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Tracker overview

PhaseWare's Customer Service and Support Software is a fully configurable solution designed to streamline your workflows, automate business processes, make full use of a powerful knowledge base, and provide you with the best tools to measure agent performance and efficiency.

Tracker, PhaseWare's flagship customer support product, will improve the productivity and performance of your agents by providing them a single user interface for managing customer information, prioritizing cases, discovering case histories, searching solutions, managing tasks and alerts, escalating cases, and monitoring their overall performance.

Your customers will benefit from the streamlined customer service experience environment that Tracker enables. Giving your customers a more consistent and effective experience will result in increased customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.

Overall, your organization will benefit from agent performance and productivity improvements; transparency in reporting on performance metrics and customer trends; as well as greater accountability in each step of the customer support process.


PhaseWare is a leading provider of customer service and support software applications optimized to deliver a robust and financially viable solution. PhaseWare Tracker enables our clients to better manage their business processes, reduce operational expenses, and significantly increase the effectiveness and quality of their customer service.

Entrepreneurs Randall Nelson and Hoyt Mann founded PhaseWare to address the needs of the historically underserved needs of SMBs. PhaseWare Tracker was built on highly scalable, industry-standard technology, open architecture, built-in APIs for integration with existing systems, and flexible delivery models (cloud or on-site).

The PhaseWare Tracker product suite includes PhaseWare Tracker Desktop, Tracker Beyond, Tracker Mobile, PhaseWare Event Engine, PhaseWare Self-Service Center, SSC Mobile, and Tracker Screen Designer. With these applications, PhaseWare Tracker supports the following solutions:

• Customer service and support
• Complaint management
• Help desk support
• Issue tracking
• Knowledge management
• Customer self-service
• Live Chat

PhaseWare offers powerful, intuitive, and affordable customer service and support solutions that create real competitive advantage for SMBs. The Tracker Suite was created to streamline your efforts to serve, support, retain, and maximize the value of every customer.


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Tracker screenshot: Incident Manager screen in Tracker Beyond. All of your incidents in one view. Powerful search and filters. Clean user interface for optimal agent performance. PhaseWare | Configurable Customer Support SoftwareTracker screenshot: Configurable dashboards in Tracker Beyond. Select the widgets that are important to you and your team. Create dedicated dashboards for different agent groups or departments. Interactive dashboards allow for drill-down of data.Tracker screenshot: Tracker Beyond's notification feature on iPad. Get instant notifications about new incidents, updated incidents and many other configurable events using our Event Engine product for automation.Tracker screenshot: Take the power of Tracker on the go with Tracker Mobile. Shown here working on an iPhone. Tracker Mobile is a powerful web app that you can access from anywhere. Enjoy the features of Tracker in the palm of your hand.Tracker screenshot: PhaseWare SSC is our customer self-service web portal product. Allow your customers to submit incidents, search through the knowledge base, find FAQs, use forums and more. Tracker screenshot: SSC Mobile is a native app for iOS and Android that will allow your customers to take advantage of our customer self-service web portal product on the go from anywhere. The simple interface will delight your customers and they will love the features.Tracker screenshot: SSC Mobile's iOS app automatically pushes notifications to your customer's iPhones. Updates on their incidents, notices, and other important communications can be sent directly to their wrist. The perfect solution for B2B customers.

Tracker reviews

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Randel Patten

Tracker Beyond our expectations

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-03-23
Review Source: Capterra

We have been using Tracker as our customer support interface with our customers for over 5 years now. It gives us the ability to evolve the interactive relationship between the Support staff and our customers. Multiple reports, both standard and custom have given up the insight into the issues that our customers see while using our products in their day to day operations. It has helped to provide direction of our product growth while addressing the needs of the customer. From an internal prospective, it gives a real time look at the performance and through put of our organizations. Helping to identify areas for improvement as well as staffing requirements for short term relief as well as long term growth. Tracker on Demand and Tracker Beyond have helped to make the relationship with our customers a more manageable one with historical data and real time look at their needs. Easy to use for new hires to come up to speed quickly.

