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Totara Learn

Learning management system for workforce development

4.34/5 (38 reviews)

Totara Learn overview

Totara Learn combines learning management with performance management to offer course authoring, certification path management and learning progress tracking with performance appraisals, feedback and goal management. The learning management features of the app include the ability to author and manage instructor-led, self-paced learning, social learning and even face-to-face learning programs. You can also define and manage certification programs to ensure compliance.

Individual learning plans can be created in Totara in order to plan and track learning for each employee based on their competencies, objectives and on compliance needs. Motivational badges provide a way to recognize and gamify employee learning achievements. Further performance management features of Totara include goal planning, appraisals, 360 feedback, and skills and competencies tracking. The team management dashboard helps to keep up-to-date on all team activity such as pending tasks, learning plans, and progress records. The report builder lets you create custom reports for deeper performance analysis.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada and 9 other markets, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

Supported languages

English, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech and 15 other languages, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai
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Totara Learn reviews

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Christian Obermayr

Feature rich and open source vs Complex handling

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-11-15
Review Source: Capterra

As a consultant for Totara LMS I would totally recommend Totara to other customers. In short... The Downside: - Very complex to learn for people who do not have any technical understanding - Usability very low because of too complex site-structure and permission management - Design very simple and overloaded with blocks, nobody knows what they are for in the first place - Documentation partially very poor, especially when it comes down to programming and adding advanced features - Many useful features are still lacking some important settings for establishing real logical learning workflows The Upside: + Very rich of standard features that make it easy to establish simple learning workflows + Open Source let the system be flexible by adding your own plugins and adjusting the system core to your needs + Great support in fixing bugs and advancing the system with new features (Evergreen) + Continuous Development All in all I would say it still needs some improvement, although I know that some requests are not as easy to programm as it might seem in the beginning. It is still a great tool, that can though still be adjusted to whatever someone likes it to be. If you have on the one side people who see the potential of TotaraLMS and have a great idea of how it can be used and on the other side people who can develop within that system, you can accomplish great things and have tremendous success by offering that tool to customers.

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Enrrique Perdomo

Perfect application for corporate training and learning.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-04-23
Review Source: Capterra

Have an application focused on business learning, with tools focused on the corporate area to prepare quality professionals who know the business and its function in the company is optimal.

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Pablo Piquemilh

Aura Gold Partner

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-11-01
Review Source: Capterra

Through the last 5 years, Totara leads us won opportunities that we might lost in case of not having an enterprise LMS like Totara. It has helped us as companie to incorporate our full e-learning solutions (consulting, content authoring tool and LMS) at important companies. It represents between the 5 or 10% of our incomes and it gives also to Totara trough the last 4 years more than $40,000 USD anual revenues. Eventhough we feel the growing of the tool (Totara) or their features expansion has been limited during the last 4 years. Example: It doesn't integrate x.Api compliance (with a LRS Module), and we do not see intelligence guideness trhough the training experiencie taked from the training sessions of the user. We do not have so much reference about how to explote gamification through it (and what kind of tools are they innovating related with this model) Why do not integrate an authoring tool with the LMS like Shift, so you just not focus on the user that take courses, and let the creators, build content. Doesn't offer options for the smaller companies because the ntermediate price between 500K and 3K has a huge difference, that always is letting us a big issue on how to deal wiht those price diffeerences.

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Patrick White

Totara Review

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-11-07
Review Source: Capterra

I mostly work with the Totara LMS from a server admin and web developer point of view and so far my experience has been ok. Not the easiest / most simple system I work with or have worked with, but manageable. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing, but I find the support material and documentation from Totara to be pretty lackluster for server admins. If I find answers to my questions, 99% of the time I find it on Moodle documentation or forums. Bad thing because for the price of Totara I would expect much better, good thing that I am able to utilize a very large community. I do spend quite a bit of time developing themes and plugins for Totara for our clients, and I do have to say that I like and support your decision use the native Bootstrap class names as well as using Grunt as the task runner since use Bootstrap and Grunt quite often with other projects. I look forward to migrating to Totara 9 towards the end of this year / beginning of next year.

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Larry Miao

Totara LMS was used at a government agency I contracted for.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-01-11
Review Source: Software Advice

This is a very cost effective solution to organizations' Learning Management needs.

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Totara Learn features

Activity Tracking
Compliance Management
Customizable Reporting

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Additional information for Totara Learn

Key features of Totara Learn

  • Blended learning tools
  • Employee learning plans
  • Certifications and recertification paths
  • Notification templates
  • Compliance reports
  • Face-to-face seminar manager
  • Mobile responsive
  • Learner focused catalogs
  • Motivational badges
  • Goal setting
  • Performance appraisals
  • 360 feedback
  • Skills & competencies tracking
  • Team management tools
  • Report builder
  • Multiple language options
  • Audience-specific customization
  • Organisational and Positional hierarchies
  • HR System integration
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Author blended learning programs combining instructor-led, self-paced learning, and social learning.

Plan and track learning progress with approval workflows, comment boxes, notifications, compliance reports and certifications.

Use the seminar manager to organize face-to-face training including schedules, rosters, notifications and attendance tracking.

Manage all your employees' learning, tasks, learning requests, competencies, profiles and progress from one dashboard.

Build multiple skill and competency-based learning and performance frameworks and link courses to competencies to auto-populate learning plans .

Set individual goals and objectives, create & manage appraisals, and give 360 degree feedback.

Customize the learning experience for employees, contractors, customers, partners and distributors using user groups.

Available in Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, Finnish, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Magyar (Hungarian), Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, & Thai.