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MightyCall logo

MightyCall's Call Center solution for your business.

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MightyCall's Call Center solution, with its customizable settings, is designed to fit your business communication needs. Experience effortless navigation through our modern interface loaded with innovative features for efficient call center management.

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Nimbata logo

#1 Lead Insights w/ call tracking and conversion attribution

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Our top-rated Call Analytics software enables marketing teams to convert more. Gain real-time insights on the channels, ads and keywords that bring valuable phone leads and sales to your business.

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CallAction logo

Web-based sales and marketing automation platform

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CallAction is a sales and marketing automation platform that helps sales and marketing teams capture, engage, and convert inbound calls, text messages, and email leads across channels.

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Marchex logo

Call tracking for full marketing attribution

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Marchex Marketing Edge is an innovative, easy-to-use conversational analytics solution that enables marketers to make data-driven decisions that improve their digital marketing performance.

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Mango Voice logo

Making Communication Simple

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Mango is a simple yet powerful VoIP, cloud based, phone system software. Combine that with a mobile app, world class software integrations, competitive pricing, good old fashioned U.S. based customer service, and you've got the best VoIP phone software solution your office could have.

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Aloware logo

so much more than just a sales dialer

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Aloware is the modern contact center solution for sales and support teams around the world. Our all-in-one, turnkey software gives your business the ability to engage with your customers in ways they'll love: via cell phone, text message, and social messengers.

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ClickPoint logo

SalesExec for Call Centers and Sales Teams

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Route web leads, inbound phone calls, and improve your sales teams ability to reach and convert more of their leads to paying customers.

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Call Tracker io logo

Call tracking and recording software

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With the user-friendly call tracking solution, Call Tracker io assists organizations in making informed marketing decisions and expanding the business.

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Funnel Science logo

Predictive Sales & Marketing Analytics

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Funnel Science is a sales, marketing, and predictive AI software for real-time ROI optimization for PPC, SEO & social media ad campaigns for brands & agencies

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55PBX logo

Virtual PBX solution to boost your team's productivity

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55PBX is a Brazilian based Business Communications Platforms with Voip, Whatsapp, SMS and integrations with Support, Sales, Ecommerce that facilitates your team's communication with their customers.

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Callcap logo

Call tracking, monitoring & recording

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Callcap increases visibility into sales and marketing goals, and overall customer experience with measurable, real-time analytics, alerts, feedback, and more

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INVOX logo

Call tracking solution for marketing campaigns

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INVOX is a cloud-based call tracking solution that helps businesses track the source of incoming calls, facilitating lead generation and sales operations. Users can monitor the marketing source of calls across online and offline campaigns, keywords, advertisements, and website pages.

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Retreaver logo

Cloud-based call center management

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Retreaver is a cloud-based call center solution that tracks, tags and routes callers to specific agents or departments, & helps agencies, marketers and brands analyze their inbound calls, manage caller profiles, dynamically route calls, analyze ROI, track conversions and generate reports.

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Ringba logo

Cloud-based inbound call tracking software

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Ringba is a cloud-based call tracking software designed to help businesses manage call attribution, recording and routing, marketing campaign, customer service, and other operational processes on a centralized platform. Managers can allocate local and on-demand toll-free phone numbers.

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Infinity Call Tracking logo

Call intelligence platform for businesses of all sizes

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Infinity is a call intelligence solution that features online and offline call tracking. Integrated with multiple CRM platforms, Infinity can easily understand the full customer journey and maximize ROI by viewing revenue against specific marketing campaigns.

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CloudCall logo

Advanced, cloud-based computer telephony integration

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CloudCall is the only communications software dedicated to businesses who use CRMs. By capturing all calls and communications, and saving them into the CRM contact records, CloudCall helps businesses make more insightful decisions, stay in control of teams working from anywhere, and get more done fa

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SeoSamba Marketing Operating System logo

Marketing automation for franchises, and small businesses

learn more
SambaSaaS is a marketing automation solution for small businesses, franchises & brands offering automated SEO, PR, social marketing, email nurturing, CRM, website builder, shopping cart & more

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Invoca logo

AI-Powered Call Tracking & Conversation Intelligence

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Invoca is AI-powered call tracking and analytics solution that helps marketers get conversion reporting and campaign attribution from inbound phone calls.

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CallFire logo

Telephony and call center app

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CallFire combines text messaging, call tracking, voice broadcast, and IVR, with a cloud call center.

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Ubefone logo

Cloud communication software

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Ubefone is made in France and is a cloud-based telephony software for small to large companies. The software offers an all in one cloud telephony application. Users are provided intuitive tools to access and set up calls and manage their online telephone system on their own without any prior knowledge necessary.

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Microcall logo

Call Accounting Software

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Microcall is a cloud-based call accounting solution that helps users identify and search phone numbers, track telecom expenses, analyze voice traffic, and more.

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Doctoralia Phone logo

Phone call management for clinics

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Docplanner Phone is a software that improves the management of phone calls in clinics, by creating a clear organization, visibility of tasks and monitoring incoming and outgoing calls.

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Jet Interactive logo

Call tracking system

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Jet Interactive is a call tracking system which helps call centers & marketers track the source & result of their calls, & then feeds this information back into their CRM &/or analytics system. Jet Interactive ensures sales teams have access to real-time data to see which ad has triggered the call.

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Users also considered logo

Sales engagement and call tracking platform

learn more is a cloud-based sales engagement platform designed to help Salesforce users manage leads, identify revenue-generating channels, and analyze performance. Features include lead prioritization, real-time recommendations, workflow automation, reporting, call monitoring, and transcription.

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Zadarma logo

Business phone system for companies of all sizes

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Zadarma offers a new generation of business phone system with virtual numbers from 100 countries, free Cloud PBX, free CRM and widgets.

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