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Procare Solutions Pricing, Features, Reviews and Alternatives

Procare Solutions product overview

What is Procare Solutions?

Procare Solutions is the number one child care management software – trusted by 35,000+ child-focused businesses. For over 30 years, child care professionals have used Procare to help them run their operations providing real-time information for making critical decisions, maintaining compliance with local and state regulations, and adhering to business best practices. Let Procare Solutions help you manage every aspect of your child care center, optimize parent communication, and automate the payment collection.

Key benefits of using Procare Solutions

Child Care Business Management - Procare gives you the power to manage every aspect of your daycare — regardless of the size and structure of your organization. From invoicing, billing, and payments to family and child data to staff and student-to-staff ratios, everything you need is in one place. Our daycare app provides comprehensive solutions that save you time and money by streamlining your administrative tasks so you can focus more on the growth and development of the children you serve.

Parent Engagement - When you are looking to build stronger connections with the families you serve, a parent engagement solution is the answer. With a fully integrated and complete parent engagement solution that also includes classroom management, you can immerse parents into their children’s day-to-day activities – from tracking developmental milestones to sharing photos and videos to enabling two-way communication.

Secure & Contactless - Safety has always been a top priority for daycare centers, but it has become even more important in today’s world. Eliminating unnecessary foot traffic is key in providing a safer environment. That’s why Procare enables contactless check-in/out with the choice of either QR codes, GPS curbside or both. And, we also offer security hardware so you can ensure your center is truly secure.

Tuition Collection and Payment - Procare’s child care app and web platform take the hassle out of child care billing with all of the touchless payment options you need — electronic fund transfer (EFT), online or completely automated. You can also do an in-person point-of-sale transaction if needed. Tuition collection is a seamless experience for daycare providers.

Staff Management - Your staff is the hub of your successful daycare business. Monitoring and complying with staff-child ratios, allowing staff to clock-in/out and having staff records available readily is key to better managing your employees. With Procare, you can calculate time card hours, deduct withholdings, track and accrue vacation and sick hours and print payroll checks easily and accurately.

Track Attendance - Record and maintain up-to-the-minute information on the children in your care with attendance tracking.

Monitor & Report Staff-Child Ratios - Monitor and manage staff-child ratios for proper development and to meet state requirements.

Drop off & Pick up - Maximize the safety of students during the busiest time of the day with contactless QR code and GPS check-in.

Online Registration - Easily set up and offer online registration to streamline your operations.

Early Childhood Learning - Plan weekly lessons, manage curriculum, and assess children’s developmental progress.

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Small businesses
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Large enterprises

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Procare Solutions users reviews

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  • Ease of use
  • Features
  • Customer support
  • Likelihood to recommend8.95/10
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The best thing about Procare is that it is user friendly. The support website is a great tool.


Carole R.

Everyone on the phone is polite, has excellent customer service and is there to help answer your questions and teach you how to do the task so you can remember for next time. Really love this product.


Molly M.

The software is very user friendly and can be used for an agency like ours that operates multiple locations. The customer service has been terrific.


Kristen C.

I haven't found a software that can do it all. To switch we would be trading problems for problems.


Courtney P.

I should be able to create a licensing-compliant registration form for parents, which includes emergency contacts, allergies, medical insurance number, etc. Staff timecards are poorly designed.


Casey T.

It has been having a few glitches lately. It's very frustrating when you can't access your information because server is down.


Deborah A.

Overall rating contenders

Overall Rating

Procare in a nutshell

Reviewed a month ago


Bailey: Hi, I'm Bailey. I am an assistant director in childcare. I would give the Procare system a four...


Franziska J.

Office Manager

Education Management, 51-200 employees

Review source

Overall Rating

Happy to have switched to Procare for Childcare Manager!

Reviewed a year ago


Franziska I.: Hi, I'm Franziska, I'm an office manager. I give Procare a five Stars. And for more reviews...

Overall Rating
  • Value for money
  • Ease of use
  • Features
  • Customer support
  • Likelihood to recommend10/10

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Great Software for Child Care Centers

Reviewed 3 years ago

We love this program. It provides us with one place to quickly find out so much information. Log-in and see total enrollment, enrollment by classes or ages. Tracks child information without searching through files or looking in multiple places. Tracks employee attendance and any other info you might want to add like: Date of Hire, schedules, vacation time accrued or used, etc. Many things a pre-programed,...


