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Pacific Timesheet


Web-based payroll timesheet & project time tracking system

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Interactive voice response for capture of time and attendance data, work and time off scheduling.

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Global Phone System 100% native in Salesforce CRM

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Natterbox is a cloud based business telephony and voice service software for small and medium sized organizations and can be integrated with Salesforce CRM

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MiContact Center


Cloud contact center solutions

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MiContact Center from Mitel includes a range of basic and advanced solutions for contact centers of all sizes. There are several solutions covering informal contact centers, small contact centers, large-scale contact centers, outbound contact centers, and Microsoft Lync-based contact centers.

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IVM Interactive Voice Response


Complete voicemail, call attendant and IVR solution

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This software lets you create an effective info-line, autodial, or automated phone response system solution for your business.

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Voice, IVR & customer experience testing suite

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ETS is a voice, IVR & customer experience testing suite which records & analyses replicated real-world calls to identify & rectify faults in real-time

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On-Demand Customer Service and Support Solutions

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A web-based platform that enables communication via Voice, email, chat, SMS, Facebook and Twitter with the help of an integrated customer interaction database. It has features such as scalable contact center solution using a pay-as-you-go model customize reports, design IVRs and more.

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AISB Engine


Voice bio-metrics solution for businesses

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AISB Engine is a cloud-based & on-premise voice biometrics solution designed to help businesses in industries such as finance, healthcare, retail & air travel identify and authenticate visitors. Key features include password resetting, authentication, secure data access, and fraud detection.

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Akio Unified Interaction Center


Multi-channel customer relations management platform

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Akio.CX is an omnichannel customer relations tool, designed to facilitate web, telephone, email & social media conversations between customers & customer service teams.

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Communication tool with voice call & text messaging services

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CALLR is a cloud-based software that helps businesses establish two-way communication with customers via SMS and voice calls. The custom IVR tool lets organizations build phone menus to process customer requests and route calls to relevant customer service agents.

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CallOne is call center software to aid customer service

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CallOne enables companies to integrate various call center functions into their customer service facility. These include intelligent call control, real-time monitoring with statistics, and call recording, as well as cloud storage of emails.

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Digital call experience platform for call centers

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CallVU is a call center software designed to help businesses in industries including finance, insurance, telecommunications, and more engage with clients via digital sessions to resolve issues, automate data collection processes using digital forms, and more.

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360° Office Automation Solutions

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Office24by7 Virtual Number helps to streamline the entire inbound business communications. It provides for segregating and routing calls to specific departments with the help of DTMF inputs. You can create your own call flow as needed without the support of a technical team.

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Soprano Connect


Communication platform with messaging tools

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Make automated calls and apply decision trees for predefined actions to existing or new communications toolkits. Organizations can make text-to-speech calls, prerecorded audio and send OTPs in an agile, simple and automated way.

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Customer service and order tracking solution for businesses

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Versacape is a cloud-based solution, which allows customer experience teams to provide a self service experience to customers for issue resolution. Businesses can provide self service information for subjects including benefits administration, inventory, loyalty programs, product catalog, and more.

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