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Message Mate overview

Message Mate by Owner Listens is a tool that allows customers to privately send messages such as compliments, complaints, suggestions, and questions to businesses, using their mobile devices. This provides customers with an easy way to contact businesses on-the-go and allows businesses to respond in real-time, offering assistance and potentially increasing sales.

Users can reply to incoming messages just like they would do with any other text message or email exchange. Users that choose to receive messages via SMS, can respond directly by texting back their reply. If a user chooses email, the link in their email will take them to the OwnerListens inbox where they can login and respond via the dashboard.

The OwnerListens dashboard, which is accessible from any browser, provides a complete, real-time view of all Message Mate messages sent to the business. If an organization has multiple locations, all of them will appear on one convenient dashboard.

Users can respond to messages, mark messages as resolved, note particularly helpful messages for sharing with the team, and generate reports about each location. The reports give businesses a bird's eye view of all information sent to a location, as well as key stats about responses to customers.


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Message Mate screenshot: A simple slider add-on to the website that advertises a phone number connects current and prospective customers with one clickMessage Mate Saves the Sale%21Message Mate screenshot: The add-on slider also works on mobile phones, so customers can quickly chat with the organization's representative when on-the-go Message Mate screenshot: Busineses can use text to answer a customer's inventory questionMessage Mate screenshot: Customers can engage with businesses without sharing any personal contact informationMessage Mate screenshot: View all messages to (and from) owners, as well as the current message statusMessage Mate screenshot: The Owner Listens app pre-loads businesses nearby for quick accessMessage Mate screenshot: Find businesses farther away by clicking the search iconMessage Mate- How It Works

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Small Shop: $10
3 users
50 conv./ month

Growing Shop: $15
5 users
1-00 conv./ month

Big Shop: $20
10 users
200 conv./ month

Big Chain / Enterprise: Contact OwnerListens for quote.

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Message Mate features

Activity Dashboard
Email Integration
Instant Messaging

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Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Key features of Message Mate

  • Questions management
  • Escalation management
  • Instant messaging
  • Order taking
  • Request routing
  • Reservations management
  • Routing options
  • Trend analysis
  • Time based routing
  • Integrations with existing systems
  • Suggested responses
  • SMS messaging
  • Dashboard
  • Desktop notifications
  • Email notifications
  • Receive customer messages via SMS
  • Reply via SMS
  • Reply updates among team members (SMS)
  • Template responses (dashboard)
  • Customized auto response to first message
  • Time-aware auto responses
  • Post-conversation rating requests
  • Rating requests recovery action
  • SMS notification day/hour restrictions


Message Mate helps businesses with customer satisfaction by enabling them to privately respond to negative feedback, before they write on public review sites.

Responding to customer feedback using the OwnerListens solution enhances customer experience, letting customers know they are valued.

Phone number and email address are only used to route feedback, and are never displayed or shared with customers.

With Message Mate, users and employees can respond to customers via text, email or directly from the solution's web-based dashboard.

There’s no need for customers to remain connected to a website or maintain a consistent wireless connection, therefore customers can take the conversation with them on-the-go.