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Infotools Harmoni

Cloud-based market research analysis and data visualization

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Infotools Harmoni overview

Harmoni, from Infotools, is a cloud-based software platform built specifically for corporate analysis of market research data. Covering the full spectrum of data processing activity, Harmoni applies automation to analysis, visualization, dashboards, distribution and alerting. Supporting multiple sources, the solution is data agnostic to bring disparate data files (IBM SPSS, SQL, CSV etc) together into single unified sets. Integrated APIs also enable connectivity with leading data collection platforms such a Decipher, FocusVision and Voxco to allow real time survey data flow.

Table generation promises intuitive drag and drop creation, backed by automatic statistical analysis and “one-click” graph visualizations. A range of customizable charting options feature a choice of bar, stacked bar, line, area and pie chart varieties that can be brought together into insight stories. These live pages can be saved, shared or exported out in editable PowerPoint format. Customizable dashboards also offer summaries that can be distributed among stakeholders, with automatic updates on data changes and custom mobile alerts.


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Infotools Harmoni screenshot: Harmoni supports multiple data sources and files including SQL, while integrated APIs facilitate connectivity with prominent data collection platforms  such as Decipher and VoxcoInfotools Harmoni overviewInfotools Harmoni screenshot: Reporting capabilities feature charting tools with a range of options for creating insight "stories" made from a combination of area, bar, stacked bar, line and pie charts etc Infotools Harmoni screenshot: Sharable customizable dashboards can be used to package data insights to stakeholders, automatically updated to reflect data changes over time  Infotools Harmoni screenshot: Tables can be created by dragging and dropping data sets onto axes, with Harmoni performing automatic statistical analysis and offering charting suggestionsInfotools Harmoni screenshot: Mobile alerts provide updates on new metrics and data changes over timeInfotools Harmoni screenshot: Live pages or "stories" provide interactive data visualizations suitable for viewing across all web-enabled devicesInfotools Harmoni screenshot: Created data tables can be transformed into a range of chart visualizations with a single click or tap, with Harmoni automatically suggesting best fit options Infotools: Shaping the future of data insights

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Key features of Infotools Harmoni

  • Analytics
  • Data Discovery
  • High Volume Processing
  • Sample Management
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Statistical Modeling
  • Text Analytics
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• Infotools Harmoni is a purpose-built, cloud-based platform for the corporate handling of market research data from processing through to analysis, reporting, visualization, dashboards, distribution, and data alerts.

• A data agnostic solution, Harmoni supports multiple data sources such as IBM SPSS, SQL, Microsoft Excel / CSV and others, while integrated APIs facilitate broader connection with data collection platforms including Decipher, FocusVision and Voxco.

• Data exploration and analysis tools include drag and drop table creation with Harmoni automatically calculating statistical significance before suggesting a best fit graph choice for generating one-click visualizations.

• Charting options range across line, bar, stacked bar, area, pie charts and more, that can be combined into live pages or "stories" for richer insight narratives that can also be exported as editable presentations for Microsoft PowerPoint.

• Customizable Harmoni dashboards make summary insights sharable with stakeholders, while still reflecting subsequent data changes as they happen with automatic updates and mobile alerts.