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Web-based childcare management system

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Procare overview

Procare is a web-based childcare management software solution that offers customized modules for handling key functions of early education facilities. It acts as a centralized platform that integrates all the major functions of managing childcare facilities such as record-keeping and child care administration. The software caters to the needs of a diverse set of institutions including smaller day-care centers that operate out of a single location, to large child-care organizations that operate across multiple locations.

The product offers features such as childcare software security & database management that includes user groups & security, user monitoring, location names, and data access; family & child records that contains child registration, contacts, immunization schedules, enrollment history, and electronic document storage.

Procare's family accounting feature includes billing preview, automated billing, split billing, reporting, and audit trails. With agency accounting users can manage co-payments & agency fees and balance tracking; time & attendance tracking including cross family pickups, attendance based fees, and change logs; menus & meal counts that offer meal counts, menu’s, and copy meals; and employee records & time cards that includes scheduling, log sheets, and time-in / time-out facilities.

Procare also offers features such as budget expenses & financial reporting, data hosting, web designing & hosting, operations reports, and payroll management.

Some of Procare’s key customers include Learning Care Group, Childcare Network, Children of America, and Rainbow Child Care Centers, among others.


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Procare screenshot: Procare family data page displays family tree and primary detailsProcare screenshot: Procare bookkeeping & family accounting software pageProcare screenshot: Procare tution express payments processing pageProcare screenshot: Procare activity tracker pageProcare screenshot: Procare attendance tracker page

Procare reviews

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Amanda Cavitt

We are a licensed preschool and childcare facility that has used the software daily for many years.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-02-22
Review Source: Capterra

Daily operations, accounting practices, collecting staff and student information and communication. ProCare's versatility is extremely impressive. We use this application for students and staff alike as our sign in station and communication tool. This helps us track student and staff attendance down the day and minute which is invaluable to grant reporting, payroll and tuition reimbursements. ProCare also has many useful faucets for early childhood organizations, such as behavior tracking, immunization records, emergency contacts and other pertinent information. As a Director that is responsible for all billing, income collection, and taxes, one of the most useful and irreplaceable aspects is the Family and Agency Accounting sections as well as Tuition Express. These areas are key to making sure we stay on top of our financial health. I honestly cannot say how phenomenal this software is. The substantial amounts of report types are endless and extremely helpful in all areas of running and producing a professional preschool and child care facility. We are also a two site facility and switching to ProCare Cloud has been the best monthly investment.

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Yolanda Yslas

Awesome Tech support.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-02-12
Review Source: Capterra

It can keep track of the immunizations. It alerts us when immunizations are going to expire. Tracking and changing classrooms is a breeze.

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Sara Cox

The Procare Whisperer - AKA - Benji

Used weekly for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-12-08
Review Source: Capterra

So... I had one little question, right? One little itty bitty - probably could have figured it out by myself - question. But.... it's people's finances, so I called to make sure I didn't screw anything up. Holy Goodness Gracious. NO. I solved what I had initially called about - but I still scheduled an additional call with the rep because of how many ???s he answered that I didn't even know I had. I started with TE and Procare about 6 mos. ago. I simply take parents tuition for a small(ish) preschool. That's it. No big deal. The person who was in this position before me trained me the best she could on the software and she was trained by someone else who really never understood the initial training given to her. Follow all that? Yeah. Exactly. Enter our rep. I seriously have sat in front my computer using Tuition Express software every week for 6 mos. I've never fully understood it, never appreciated what it could do and can promise I've never been excited about exploring its further uses. I've been called by your sales department 3 times to consider Cloud services and MyProcare. Firm no. Every time. I can tell you that after speaking with our rep - I'll be bringing a proposal to switch to Cloud capabilities soon. Our rep made me feel comfortable with my software abilities, taught me how to use TE better. He taught me about the ins and outs of TE that I wasn't even aware I was missing. (POS, files, individual posting, etc). Our rep's enthusiasm, his passion toward your product, and his knowledge of the Family Data and Accounting Portal is above and beyond. He was encouraging & really sparked my interest to now speak with Shauna about Ledger & Expense and Employee & Payroll. Our rep cemented my opinion that my school should stick with TE software. He inspired me to learn more about it. He sold me on the idea of additional portals - and as someone who is supposed to be running a tight ship - that's no easy task. I'm pretty sure I even exclaimed "Hot Damn!" in a church preschool more than once today. My background is in Sales Management and Customer Service, our rep is a gem of an employee and please be so aware of that. He is a representative for you in every sense of the word. Professional, knowledgeable, fun to talk to and passionate about what he's working with. A++ It's fluidity. It can grow with us and help us grow. It can be my checks and balances so that I will always be accountable to my staff, my parents and my board. I can organize and create clear reports in ways I wasn't able to do previously. Amazing stuff really.

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Marissa Stevenson

Great as a parent or director

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-11-21
Review Source: Capterra

Overall, if you're looking for a central place to organize all the many things that come with childcare, this is the best product on the market that I'm aware of.I first used Procare as a parent in my infant son's childcare center. It was easy to check him in and out by having an ID and password number and I loved that I could see my balance on our account and get messages from the director of the childcare center. When I took over at a different center as the director, I was pleased to see they used the same program. Additionally, this center increased the ease of checking in and out by having a fingerprint scanner for parents to check students out and for employees to clock in/out. As a director I could easily see which students were there on the home page and the home page was customizable to what I wanted to see (ex. upcoming staff/child birthdays, children currently checked in, children recently checked in/out etc.). There is another tab where detailed children information is easily inputted and organized as well as an employee tab. I really haven't seen anything else within childcare systems that has as many options and functions as Procare.

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Barbara Fox

A little frustrating. A lot of good features, but some really complicated features too

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-03-16
Review Source: Capterra

It does make keeping track of the daily issues at our center easy.I like the dashboard. I like the ability to have the child and parent photos on the screen. The clock in and out is great.

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Procare pricing

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• Family Data:
o Mini - $349 per year (Less than 60 families)
o Full - $695 per year (More than 60 families)
• Employee Data:
o Mini - $249 per year (Less than 60 families)
o Full - $495 per year (Less than 60 families)
• Expenses & Ledger:
o Mini - $399 per year (Less than 60 families)
o Full - $795 per year (Less than 60 families)
• Check-In Hardware & Security Solutions: $195 - $1,090 based on the type of device purchased

Procare features

Automatic Notifications
Customizable Reporting
Data Import/Export
Time & Attendance Tracking

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Additional information for Procare

Key features of Procare

  • Marketing management
  • Email distribution
  • Reporting
  • Automatic notifications
  • Customizable reporting
  • Payroll Import File
  • Mobile integration
  • Child history
  • Accounting management
  • Billing & invoicing
  • Electronic payments
  • General ledger
  • Payroll management
  • Child attendance records
  • User access controls
  • Role based permissions
  • Electronic Document Storage
  • Database support
  • Ledger Cards
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● Procare offers a centralized information source that integrates all the segments of child-care administration such as, family data management, family accounting, agency accounting, attendance tracker, employee data, and payroll management, among others.
● The solution offers a modular design that enables customers to purchase only those features that they require, instead of buying the complete package.
● Procare offers a tuition fee collection software “Tuition Express” that collects payments electronically and automatically, and the entries directly get reflected in the Procare Software.
● Procare offers integrated hardware products that help in managing employee and children check-in and check-out details, these include Procare 8” Touch, USB Biometric ID Pad, and Ticket printer, among others.
● The product offers reporting features with over 400 types of reporting templates across categories such as family data & accounting, attendance tracking, expense & ledger, and employee reporting, among others.