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e-Builder Enterprise

Integrated capital program & project management software

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e-Builder Enterprise overview

e-Builder Enterprise improves capital project execution for repeat builders, making the process faster, less expensive, and more reliable and thus freeing up resources for other priorities. e-Builder Enterprise is specifically focused on serving the needs of facility owner/operators including corporate owners, government agencies, or owner developers. It is specifically designed to manage multi-project capital programs in all stages of development (i.e., planning, design, procurement, construction, and operations) enterprise-wide. As an owner, your organization will benefit from:

Increased quality and project delivery results
• Reduced project cost from increased efficiencies and less risk
• Faster project delivery and speed to market
• Improved collaboration between your stakeholders and project team
• Better decision making with a complete database of your own project data

Your construction managers, contractors and other vendors will like e-Builder too. Most of them utilize their own systems already so any owner system needs to be easy to use with minimal or no duplicate entry. e-Builder Enterprise provides easy to use off-line tools and standard XML integrations to support easy data transfer between systems.


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e-Builder Enterprise reviews

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Nasser Fakih

End of File Cabinets and spreadsheets Era!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-04-21
Review Source: Capterra

eBuilder has allowed the City of Sunnyvale Public Works Engineering Division to get out of time consuming and inefficient paper workflows and jump into web based project management. Being able to access project data online from anywhere and at any time gives our inspectors, project managers and executives immediate boost in making better assessments and decisions. eBuilder costs more than some other off the shelf software packages to implement and adopt but its software is customizable. Through guidance and hard work during implementation and adoption, the City managed to mirror existing workflows, procedures and authorizations into eBuilder modules and processes. The offered Cost, Schedule, Reporting, Dashboards and other modules allows us to manage projects data, costs, schedules in a much more efficient way than we ever used to. We spent valuable time in ensuring that project data includes the fields that we want to report on and create executive dashboards for. Currently we can generate reports in seconds and our executive dashboards update automatically. Ease of tweaking reports to meet specific needs cannot be underestimated in terms of time efficiency. This is so much easier than sorting, cutting, pasting and generating charts with an excel spreadsheet. Currently we have all out projects in ebuilder. Use of eBuilder has made our lives so much easier especially in construction since our RFIs, RFQs, change orders preauthorization, changes orders, progress payments and submittals are all processed electronically via eBuilder customized processes. Use of digital signature and digital routing has saved us so much time in printing paper, manual signatures, scanning, emailing, filing, etc. After using eBuilder, project records that needed a whole filing cabinet drawer in the past shrunk to a mere 1 thick folder! Our lead Admin has learned how to customize eBuilder so we are continuously improving our processes to make our jobs more efficient. I must add that eBuilder 24-hour customer support service is the best free service we have received from anyone. The support service will take your call at any time and do their best to help you without any complaints. They have made needed adjustments after adoption so much easier without costing the City a dime. In conclusion, the City of Sunnyvale is very pleased with eBuilder. The City Manager and Council are very pleased with the Engineering adoption of technology and use of eBuilder.

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Doris Shutko

Sometimes a Harmonica Is More Appropriate than an Orchestra

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-08-24
Review Source: Capterra

I am a Materials Coordinator. Per my Agency's format- I am mostly in folders: Progress Photos ("04"-07); 03-01-09; 03-08 through 12-all subfolders; 03-16-01-all subfolders; 03-16 & 17-all subfolders. I look at submittals via Submittal Register. Processes I use most is consultant daily activity report (DR_) and equipment report (DARCA).It is a method to get at much info into an electronic format. As in the Microsoft Office software, the method of entering info into e-Builder vary from Process to Submittal, etc. In short, no consistency. I use the file naming convention format for record keeping for non-e-Builder projects.

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Jedd Walker

Recent e-Builder Deployment

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-08-12
Review Source: Capterra

We started looking at cloud-based project management software packages in 2008. After deploying a product that ended up not being a good fit for our company we approached e-Builder in mid-2015 and went live in January of 2016. As they say, the rest is history.The system is flexible, forgiving, intuitive, configurable, and extremely robust. The system works as advertised and as expected. e-Builder is always willing to address our comments and concerns and communicates the status of known issues. There isn't just one thing I like about the product, there are many. The cost module reflects true construction cost accounting with the ability to track multiple funding sources, budgets, commitments, and expenses. The process module is highly configurable to meet our unique process needs. We can easily reconfigure things without contacting e-Builder. The document feature has many bonus features to enable uploading, sharing, redlining, etc. of drawings and documents. All documents loaded into the system through other modules (i.e. cost, calendar, process, etc.) land in the actual document module as anticipated and expected. The reporting module is extremely robust, providing real time data relative to projects, costs, etc. The bidding module has greatly simplified and reduced our work load. Our bidding process is practically automated now. The mail merge feature is awesome! We've integrated with DocuSign which has simplified approvals and signatures. The meeting minutes feature in the calendar module enables easy tracking of minutes. And on, and on, and on.

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Justin Dede, PMP

Used to hate it, now I tolerate it

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-05-11
Review Source: Capterra

+Extremely customisable. This is construction management software that you can tailor to fit the needs of your project. I've used e-Builder for three (3) different higher education institutions and each University is able to tailor e-Builder to fit the project's needs. +Notifications. E-Builder will email you a notification when you have a RFI to respond to, when you have a submittal to review, when you've been copied on a RFI response, etc. This is very helpful and allows you to notify multiple individuals at once through the software. It also keeps a record. +Documentation. E-Builder is meant to store documentation and it does excel in this. I've used e-Builder to access submittals, RFIs, drawing revisions, etc. on long term projects (24-36 month construction) when sometimes the documentation was uploaded years back. E-Builder does not put a time limit on an upload, so you can always access it.

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David Gay

A great project management package for design and construction.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-01-26
Review Source: Capterra

Standardization and automation of processes, document capture and management.Three features in particular have made my job easier. First, processes are standardized and automated. There is no longer any guesswork as to how something was done, where the paperwork is, or who is holding up holding things up. Second, everything is documented as a byproduct of working through a process. Emails, internally generated documents, contracts, changes orders, submittals, etc. are captured and stored for easy reference. Third, no more paper. We have eliminated scores of filing cabinets, including those storing record documents from previous projects, and everything is now available digitally where ever I go.

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Activity Dashboard (29 other apps)
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Bid Management (22 other apps)
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Collaboration Tools (24 other apps)
Contractor Management (24 other apps)
Cost Estimating (21 other apps)
Customizable Reporting (22 other apps)
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Document Storage (32 other apps)
Estimating (36 other apps)
Project Estimating (22 other apps)
Project Management (24 other apps)
Project Notes (22 other apps)
Project Time Tracking (23 other apps)
Real Time Updates (24 other apps)
Search Functionality (22 other apps)
Timesheets (24 other apps)

Additional information for e-Builder Enterprise

Key features of e-Builder Enterprise

  • Business process automation
  • Cost controls, forecasting
  • Change management, approvals
  • Executive dashboards and reporting
  • Document management
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Enable full audit trail of project changes (cost, schedule)
Reduce risk through enforceable, structured business processes
Reduce project costs through tighter cost controls and full integration options with your accounting software
Enable informed decision-making using easy-to-configure reports and dashboards