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Cheqbook Accounting overview

What is Cheqbook Accounting?

Some of the features that are available in Cheqbook include the AccuScore Smart Categorization function, unlimited simultaneous users available in all plans, the fact that it is a fully functional accounting software, the ability to generate accrual accounting, journal entries, memos by line items and more. Cheqbook also allows you to create a chart of all the different accounts that you’re using for easy reference in the event that you’re using more than one account per business.

Cheqbook has many features including the ability to generate customization of reports that you’ve created using the service. Other features include the AccuScore Smart Categorization function, the ability to generate cash reports, the ability to assign a default tax code to reports and accounts that you’ve generated using the service, the ability to create automation rules, the ability to import contacts and more.

The ability to import contacts will be especially useful if you are using Cheqbook to create invoices for various clients that your business may have. Instead of entering in the contact’s address and other information by hand each time you need to generate a report, you can import the contact from one of a number of different services and allow the program to automatically take care of the rest.

Cheqbook does not quarantine transactions in any way. It gives users the ability to batch edit transactions.

Batch editing means that you can quickly edit more than one transaction at a single time. If you had 100 different transactions all relating to the same company, for example, you would need to edit each of them manually. You would need to perform manual edits regardless of how big or small the changes really were. In Cheqbook, on the other hand, you can select all of the transactions that you want to edit and make the change once. The service will then apply the new information to all of the selected transactions in one fell swoop.

Cheqbook has the ability to add categorization to transactions that you create and enter with your account. Other notable features that Cheqbook has include the AccuScore Smart Categorization function, unlimited simultaneous users in all plans, the ability to create automation rules and more.

Cheqbook also supports additional formats when the user is importing bank statements from various services. Cheqbook supports the popular IFX file format. Cheqbook also gives users the ability to host invoices on the Internet for customers to view, which can save a great deal of money in postage if your customers are on board with these methods.


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Cheqbook Accounting reviews


Very good
Value for money
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Eoin Gregory

Great Small Business Web Based Accounting Software

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2020-06-28
Review Source: Capterra

We have been using Cheqbook for nearly 4 years. We use it for two companies and our own personal finances. While not the cheapest option available, it's feature set is well worth the price we pay annually for the service. In the past 4 years we've had only one instance when the service was down which was a connectivity issue, not a software/hardware issue. Customer service/developers have been great at responding to questions/problems. We've recommended (and even helped set up) the service to other people.

The platform does a great job auto-categorizing transactions using both past history and "crowd categorization". The smooth ability to add bank accounts using Yoodle's interface. The great reporting features (with one big limitation). The ability to easily/quickly split transactions. I like that you can "bulk" recategorize transactions by payee. Cheqbook was one of the only platforms that could import transactions via csv upload.

I would love the ability to remove or hide unused accounts/categories. One feature that I really liked about quickbooks was the ability to show a comparison to the prior period like this year to last year. No budget making tool.

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We offer (3) different plans. Each plan contains all the software features. You never pay extra to access additional features. The difference between the plans is the number of companies books you can keep.

(1) Set of Books: $9.87 | (5) Sets of Books: $19.87 | (10) Sets of Books: $37.37

Cheqbook Accounting features

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Key features of Cheqbook Accounting

  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Automatically Download Transactions
  • Create Unlimited Simultaneous Users
  • Save time with AccuScore Smart Categorization
  • Make Journal Entries and Split Transactions
  • Send Invoices and Accept Payments Online
  • View your books from your iPad or Android tablet
  • Manage Bills and Print Checks
  • 15 Reports including Balance Sheet and P&L
  • Add-ons & Integration
  • Export data including contacts and transactions
  • Share with your accountant
  • Fast Bank Reconciliation
  • Print reports, statements, and 1099s
  • Lock your Books
  • Import bulk transactions
  • Free Training Videos, Webinars, Certification
  • Feel secure with automated offsite daily backup
  • Unlimited Archived Companies
  • Patent pending import and smart categorization
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Create Unlimited Simultaneous Users
Make Journal Entries and Split Transactions
View your books from your iPad or Android tablet
15 Reports including Balance Sheet and P&L
Export data including contacts and transactions
Fast Bank Reconciliation
Lock your Books
Free Training Videos, Webinars, Certification
Unlimited Archived Companies