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Bob Brink

Excellent Customer Support / Helpdesk

Reviewed 2011-02-03
Review Source: Capterra

We looked at twenty different products over the course of about nine months before narrowing the field to four. This was not our first helpdesk software purchase but I wanted it to be our last. We are software developers so we have our own ideas about how things should work. ;>) We had built a pretty formidable wish list and it grew a bit while we reviewed products. PhaseWare Tracker handles everything on our list and does it without compromise. Customer (web) Self Service Center. incident submission automatically searches knowledge base and suggests PERTENANT articles. Competing products do this but we have not seen any do it well. Knowledgebase that inserts itself into the process but doesnt get in the way. Building the KB is very easy to do in the course of resolving incidents. Very flexible tracking of contacts, contracts and time. We have resellers and end users. Tracker handles incidents submitted by either party and keeps everyone up to date. Theyll host Tracker or let you put it on your own server. They have desktop, browser and smartphone versions. We have not found any aspect of the program that we could not tweak. Users can modify reports, database (MS SQL), most screens in the application and the customer support center. The system handles emails quite well. screen shots, file attachments and hyperlinks, etc.

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Kim Tse

Great System for Tracking Support

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-03-23
Review Source: Capterra

I like the ability to use the system to track the support that various teams provide within our organization. With a few hours of training, it is easy to pick up and use. The different types of report that can be customized and tailored to my needs is the biggest value for this system. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to keep their support services centralized and track the type and level of support that their teams provide.The ability to track support provided. The types of reports that can be produced and customized to track the support.

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Kim Tse

Great way to capture and document your internal issues

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-07-18
Review Source: Capterra

The ability to track employees and responses makes this a great tool for us to reach out to end users and retrain/hire as needed.The ability to create multiple departments, SLAs, and agents is a big bonus in this tracker program. It allows you to create reports based on users, departments, and issues. When you're falling behind in SLA, you can run the report and figure out the trend as to what/how/why and train or hire accordingly. I love being able to go back and explain to a user what happened and how I can fix it based on the information captured in the incident.

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Sara Silberger

So far we have been very pleased with the performance of the product and the company.

Reviewed 2009-04-02
Review Source: Capterra

So far we have been very pleased with the performance of the product and the company. Based on their quick response and willingness to implement customer feedback we expect the product will improve further and continue to exceed expectations. Tracker was less costly and far more valuable than our previous ticketing solution.The PhaseWare team was responsive to every special need and request that we made, including some significant customizations to the program. They even set up a custom demo installation on their own servers, and left it active for testing and training during our entire implementation period. Every member of their team was intelligent, personable, and provided great customer service. PhaseWare handles Tracker support using its own software - something we were surprised to find that some competitors don't do-- and their Self Service Center is highly usable with active community forums and great downloadable documentation. They include a Suggestions forum, and the newest version of Tracker includes many of those suggestions. The software is scalable and reliable, and provides us flexibility to make changes that fit our workflow and reporting needs.

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Additional information for Tracker

Key features of Tracker

  • PhaseWare Self-Service Center
  • PhaseWare Event Engine
  • Tracker Mail Checker
  • Tracker Screen Designer
  • Flexible service delivery
  • Incident management
  • Workflow management
  • Problem management
  • Performance management
  • Knowledge management
  • Smart search
  • Content collaboration
  • Complete customer view
  • Flexible reporting
  • Multichannel support
  • Billing support packages
  • Service level agreement management
  • API Integration
  • Business rules management
  • Visual workflow management
  • Mobile app support
  • Native iOS App - Self Service Portal (SSC)
  • Native Android App - Self Service Portal (SSC)
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Regardless of the channel that your customers use to contact you - be it phone, e-mail, self-service portal, or live chat - customers want the best solution to their problem as soon as possible.

PhaseWare provides your company/organization with a streamlined and seamless customer support solution that will make it easier to improve your support processes as well as empowering your agents to succeed at resolving your customer's issues.

Your agents will benefit tremendously from a single interface that covers the entire lifecycle of a customer service issue: from submission, escalation, resolution and analysis.

Agents will be more productive and perform better when they are allowed to get their customer support activities from a single interface. Agents will be able to update tasks, set alerts, escalate cases, prioritize cases, manage customer information, revise case histories and improve their performance by monitoring their work.

Using PhaseWare's many visual reporting tools your organization will gain an understanding of customer trends. This will lead to proactive customer support and greater accountability in each step of the customer service and support process.