Simplicity of use. Saves paperwork. Can be used to create reports. Easily see everyone who is still in the building (children and staff members). Records many different types of information (attendance, immunizations, medicals, state required paperwork, Food Program info for the USDA CACFP, tuition fees, and other misc info.) You can program it to add user specific information such as allergies, restricted pick-up, authorized individuals for pick-up, etc. We even have a door unit that stores fingerprints of authorized individuals for pick-up and then allows the door to unlock for entry.


W e have had to replace the door unit after someone cracked the screen and someone just chipped the fingerprint reader which may need replaced (it is still working). This is the result of individual user misuse though and not an actual flaw of the program or hardware. There is an annual update fee, but it is well worth the cost for the time and paperwork it saves.

Overall Rating
  • Value for money
  • Ease of use
  • Features
  • Customer support
  • Likelihood to recommend10/10

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Make your job easier

Reviewed a year ago

I cannot imagine doing my job without Procare!


I love that it is cloud based. I can sign on anywhere to help my customers and staff. I like that all of my files are paperless. It is good for tracking when a something is coming due or is past due. It offers good reports. I like that everything is in one app. I also use the Kid Reports app for and I love that all of the data is transferred automatically.


I have been using this software since 2010 and there is always improvements that help make our job better.

Overall Rating
  • Value for money
  • Ease of use
  • Features
  • Customer support
  • Likelihood to recommend10/10

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Procare growing to meet growing needs in childcare

Reviewed 24 days ago

Accounting and communication features were of key importance and have worked great for us. Additional features that seemed a bonus to us have brought an ease to attendance, lesson planning, assesments, and record keeping that I and my staff greatly appreciate.


We started years ago with the basic accounting options of Procare and have recently been pleased to expand to use of the Parent Engagement part of Procare Solutions. We were looking for ways to simplify communication with parents and staff and got much, much more. (For example, attendance tracking for children and staff, assessment and lesson planning features.)


Because it offers so many features the initial time to set up and learn the system was more involved than I anticipated. However the technical support has been good and able to help me - a not very tech savvy boomer - get it ip and running well for our center!

Overall Rating
  • Value for money
  • Ease of use
  • Features
  • Customer support

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Unfortunate investment of time and money

Reviewed 2 years ago

Overall I think the core and idea of procare is beneficial but ONLY if it works. Can't use a product if it is continually locking up.


This has a great foundation of ideas. Student check in/out, Employee check in/out, billings, time tracking, payroll, general ledger. Truly an all in one for a small preschool. Too good to be true for sure!


The cloud base software clearly has issues they can not fix. Our check in computers are constantly locking up since the last update in November 2019. After using the same computers and hardware for 5.5 months they ran an update and now problems. We manually key in employees and students often which is time consuming because the computers are locked up at the time parents are picking up or dropping...

Vendor response

Sherrie - We're very sorry to hear about on-going issues with the check-in system at your preschool. This appears to be a unique situation and we will work with you individually to resolve it. It's true that January is typically the busiest month for technical support; it can be easier to reach us later in the day (after 2:00 p.m. Pacific) or to email a request to As to training, we are happy to get you whatever help you may need. We will reach out soon to see how we can help.

Overall Rating
  • Value for money
  • Ease of use
  • Features
  • Customer support
  • Likelihood to recommend7/10

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Best Childcare software

Reviewed 7 days ago

Overall it’s a good software to see everything at one place for your kids ,monitor there daily activities and hassle free interaction with teacher


It’s a best childcare software I have seen compared to others. I am using this software for tracking daily activities for my kids . - It provides up to date info on daily learning activities with notifications - Easy navigation and parents don’t need to be technically good which makes this even more favorite - Timely attendance and payment is easy - We can reach out to teachers anytime through messages - I can see photos of our kids and activities /learning updates


I don’t see any major issues but sometimes it gets logout automatically if kept open long time and also it hangs while loading pics

Procare Solutions FAQs and common questions

Q. What type of pricing plans does Procare Solutions offer?

Procare Solutions has the following pricing plans:
Pricing model: Subscription
Free Trial: Available | (No Credit Card required)

Q. Who are the typical users of Procare Solutions?

Procare Solutions has the following typical customers:
Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business

Q. What languages does Procare Solutions support?

Procare Solutions supports the following languages:

Q. Does Procare Solutions support mobile devices?

Procare Solutions supports the following devices:
Android, iPad, iPhone

Q. Does Procare Solutions offer an API?

No, Procare Solutions does not have an API available.

Q. What other apps does Procare Solutions integrate with?

Procare Solutions integrates with the following applications:
ChildcareCRM, Listen360

Q. What level of support does Procare Solutions offer?

Procare Solutions offers the following support options:
FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Email/Help Desk, Chat, Phone Support

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