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Benefit One

Intra-social employee recognition & points-based rewards

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Benefit One overview

Benefit One is an intra-social employee recognition platform for mid to large-sized enterprise organizations looking to improve employee engagement through peer-to-peer recognition. Users can customize incentive achievements and offer unique, point-based awards for every level, as well as measure and visualize performance across the organization.

Benefit One helps organizations increase work motivation and achieve long-term employee engagement by allowing colleagues to recognize one another through features including badges, points, and meaningful messages. Organizations can customize their point-based program with unique criteria, and allow employees to collect and redeem points for a variety of items and services.

Members are able to create and personalize their employee profile and add a photo, as well as view their personal performance charts and accumulated points online. Colleagues are able to see all peer-to-peer recognition via the timeline, as well as add comments and likes to meaningful messages, view employee birthdays, get news updates, and more.

Managers and employees can get a breakdown of engagement and performance based on point accumulation through visual graphs and analytics in order to analyze key talent across the organization. Benefit One is a cloud-based tool accessible via any desktop or mobile device for peer-to-peer recognition from anywhere, at any time.


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Benefit One screenshot: View peer to peer recognition via the timeline and add comments and likesBenefit One screenshot: Select the amount of points to reward employees with and add a messageBenefit One screenshot: Get visibility on points and the entire team's performance via the dashboardBenefit One screenshot: View the personal chart to recognize strengths and visualize performanceBenefit One screenshot: View criteria for awards and allocate points Benefit One screenshot: Display available rewards and redeemable items to employees via the web

Benefit One reviews


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Denis Tsai

A Useful Management and Engagement Tool

Reviewed 2016-11-10
Review Source: Capterra

We use this platform for contract engineers who work outside of our office to send achievements and recognition. It is very useful for modern companies who frequently contract off-site employees and this tool can connect and keep motivation high through posting achievements. Off-site workers also seem to be more engaged and in sync with the projects and the company. In the tool, there are badges and messages of appreciation that I can send to express that I value their talent. This could help with morale. They have also done a great job customizing the platform to fit in with our corporate culture and vision.

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indra sankaranaraynan

Comprehensive tool for employee motivation

Used weekly for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-02-02
Review Source: Capterra

Benefit one is a comprehensive tool that fits all our needs to recognize, motivate, award all employees and also keep track of the team performance in different areas. Both Peer to peer recognition and top down recognition options are well used in our company. The points system gives the employees various options to choose and redeem things or services they wish. This in turn motivates employees to score more points and boosts employee morale. Also we can send messages which can be personalized or sent to the whole team recognizing a particular employees good work and effort. All in all this tool has promoted a healthy team spirit and a more positive workspace. I like the Point system which is very motivating.

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Benefit One features

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Employee Database
Employee Management
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Additional information for Benefit One

Key features of Benefit One

  • Peer-to-peer recognition
  • Manager-to-peer recognition
  • Rewards catalog
  • Rewards points
  • Goals
  • Social recognition
  • Mention management
  • Leaderboards
  • Automated notifications
  • Activity tracking
  • Employee recognition
  • Employee incentive
  • Channel incentive
  • Point-based customer loyalty programs
  • Points, badges, and meaningful messages
  • Performance & engagement reports
  • Intra-social recognition
  • Talent & contribution tracking
  • Data collection & analysis
  • Visualize performance
  • Send & redeem points
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Recognize employee performance and increase engagement through continuous recognition and redeemable points for award items.

Collect data on employee performance to analyze talent and key personnel within the organization with Benefit One.

Boost employee motivation through badges, points, and meaningful messages and create long-term employee engagement.

Reduce voluntary turnover rates through continuous appreciation and increase potential for the company.

Benefit One enables employees from all levels to recognize and motivate one another, while providing visibility to the entire team.