer their users high value for what they cost. Before purchasing any solution, it's important to consider your business’ email marketing needs, such as the number of emails you’ll send per month to how many subscribers you have. And be sure to read user reviews on GetApp to see what businesses like yours have to say about the email marketing software they use.


For the user feedback trends sections, we performed a sentiment analysis of reviews left for each product in the 12 months previous to the creation of this report. Reviews data may have changed since publication and may not reflect current conditions.

For this report, we analyzed 39,021 reviews that mentioned reporting across 195 accounting software products. To be considered for inclusion in this report, we required 20 or more unique reviews mentioning “reporting” or related terms 

The products listed in this report had the highest percentage of positive mentions of reporting functionality among eligible products.

To calculate the Sentiment Score, we looked at the specific mentions of reporting in each review and analyzed the terms used to describe reporting. We then scored each term on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the most positive. The score for each snippet was the sum of all descriptive terms in the snippet. Snippet scores were then averaged for the product to determine average sentiment score for the product.

When comparing the average sentiment score of a product to the average score for the entire category, the product’s score was removed for accuracy.

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