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InnerTrends logo

Data science and product analytics sales app for marketers

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InnerTrends is a platform developed for marketers, salespeople, developers, and managers of startups and SMBs. It offers reports and recommendations for service providers to improve their onboarding, customer retention, and engagement metrics without relying on data scientists.

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allswers logo

Customer and employee engagement platform

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allwers allows businesses to collect information about clients, analyze all comments and activate actions to achieve organizational objectives. Teams can measure and manage the employees' and improve productivity using action plans based on intelligent surveys.

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NuVidio logo


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NUVIDIO is a video call platform that allows businesses to securely connect with customers through one-on-one video chats. The software features end-to-end encryption, customizable backgrounds, and integration with CRM systems to provide a seamless customer experience. NUVIDIO aims to bring transparency and trust to digital customer service through its comprehensive video call solution.

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LoyJoy logo

Conversational AI Platform

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LoyJoy is a Conversational AI platform for Enterprise customers that turns business processes into beautiful, engaging conversations. LoyJoy offers a 14-day free trial.

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eContact logo

Make Every Contact Count, Actionable and Optimized

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eContact is an integrated operations & customer outreach platform that optimizes every contact and delivers actionable insights.

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StoryTap logo

StoryTap is the leader in story-led video automation.

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StoryTap is the leader in story-led video automation. Our patented platform lets enterprise brands easily produce and automatically share authentic video stories from customers or employees. From video product reviews to Q&A, testimonials and more.

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Users also considered logo

Cloud-based Feedback Management Solution

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Survey2Connect is a cloud-based CX platform that offers features for data collection, benchmarking, customer recovery, and data integration.

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Pushwoosh logo

Ease your omnichannel messaging and grow revenue

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Achieve the growth you strive for with one platform. Engage, convert, and retain your customers through push notifications, in-app messages, emails, SMS, and WhatsApp messaging.

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charles logo

Web-based conversational commerce suite for consumer brands

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charles assists companies in pioneering conversational commerce by integrating shop systems, chat apps, and bots in a single platform. Key features include lead distribution & qualification, analytics, human handover, one-to-one messaging, real-time conversations, multi-chat, automation, and more.

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Spendgo logo

Loyalty marketing software

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Loyalty marketing platform built for businesses of all sizes that lets you reach your customers in-store, online, or via mobile.

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CustomShow logo

Create Video and Media Rich Presentations

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CustomShow: Online editor for stunning, video-rich presentations. Simplify sharing with a link. Real-time brand control. Customize slides for each meeting.

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Hoppier logo

Virtual engagement made easy.

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Hoppier makes it easy for event planners to distribute food, drinks, and gift allowances to virtual attendees, anywhere in the world.

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BrainStorm logo

Transform the way your users tackle software adoption.

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BrainStorm helps mid-size and enterprise organizations dramatically increase their software adoption. Our highly personalized approach to change management reduces user frustration, alleviates IT workloads, and helps organizations achieve their software adoption goals.

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Userflow logo

Userflow lets your whole team build in-app tours and surveys

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The fastest way to fast user onboarding

Userflow is the fastest and most user-friendly product tour and survey builder on the market.

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AirVote logo

QR smileys to monitor service levels in public restrooms

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Business owners use AirVote QR smileys to monitor service levels through the eyes of their customers. This self-service platform is free forever for moderate use. Ideal customer: any brick-and-mortar business with a public restroom or a portable restroom operator

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Cronberry logo

Marketing automation and lead management software

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Cronberry is a cloud-based marketing automation software devised to help businesses in travel, healthcare, education, real estate, insurance, banking, and other industries manage teams, marketing activities, performance evaluation, and more. The platform lets organizations send personalized messages and emails to promote products, services or offers across multiple channels via a unified portal.

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LoyaltyStream logo

Loyalty programmes designed to motivate growth and retention

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LoyaltyStream: A premier B2B solution. The modular, flexible platform empowers you to craft personalised, one-time campaigns or implement enduring loyalty strategies. Drive growth, enhance retention & craft unique campaigns with a scalable SaaS.

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Marigold Engage logo

Multi-channel marketing solution fusing insight & engagement

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Marigold Engage is a multi-channel marketing solution for identifying customers, analyzing behavior across channels, and interpreting data with custom reports

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Poltio logo

All of Your Essential Tools Working Together With Poltio

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Poltio is a customer engagement platform that uses interactive content and engaged data to engage users across multiple channels. Poltio’s customizable UI/UX technology allows organizations of all sizes, across industries, to create a personal relationship with their customers at scale.

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Optify logo

Streamlined coaching management system

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Optify is a streamlined coaching management tool designed to help coaches and clients to collaborate in an efficient and scalable way.

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Infobip logo

Omni-channel customer communication and engagement

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Infobip is an omni-channel communications platform for customer support and engagement, which uses SMS, voice messages, email, and mobile app messaging. Features of the platform include customer profiling, custom payload tools, geolocation, chatbots, AI, event triggered actions, and more.

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Smaply logo

Customer experience solution with customer profile sharing

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Smaply is a web-based journey mapping solution for businesses of all sizes that provides an insight into a customers experience while browsing the web that comes with features such as storyboard creations, data visualization, channel management, team collaboration, customer profiles, and more.

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Surfly logo

Universal Co-browsing and Collaboration Technology

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Surfly is a secure co-browsing and collaboration technology that lets you upgrade any conversation, from any channel.

Instantly innovate your existing online interactions without changing your original application or installing software.

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Vee24 logo

Software for managing customer interactions and support

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Vee24 is a cloud-based customer service software that helps businesses streamline support operations and engage with their customers. It offers a variety of communication channels to meet diverse customer needs. The live video chat feature allows customers to have face-to-face conversations with support agents.

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