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Zimbra overview

Zimbra Community provides a full suite of social tools including blogs and microblogs, forums and wikis, media galleries and video embedding, content editing anf web pages, tags and tag clouds. Use Zimbra Community to set up a personal profile, find people and send friend requests, publish real-time updates on a live activity stream, create events and polls, like statuses and leave comments, receive notifications, use @mentions and hashtags and set up RSS feeds.

Zimbra Collaboration offers a range of messaging and collaboration tools that include the ability to set up a personal cloud with an inbox that integrates with your email, The personal cloud also has voice, task, address book and calendar, files and application sharing abilities. You can use the click-to.call feature, chat and visual voicemail tools in stay connected to team members at all times. Document and folders can be shared instantly over the secure Zimbra platform. Integrate Zimbra with external applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Socialcast as well as apps such as Oracle and SAP.


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shashank vallampati

About Zimbra

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2019-03-26
Review Source: Capterra

Firstly we use this software to check the incoming mails from clients or colleagues. The experience is quite good while using this software as it is fast, more secure. It blocks the mails from the third party systems which are not trusted by this zimbra collaboration suite. We can integration this suite with informative applications like Ted, IBM redbooks to view our daily feeds which is quite helpful for the people who are more interested in gaining knowledge. Instead of sending individual messages to the clients or colleagues we send frequently, there is a looping option where we can send so many mails by copying the same people we send the mail often. We can flag the mails in case of important mails and store it in a directory for any necessary information that is contained in the mail. We can use emojis and stickers for friendly interactions with the people within the organization. We have quite a few regular options like Changing the font, font size, sending attachements along with the emails, referring of the previous mails. We can save the incoming mails by enabling the offline mode in case we are using zimbra in our personal computer. There is an inbuilt archive option where we can archive folders of big size for size compression so that it can be easily transmitted through a dedicated network. We can save all our business contacts. My overall experience using this software is so satisfying.1) Can be accessed through any browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc.. 2) Can be accessed through Personal Computer and Mobile 3) Inbox folders, addresses, contacts, tasks, calender scheduling dates can be shared among multiple users 4) Can schedule group meetings with a specific date and time using calenders 5) Personal tasks can be assigned or tasks can be assigned in groups. The progress of the task can be specified and the works to do further in regards to the task can also be specified. 6) A specified directory called brief case is available to store our files. 7) Zimlets are available to make the conversations between end to end users in a more formal, more interactive way. 8) Tags can be used to filter out the incoming mails that is to be called out in a particular category.

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Cynthia Roland

Zimbra Transition

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2019-02-03
Review Source: Capterra

Zimbra was chosen as a preferred suite for our company because it allows for a simple client that every member of our workforce could use without feeling overwhelmed with Outlook or Office 365. With Zimbra it has been easier to encourage collaboration with different teams and team members. More experienced team members who need or desire the muscles of Outlook and easily set Zimbra in Outlook.Ok lets begin with the good. Zimbra is a suite that comes with the basic calendar, contact list and the ability to create tasks. It allows you to set reminders, tasks and appointments and share them with coworkers quickly. This is perhaps the best features of this software. It is a relatively simple program without all the bells and whistles of the beast known as Outlook. It is the simplicity of this software and security that makes it ideal for our company. We have just migrated to Zimbra and the roll out for the most part was successful. One thing I absolutely love about Zimbra is the ability to set it up in Outlook. This gives me the collaboration within my team using Zimbra and the features I've come to love in Outlook.

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It's our business email platform.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-03-31
Review Source: Capterra

We have achieved a centralized and secure administration of the company's email service. We have control of the entire service and it allows us to function efficiently and quickly.It is a very stable platform. Its functionality is comparable to other mail service platforms. It is intuitive, it integrates quickly with existing platforms. Using the ActiveSync protocol allows communication in real time, the emails are "push mail" on all devices. You can share and centralize contact information and calendars within the same application. The service configuration options for each email account are quite broad, allowing users with different profiles. The account management console is very simple and easy to understand. I think the "My Maletin" service is a good concept, it allows you to share documents within the same space of the user's account.

