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AssessFirst overview

What is AssessFirst?

AssessFirst is a predictive recruitment solution for businesses of any size or sector that enables organizations to evaluate candidates beyond their CV. AssessFirst helps find and recruit the candidates that have the best chance to succeed and thrive over the long term by enabling organizations to define profile types in the specific context of the business. Users can also manage candidates’ applications, track campaign progress, get instant identification of the best profiles, and more.

Users can choose from over 300 predictive models which are sorted by role, or create custom profiles by answering several questions to accurately describe the position that is being recruited for. AssessFirst’s algorithm analyses the answers and compares them to over 5 million profiles in order to give clear recommendations for potential candidates. Recruiters can view a full report about each profile with details on their skills, what drives them to action, as well as their behavior within the workplace.

Users can manage all recruitment operations via AssessFirst's campaign manager tool and view potential candidates ranked by their ability to succeed in the position, as well as their compatibility with their future manager and team. AssessFirst’s recommendations are based on the match results between the candidates’ potential and the criteria provided by the organization, and include detailed reports on each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.


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United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, China and 4 other markets, India, Germany, Brazil, Mexico

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English, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, French, German and 5 other languages, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
AssessFirst screenshot: View each candidate's strong and weak points to make the best possible choice for the businessAssessFirst - Presentation of the application #01AssessFirst screenshot: See which behaviors each candidate will naturally showAssessFirst screenshot: Manage candidates’ applications, track campaign progress, and identify the best profilesAssessFirst screenshot: View a full report with details on each candidate's skills, what drives them to action, as well as their behavior within the workplaceAssessFirst screenshot: Anticipate candidates’ abilities to collaborate productively with their future manager and teamAssessFirst screenshot: Receive a full report about each candidate including what they can do, what drives them to action as well as the way they behave in the workplace

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Very good

Value for money
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Dennis Maina

This software simplifies the hiring process while recruiting employees suitable to serve the company

Used monthly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-05-15
Review Source: Capterra

Nowadays we are able to hire qualified and suitable employees easily

The software helps in testing the capability and suitability of the employees in real time There is live support and training to the companies that have obtained the software recently

The software is costly a bit and start-up ventures may find it hard to acquire May require analysts qualified to interpret the results from aptitude tests and others done by the software

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AssessFirst features

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Key features of AssessFirst

  • Job posting
  • Candidate management
  • Interview management
  • Assessments
  • Job requisition
  • Recruiting firms
  • Summary of potential
  • Professional orientation
  • Basic affinity
  • Predict success
  • Personalized predictive models
  • In-depth analysis of reasoning ability
  • In-depth analysis of motivations
  • In-depth analysis of personality
  • Recommendations
  • Candidate evaluations
  • Ranking
  • Candidate analysis
  • Predictive algorithm
  • Testing & assessments
  • Reports
  • Personality testing
  • Public access links
  • Invite candidates by email
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Define candidate profiles that have the best chance to succeed in the positions that are being recruited for, and in the particular context of the business.

Receive reliable indicators about each candidate's capacity to thrive over the long term within the organization.

Get an in-depth analysis of each candidate's reasoning ability, personality, and motivations, to predict success and affinity with their future team and manager.

AssessFirst offers over 300 predictive models organized by role, and uses a proprietary algorithm to analyze and compare to over 5 million candidate profiles.

Organizations can invite candidates to join recruitment campaigns directly by email, or share access links by copying and pasting them into job offers on Indeed, LinkedIn, or any other job board.