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Anthill overview

Anthill is a customer process management solution that enables organizations to organize employee and customer interactions into workflow streams across teams, channels and locations. The customizable CRM platform helps manage even the most complex sales cycles, helping sales, admin and support teams stay on the same page in order to provide a seamless customer experience.

Anthill’s CRM tool helps automate sales by allowing different teams to tailor their pipelines and track all relevant customer activity. Users can keep up-to-date with visibility on all customer contact with progress notes in one place to improve internal communication across the organization. Users are able to automate customer reminders (email or SMS) at each stage of the customer journey, monitor customer satisfaction with health statuses, track team performance, and view a full customer history for each contact.

Users can combine different visualizers and datasets to build 360° personalized dashboards for every team and view real-time data on customer information, to team performance, with a click. The drilldown feature shows various perspectives and lets users access the full customer history for each record behind a chart. Data filtering options allow users to filter by date, user, location, and more, and then export to a CSV file for further processing or external integrations.

Custom workflows help outline procedures for staff to follow and provide consistency across channels, teams and locations. Users can allocate tasks to departments and monitor their progress in order to spot when a task has been left uncompleted, and take action. Anthill’s tools for marketing automation allow users to send targeted marketing campaigns including trigger-based emails and SMS messages throughout the entire customer lifestyle. Additional features include a no-code email builder, customer surveys, and integration with Google Analytics for key metrics and performance tracking.


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Anthill screenshot: Anthill provides live, customized dashboards that are unique to every departmentAnthill screenshot: Get access to various types of reports and visualize data for sales, leads, enquiries and moreAnthill screenshot: Send targeted marketing campaigns to attract, convert & retain throughout the entire customer lifecycleAnthill screenshot: View all customer contact and progress notes in one place with full customer historyAnthill screenshot: Create a pipeline dashboard to monitor the different stages of salesAnthill screenshot: Create custom processes for all types of customer interactionsAnthill screenshot: Use tools for marketing automation to send targeted campaigns to attract, convert and retain throughout the entire customer lifecycle

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Mark Guest

A welcome breath of fresh air

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-01-19
Review Source: Capterra

A platform for growth that enables me to be confident in developing and refining business improvements. The software's flexibility combined with the unparalleled support received from the team is unique. CRM is not something that can fully describe the platforms capabilities, able to cope with both the volume of usage and the need for specific requirements in their stride.The platform has become a firm favorite of our 600+ users. Used across the whole business to enable us to deliver exceptional service and maximise sales. Through the platform and its integration with several other parts of our business we have been able to unify the user experience, drive a single customer view and implement and manage process change with confidence. The platform has driven sales through process management , helping our users to deliver the experience we expect. This visibility to the management teams of the sales and operational processes has been a key factor in our growth whilst improving service levels. The support delivered by the team is exceptional maintaining the platforms high availability whilst treating every request we throw at them as an opportunity to prove that they excel at what they do.

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Adam Wollerton

A CRM software that feels intuitively designed for the user

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2019-01-15
Review Source: Capterra

Before Anthill we were using many excel spreadsheets to track our client journeys with our business. It was laboursome and tiresome entering and reentering data all the time. Anthill has provided a sleek and efficient way to ensure all our clients receive the best service from their initial inquiry through to completion. Additionally being able to track the source of the inquiry has meant we can focus our marketing and budgeting effectively. The whole team at Anthill care about making their product work for you and your business and will go beyond to ensure you are using Anthill to its full capability.The cleanliness of the appearance and usability of Anthill meant that it was easy to introduce the whole team to the software from day one. With the ability to create workflows that reflected and tracked our processes we have ensured that our clients receive optimum service from us from starting their project, keeping payments aligned throughout, and through to any remedials or issues meaning we can offer the best in aftersales care too. The integration with our website also gives a seamless appeal to our company for clients.

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Duncan Bennett


Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-08-07
Review Source: Capterra

Organic Insurance has now been using Anthill for over 6.5 years and quite simply we would be lost without it. Financial services, specifically the insurance sector, has many levels of process, compliance and third party sites. Anthill, through Rep and his teams knowledge of the product, has been tailor made to our individual business requirements. This has been adapted many times since we started as we have grown and developed. There would be no hesitation regarding recommending the product regardless of the business activity.The ease of navigation and customer support

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LIsa Hicks

Totally transformed our business!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-06-06
Review Source: Capterra

Enables us to work together much more accurately and effectively.The beauty of this platform is that it can be customised to completely suit your own business requirements. We particularly benefit from the reporting side which has proved to be invaluable. Our customer experience has been heightened by the fact that the whole team at Anthill are on hand to sort any problems quickly and effectively, ensuring very little or no business interruption whatsoever.

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Joe Rowland

Much more than a CRM

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-01-27
Review Source: Capterra

Enabled us to track our customer experience much more efficiently and dramatically improved our ability monitor the accounts process with ongoing sales and projects.Fantastic user friendly interface. Information is clear and accessible with an infinite capacity for customisation to suit the needs of any business. The team did everything possible to understand and deliver a system to suit our requirements and have since offered complete support to maintain it.

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Single Site: £55 per user, per month (billed monthly) or £50 per user, per month (billed annually)
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Multi Site: £50 per user, per month (billed monthly) or £45 per user, per month (billed annually)
11 - 31 Users

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Anthill features

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Additional information for Anthill

Key features of Anthill

  • Call logging
  • Interaction tracking
  • Customer support
  • List management
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Quotes / proposals
  • Marketing automation
  • Tailored CRM
  • Full customer history
  • Track team performance with sales pipelines
  • 360° personalized dashboards
  • Data filters
  • Export
  • Custom workflows
  • Set triggers and automate repetitive tasks
  • Custom processes for customer interactions
  • Send personalized emails and SMS messages
  • Get feedback with customer surveys
  • Key metrics and performance tracking
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Manage unique sales cycles and stay on the same page with a tailored sales pipeline for sales, admin and support teams to ensure a seamless customer experience for every customer.

Anthill's live, customizable dashboards can be created for every team to provide them with the real-time information they need, including features for data filtering and export for further processing.

Save time and reduce errors by creating custom processes for all types of customer interactions, and execute tasks consistently with defined workflows for each department.

Attract, convert and retain customers by sending targeted marketing campaigns throughout the entire customer lifecycle, and set up segments and triggers to automatically send out personalized emails and SMS messages to customers at the perfect time.

Gain operational control and instant visibility with Anthill by organizing customer actions into workflow streams with key metrics and performance tracking to help make improvements.