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Thought Industries

Online learning management platform for businesses

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Thought Industries is an online learning management platform that enables professionals as well as small, mid-size and large enterprises to create and distribute online learning sites, course content and training materials with employees, partners, clients and affiliates.

The software has a drag and drop interface that helps users to build and share microsites & branded learning portals with partners, clients or other internal enterprise learners. Users can create their sites and courses using design management tools such as CSS or HTML as well use authoring tools such as videos, quizzes, flip cards, tests, slideshows and presentations to customize interactive course content. The tool enables users to incorporate discussion boards & galleries to build a community experience and offers real-time data on site traffic, lead captures, course performance and financial data. Users can get a quick update on the performance of their learning business using dashboards that provide visual insights, key metrics and other important data. The software offers learner engagement reports to monitor and track user behavior and course status in addition to offering features such as certificate management and employee training management.

Thought Industries integrates with third party e-commerce portals to enable direct monetization of learning content. It can also integrate with CRM systems and marketing automation tools for seamless data transfer. Innovative Educators, IPG, Penton Media, Northstar Travel Media, TDWI, Craft Beer & Brewing and Zumba are among some of the organizations using Thought Industries' solutions.

Thought Industries Reviews (4)

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Thought Industries Pricing

Pricing model: Subscription

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Key Features of Thought Industries

  • Certification management
  • Student portal
  • Learning management
  • Gamification
  • Drag and drop tools
  • Reports
  • Sales reporting
  • Customizable sites
  • Third party ecommerce integration
  • Employee training programs
  • Real time notification
  • API
  • Integrates with CRM systems
  • Single sign-on
  • Dashboards
  • Real time data
  • Real time analytics
  • Progress reports
  • Course authoring
  • Blended learning

Thought Industries Screenshots (8)

Thought Industries screenshot: Thought Industries provides a complete learning management & training system for businessesThought Industries screenshot: Users can create multiple micro-sites and learning portalsThought Industries screenshot: Course content can be created using simple drag and drop optionsThought Industries screenshot: The software offers various authoring tools such as videos, quizzes, presentations and flip cardsThought Industries screenshot: Users can also monetize the course content created using e-commerce integration featuresThought Industries screenshot: Metrics on course performance, user engagement and sales is providedThought Industries screenshot: Reports on sales, financial performance and other key metrics can also be generatedThought Industries screenshot: The software can be accessed on multiple device types


Intended Users
Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business
Devices Supported
Supported Countries
Australia, Canada, Europe, Germany, United States
Supported Languages
Support Options
Online Support, Phone Support, Video Tutorials

Alternatives to Thought Industries


• Thought Industries is a cloud-based end-to-end learning solution that helps users to create and share course content, course videos, quizzes, slideshows, presentations and micro-sites.

• The tool generates reports that help to track and analyze real-time data and site metrics such as traffic, sales figures, user engagement and course performance.

• The application offers customizable features that let users create branded learning microsites, learning portals and storefronts using advanced design management tools.

• The product provides real-time updates on all distributed content and delivers instant notifications to groups or specific individuals based on user activities and interests.

• Thought Industries offers single sign-on capabilities to create a seamless user navigation experience and uses real-time Webhooks, third party tracking scripts and SFTP to securely transfer data.


Security and privacy


Encryption of sensitive data at rest
HTTPS for all pages

Access control

Multi-factor authentication options

Data policy

Data backup in multiple locations/GEO regions
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