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Howard Osborne

An integral tool for managerial issues

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2019-04-09
Review Source: Capterra

I think that Zimbra is a perfect tool for emailing and management. Despite some issues, it is very easy to implement the service and it helps to communicate with customers and colleagues in the handiest way.To my mind, it is great that Zimbra gives an opportunity to share a calendar among colleagues and customers. It helps us to share all important data and meetings at any time. Another plus is a simple and user-friendly design. It is perfect both for qualified users and people who use it for the first time. And of course, emailing itself is on the top-level. It is easy to customize and make the necessary changes. Zimbra is an open source software with an opportunity to send emails, keep contacts, and make notes in the calendar. This service is perfect for remote work because I can keep an eye on everything and be sure, that everyone knows what they need to do.

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Giridhar Surisetti

Best Email Client Software

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-03-25
Review Source: Capterra

Zimbra, an instant mail setup client which is the best for the corporate sector as we can easily deliver messages and receive the same which works in real time. I have been using Zimbra mail server from the past 2 years and it works remain excellent till time as I don't even have any late deliverability nor any delayed task on it. The features were actually well built for an employee who used to use this on a daily basis and can interact with their colleagues/staff members/clients easily and on time. The most I like in Zimbra is: 1. Faster Deliverability of Emails in real time 2. Can add Email Signature to all our emails 3. Can send Events/Meetings Invites 4. User Responsive in design and lite speed software 5. Can use Out of Office option if you're in leave and send automatic responsive email to them 6. Can Import/Backup all emails/contacts with a single click 7. Can search through all our emails by using search options 8. There is an inbuilt Calendar for our quick meetings lookup in it

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Zimbra Collaboration Server (ZCS) is sold per user mailbox in bundled packs of 25, 250 and 2,500. Packs are available as annual, multi-year and perpetual software licenses.

Open Source Edition
Zimbra Open Source Edition is a free email and collaboration solution ideal for individuals or smaller organizations that do not require Zimbra Support, advanced administration, business continuity and only IMAP email on desktops and devices.

Special discounts are available for government, education and non-profit organizations.

Zimbra features

Permission Management

API (200 other apps)
Access Control (150 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (105 other apps)
Activity Tracking (98 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (132 other apps)
Chat (122 other apps)
Collaboration Tools (209 other apps)
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Communication Management (92 other apps)
Customizable Branding (105 other apps)
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#12 in Instant Messaging & Chat

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Key features of Zimbra

  • Activity streams and RSS feeds
  • Badging and points
  • Blogs and microblogs
  • Content reputation and quality scoring
  • Email Archiving & Discovery
  • Events and polls
  • Hashtags and @mentions
  • Instant messaging
  • Integration with 3rd party tools
  • Liking and commenting
  • Media galleries, photo and video embedding
  • People profiles and friending
  • People search and content search
  • Q&A tracking and reporting
  • Shared calendar
  • Social Analytics
  • Tags and tag clouds
  • WYSIWYG content editing and web pages
  • Wikis and forums
  • uto-moderation, word and phrase filtering and user banning
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Integration with powerful 3rd party tools and applications.

Search expertise with advanced Q&A tracking and reporting. Use content reputation and quality scoring, and badging and points to evaluate content.

Unified messaging integration with Cisco and Mitel to provide instant messaging, visual voicemail, click-to-call and call record history.

Design a social workflow in which community members can pose challenges, suggest ideas and vote on their favorite content.

Social analytics to display community health and effectiveness.

Dynamic content recommendations that connect people to the content they need quickly and tailored network suggestions that help build their personal networks

Email digests that are personalized with content recommendations to keep people better connected

Built with Big Data in mind; Zimbra Analytics data has been designed to make it easy to integrate with business intelligence systems

Ensure privacy and control of your data by running your community on your own premises, or at a trusted partner

Support for groups and subgroups (microsites) that feature configurable themes, layouts, roles and permissions

Basic moderation as well as advanced moderation capabilities for auto-moderation, word and phrase filtering and user banning

Configurable permissions for managing security and access requirements

Reputation management system including crowdsourced abuse reporting; extensible abuse management and reporting

Pre-built integration with Sitecore for web content management, Salesforce.com for customer relationship management, Microsoft SharePoint for document management and support for custom integration with other enterprise software applications

Social network authentication, Oauth and SSO support for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Salesforce.com, Google, Active Directory and custom solutions

Email integration with all major email servers with support for activity notifications, site-wide emails and daily or weekly digests

Support for localization of all unicode and double-byte characters and right-to-left languages; language packs for system translation in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese and Simplified Chinese; plus support for dynamic translation of user-generated content in all languages supported by Lionbridge (GeoFluent) integration