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Better multichannel inventory management for online retail.

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Sellbrite overview

Through a simple and intuitive interface, Sellbrite enables online retailers to easily list and sell their products across channels, control and sync inventory, and manage and fulfill orders. It also provides merchants with the cross-channel intelligence to be successful. The platform has deep integrations with many of the most popular online marketplaces, shopping carts and services.

Sellbrite is one of the leading multichannel ecommerce software solutions on the market. Every day, thousands of multichannel merchants trust Sellbrite to help grow their business.

Channels Supported:
- Amazon
- eBay
- Etsy
- Shopify
- Bigcommerce
- Magento
- WooCommerce
- Rakuten
- Sears
- Newegg

True Channel Flexibility -- Built as a multi-channel solution from the ground up, Sellbrite is flexible enough to fit your business without custom setup or integrations, yet robust enough to offer the channel-specific features you expect.

All Your Listings In One Place -- Create and manage your multi-channel listings one-by-one or in bulk, all from one simple interface. Set rules and use custom templates to eliminate repetitive steps and improve your listings.

Centralized Product Data -- Manage all your product and inventory data in one central location, then list your products across all channels. No need to convert your data or learn the requirements for each channel – Sellbrite does the heavy lifting for you.

Manage & Sync Inventory, Everywhere -- Control inventory transactions and keep all channels synchronized with simple, reliable inventory management from Sellbrite.

Help When You Need It -- Our mission is to create value for sellers everyday. Our customer support team works tirelessly to help you find multi-channel success.


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Sellbrite reviews


Very good

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support
Edie-Jane Clarke

The best decision we made to help grow our business!!

Reviewed 2015-05-19
Review Source: GetApp

With much experience managing the back ends of apps and websites, my daughter and decided to take a leap of faith and claim our own little piece in the world of ecommerce. We are now the proud owners of EverythingPrettyDeco, selling supplies supplies to decorate everything phone cases to finger nails, picture frames to scrapbook pages, graduation caps to wedding decor and everything in between! We knew from the start we wanted a presence on multiple selling channels, including Etsy, Shopify and Ebay. With crafting products constantly changing, much like fashion, we knew our inventory would consist of a few thousand SKU's. Thinking we were computer savvy and budget conscious enough, we utilized the most economical order and inventory management tool available....the Excel spreadsheet. About 300 SKU's into listing products, we quickly realized we needed help. Not only was it becoming a daunting process with listings, but we were starting to get orders, and we still had another couple thousand products we were expecting to receive. Being familiar with Linnworks, I researched this application for our start up business. Linnworks was ruled immediately due to the high cost, along with no current or future plans to integrate with Etsy. The choice was narrowed down to Stitchlabs, Ecommdash and Sellbrite. Stitchlabs was next ruled because we were limited to 2 selling channels for our budget. That left Ecommdash and Sellbrite. I gave both a test drive with the 14-day free trials. Hands down, Sellbrite out performed Ecommdash! The Sellbrite application is extremely user friendly, so easy to navigate and what impressed me the most was the support team behind Sellbrite. Response time is quick and thorough, and frankly, above and beyond! In no time, we got a handle on our inventory and listing on Etsy and Ebay is a breeze. Our Shopify site is designed and ready to launch, we're just waiting on the rollout of the Shopify listing function on Sellbrite. In summary, Sellbrite is a great application for new startups that won't break the bank. Sellbrite is a growing company with a great team of experts. They are adding more and more great functions and features all the time. We happy to be a part of the Sellbrite family!Ease of use, excellent support, very economical.

