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ClayHR logo


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ClayHR is a cloud-based HR Application Framework that serves mid to large-size organizations. ClayHR offers a comprehensive solution addressing the full employee life cycle, from the search and selection process of the candidate to retirement. Be it employee onboarding or performance review

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Merinio  logo

Simple Scheduling and Shift Dispatching for dynamic Business

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Our employee scheduling software empowers you to swiftly reach and replace employees, update shifts, and adhere to your business rules. Overcome labor shortages, boost profits, and enhance efficiency by adapting to unforeseen events, thus averting excessive hiring and overtime expenses.

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TimeCloud Time and Attendance logo

Time & attendance tracking software with payroll integration

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Timecloud is a powerful all-in-one workforce management solution. Easily manage time & attendance, staff Leave, and employee rostering with time clocks, mobile app, payroll integration, and advanced reporting. Gain real-time workforce insights and ensure you stay on top of your workflows.

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Crew logo

The connected frontline workplace

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Crew is the #1 digital workplace trusted by the world’s largest enterprises. Core to the platform is a highly engaging mobile app that transforms how work gets done for teams.

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netTime one logo

neTime one: your time matters

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Grupo SPEC: Pioneers in time and access control with over 40 years of experience. Leaders in human resources management and security software.

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TimeForge logo

Smart tools for busy people.

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TimeForge Labor Management software brings the full employee lifecycle to a centralized dashboard to save businesses time and money. Features include: ATS and onboarding, employee scheduling, timekeeping, HR, manager logbooks, sales-to-labor tools, and even select POS and payroll integrations.

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TrackTik logo

Security Workforce Management Software

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Employee Link logo

Employee timesheet and scheduling app

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Employee Link will help you keep track of your employees by having them log their hours worked on an online timesheet.

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myStaffSchedule logo

Cloud-based medical staff scheduling solution

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myStaffSchedule is a cloud-based scheduling solution designed specifically for healthcare industry executives and administrators.

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Apploye logo

Time tracking and employee monitoring app for remote teams.

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Apploye is a time tracking platform that helps businesses of all sizes, especially remote teams. It helps thousands of organizations with employee monitoring by tracking their activities, observing the screen, checking the applications, websites, and tracing their location with a GPS tracker.

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Users also considered logo

Staff holiday and leave planner

learn more is a time off and absence management solution designed to simplify data entry, improve communication, and track multiple leave and absence types

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Peoplelink logo

Human resources software

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Peoplelink is an Italian language human resources software that helps companies optimize and organize their HR responsibilities.

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Advanced Time and Attendance logo

Attendance technology for a more efficient workforce.

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Empower your teams with integrated Time and Attendance, HR and Payroll solutions

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PARiM logo

Automate employee scheduling to scale your operations.

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When it comes to employee scheduling 2 things matter the most: speed and price. PARiM is the leader in both. We offer the fastest online employee scheduling on the market - tightly integrated with time clock, shift automation, absences, payroll and free mobile apps for an astounding per-user price.

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Event Staff App logo

The easiest way to schedule and manage your event staff

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Event Staff App helps automate the tedious work of scheduling and managing your event staff. Cute down on communication time via text messaging, easily track time, and mange all work shifts.

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Unifocus logo

Smart workforce management tools with real-time insights

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UniFocus optimized schedules put the right people in the right place at the right time. Mobile tools distribute the schedules and allow for swaps, drops, and pick-ups all in one system. Managers find coverage fast with ShiftGenius. Flexible scheduling options make employers stand out.

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Rabbiit logo

Value your time!

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Rabbiit controls hours on projects.

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Zoho Bookings logo

More appointments. Less disappointments.

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Zoho Bookings helps everyone find the perfect time to meet each other and move work forward. Say goodbye to double booking, no-shows, endless emails, and delayed payments. Start your 15-days free trial and see more appointments for yourself!

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Membroz logo

Membership management for holiday resorts

learn more
Membroz is a membership management solution which provides a way for resorts to manage membership plans with payment terms and usage terms settings

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Planday logo

Employee scheduling, time tracking & absence management

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With Planday, you and your employees are able to handle shift swaps, bookings, requests and changes directly through the online system or via the mobile app.

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Evolia logo

Smarter Employee Scheduling Aimed at Profitability

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Evolia is an employee scheduling and workforce optimization platform aimed at optimizing your business’s profitability. On top of its core smart scheduling features, it offers powerful time & attendance and leave management features that integrate with leading HRIS and payroll solutions.

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Opsyte logo

The hospitality tool

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Opsyte is an online portal dedictated to optimising back of house tasks in any hospitality setting.

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Restaurant365 logo

Accounting and operations for multi-unit restaurants

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Restaurant365 is a cloud-based solution which assists restaurants with inventory management, operations, performance tracking, payment processing, multi-level approval flows and more. It provides customizable reports on metrics such as sales, menu items, labor, inventory and food and recipe costing.

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KENJO logo

Digital HR: Manage on-site and mobile workforce with ease.

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Kenjo's Shift Planner streamlines complex scheduling with features like multiple locations, machine workstations, diverse shifts, breaks, and overtime rules. It adapts to retail, gastronomy, automotive, or manufacturing, offering flexible views for efficient staff deployment and error prevention.

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Field Complete logo

FREE App for Home Service Contractors

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Field Complete is a FREE software for home service contractors to run their businesses and get more jobs!

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