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Jorden Leib

The Koala and I: A Great Adventure with Sellbrite

Reviewed 2015-03-27
Review Source: GetApp

First thing noticed - 4 out 5 stars. That 5th star will be there shortly as these guys have a fantastic team and a fantastic product. The app is intelligently designed with a great interface so if you like great interfaces and the other channel managers don't cut it, look no further. There are a few features that I do need that have sort of stunted my ability to keep up with the listing creation process for eBay, but Sellbrite is trying to expand into other channels and keeping those moving as well because after all... even though eBay is a big one, their are other channels like Amazon, Etsy, Rakuten, Sears and etc. It obviously takes a lot of work, especially with growing there company. Anyway, the app is awesome and that missing 5th star has NOTHING to do with a lack of customer service, quality of the app, even ease of use for that matter. Just a few more functionality additions/changes for the eBay listing process and I will award that 5th star. They are speedy CRM guys and keep you in the loop which is great. One thing I will add is that their price adjustment was a stellar move. We moved in with this app because it allowed us to import new templates and info from our webstore and ebay channels and now you can even mass apply presets, and this made the transition a lot easier. Still, with a few of the eBay functions missing (duplicating product and easier application of changes to listings), we were not going to stay long at the higher rate we were paying as a monthly fee. We are much happier at the new prices and are hungry for more developments for eBay. Thank you Sellbrite, I would recommend this app to any store online on eBay or considering eBay. -JordenUser interface Customer Service Intelligent team Opportunities and developments always around the corner with these guys

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Debra Dougherty

A Multi Channel Seller Necessity

Reviewed 2015-04-13
Review Source: GetApp

Sellbrite is a top notch provider of inventory management, product listing, and channel syncing tool whether you sell on EBay, Esty or Amazon. I easily import my eBay, Amazon and my Shopify inventory and Sellbrite does the rest. I researched the "other guys" and seen that they had more reviews but also had many problems. That was one of the reasons I chose Sellbrite 9 months ago and have not regretted that decision. The customer service is second to none. Where can you get one of the owners of a company call you when you have a problem and walk you through the fix. Once the accounting/finance integration to QuickBooks and Xero are available this summer and the additional selling channels like Sears and Rakuten, this company will be hard to beat. Sellbrite enables sellers to seamlessly add inventory from other channels without the huge learning curve of other similar companies. Sellbrite is constantly improving, inventing and integrating features to allow sellers to do what is most important to us…selling! Easy to use and small learning curve. The ability to update, list, track products on each channel is priceless. The customer service is outstanding. I can update and access my account anytime and anywhere. The preset feature cuts down on having to enter all the same info when listing. You can see what products are linked with which channel. Price wise, Sellbrite's has a plan for any level of selling and is very affordable. Think seriously about this company before signing with someone else. They have committed to being the best and will soon be with all the up coming planned features.

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Valuable business tool for multi-marketplace sellers.

Reviewed 2017-02-02
Review Source: GetApp

I originally signed up with Sellbrite for one particular marketplace that required inventory updates. I have since found it quite useful in many other ways I never thought about initially. A quick glance at the home page tells me what my status is across all marketplaces, revenue, what is selling and what isn't. I can quickly get sales information on specific items that I can't get anywhere else. I know there are features available to me that I haven't even had a chance to use yet, and I plan to take advantage of all that I can. I initially thought the service was a bit expensive, but now that I have had a chance to really use it, I can say it's definitely worth the money.The site is very easy to use, even for someone like me who isn't technical at ALL. And when there are times I need help, the customer service has been outstanding. No contract!

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David Robbins

Amazing App! Even better support!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-05-01
Review Source: GetApp

Sellbrite changed my life! I sell on multiple channels and Sellbrite keeps my inventory up to date in real time. Since I use Amazon FBA, Sellbrite also handles all my shipping with it's integration. I set it up and now it does all the work. Another huge benefit is that I can list on multiple channels quickly and easily. Whenever I have a question, I contact customer support and they get right back to me with an answer or solution. I really can not say enough about this App and the support. Best of all, the price it reasonable. If you are looking for an inventory management system and want to sell on multiple channels, this is the one program you MUST have.Real time inventory Channel integration FBA integration Amazing support Reasonable price Walmart Integration

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Additional information for Sellbrite

Key features of Sellbrite

  • Super Simple To Use
  • Hands-On Support & Product Training
  • Super-Fast Inventory Sync
  • CSV Data Import/Export
  • Reporting & Retail Intelligence
  • Multichannel Listing
  • Multichannel Order Management
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Sell everywhere with Sellbrite.

Sellbrite is a powerful, scalable solution that enables you to easily sell your products on multiple online sales channels and control your inventory to prevent overselling.

No other solution makes it as easy to list and sell your products on more channels, access more customers and maximize your sales, quickly and easily.