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Mendix overview

What is Mendix?

Mendix helps enterprises, institutions and government agencies achieve their digital goals. Digital devices are all around us and we’ve all grown accustomed to user-friendly applications that help us manage our lives. And as we expect more from digital interactions, organizations are struggling to keep pace.

Digital innovation needs to be at the heart of every organization. You need to digitize internal operations to do things simpler, quicker, and cheaper; find new ways to engage your customers and partners; and bring new digital products and services to market and drive revenue.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of ideas. But transforming those ideas into digital interactions is hard work. The time to act is now. You need a faster path to transform your innovative ideas into winning web and mobile applications. By combining visual modeling, agile project management, and 1-click deployment, Mendix empowers small cross-functional teams to build powerful web and mobile applications in days or weeks, not months or years.


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Mendix screenshot: Mendix - AppStore: Hundreds of building blocks to get you out of the gateNo-Code Hybrid Mobile App Development with MendixMendix screenshot: Mendix - Agile Project Management: Manage your development projects easily and effectivelyMendix screenshot: Mendix - Business & IT Collaboration: Capture, refine and prioritize user storiesMendix screenshot: Mendix - 1-Click Deployment: Public Cloud, Private Cloud or On PremiseMendix screenshot: Central App Management: Manage your applications, configuration and resources from a central dashboardMendix for Pivotal DemoMendix aPaaS Application Delivery Success Stories

Mendix reviews


Very good

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John Peters

Fast faster fast

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-12-19
Review Source: Capterra

Because we are able to build solutions like portals & Apps without writing code in an Agile way of working (stories & sprints) we are able toe deliver more value to business demand and business is engaged because they understand what we build and see results almost every week.

The software is a low code solution helping development cycles being 6 - 10 times faster. What i like is that we are able to minimize coding thanks to the visual modeller that ships with the solution. Also we liked the full stack approach. From ideation, automated deployment and database creation to version management and integrated feedback loops.

There are always improvements possible. At this moment we are happy with the continue flow of new functionality like the Artificial Assist approach predicting the next step when developing.

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Ease of use
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Likelihood to recommend: 9/10

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Mohammed Siddiqui

Easy to learn, time and cost effective enterprise rapid app developement platform

Reviewed 2015-11-24
Review Source: Capterra

Mendix is an enterprise application development platform that will enable to turn your dream app into reality in no time. Since last 2-3 years I use Mendix almost every day to build complex business solutions for various industries without putting in much time and effort where business can see the working solution and development cost savings within weeks. Its easy to learn, even for the business users who don't have any technical background. Using pre build components from app store will help you to focus on core business requirements and deployment to cloud is just couple of clicks in minutes. Along with the development platform it includes project management tool which is tightly coupled to its IDE and fits perfectly with Agile (Scrum) that enables to work very closely with the customers giving everyone clear visibility on overall progress of the project. Overall having this product in today's digital world will really help to drive your innovation and to bring your digital ideas to market in no time. Pros: Rapid device specific or responsive application delivery to market with modern UI framework, helpful community providing answers almost instantly on forum, good customer support, easy to learn, easy to create custom UI's and publish web or REST services, scalable product always up to date with the market. After the latest release scheduled this month it will be an open platform, provide offline mobile support and will have availability in the AWS marketplace. Cons: There are many pre build widgets and other components on app store but still needs to grow more. Community is adding to it every day and I believe this will be on going which will for sure immense the app store.

Response from Mendix

Thank you for taking the time to write this review. Your feedback inspires us to make Mendix's application platform even better.

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Pim van der Noll

Great app platform for creating great applications

Reviewed 2015-11-25
Review Source: GetApp

I loved creating things for customers, but I'm not a die-hard programmer. I was fascinated by the modeldriven approach Mendix has as I could now deliver apps much more quickly, without having to write code. I'm working with Mendix now for 2 years and still exciting about the possibilities and speed. We even created our own products with Mendix. So our own ideas became alive. For instant the Sportlight search, IFTTT for Mendix and some document generation apps.

+ Bring the ideas or dreams of your customer to reality with a working app. + Quick, fast, rapid, agile. Did I mention speed? + Surprise your customers and friends

- Sometime a bit difficult to explain what a App platform is like Mendix to non-tech people. But if you prototype their idea you can let them see it works or let them talk to one of our fans(=customers)

Response from Mendix

Thank you for your feedback! Love how you use prototypes to define what the platform can do - very creative.

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Ease of use
Customer support

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Vicki Bolton

Mendix is just ok

Used monthly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-09-02
Review Source: Capterra

I use it to weartest products, which I love to do. So it’s hard not to like.

Most of the time when I pull up this site, it loads so I cannot see the left side of the screen. This is frustrating. I don’t know how to fix it.

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Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 5/10

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Tiko Schep

Rapid application development platform

Reviewed 2015-11-17
Review Source: GetApp

Mendix is a platform that allows for very rapid and efficient web application development. As a Mendix consultant I am able to use Mendix to realize custom IT solutions for my clients while exceeding their expectations in time to market and low development cost.

Easy to learn, quick to master. Rapid development Easily scalable Continuous improvements to the platform

The licence system makes Mendix unaccessible for smaller budgets. Some Mendix versions can contain annoying bugs.

Response from Mendix

Thank you for your review! We strive to make the best product possible; user feedback is always encouraged and appreciated.

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Ease of use
Customer support

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Mendix pricing

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Power your innovation stream and build an unlimited number of applications, each with up to 10 users. Run them in production, free of charge. And when we say free, we mean it’s really free. Contact Mendix for additional information and pricing on our pro and enterprise levels.

Free: €0

Pro: €1,250 /month (billed annually)

Enterprise: €1,675 /month (billed annually)

Mendix features

Access Control
Collaboration Tools
Real Time Data
Real Time Monitoring
Workflow Management

Activity Dashboard (159 other apps)
Activity Tracking (89 other apps)
Alerts / Escalation (80 other apps)
Application Integration (75 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (128 other apps)
Compliance Management (77 other apps)
Data Import/Export (112 other apps)
Data Visualization (75 other apps)
Drag & Drop Interface (99 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (116 other apps)
SSL Security (76 other apps)
Third Party Integration (152 other apps)

GetApp Analysis

Used by institutions, government agencies, and enterprise organizations, Mendix is a powerful platform that transforms ideas into real world applications. Business users in virtually every industry can use Mendix to create digital products and services, with the goal of driving their organizations toward better business outcomes.

Mendix helps its users focus on growth and efficiency by removing the complexities typically associated with the digitization of information. The Mendix platform uses model-driven development, making the process of creating digital applications as straightforward as connecting basic shapes. It also provides business and IT users with a space to collaborate, keeping project criteria and milestones in a centralized location.

A few of Mendix’s most important features include agile project management, visual application development, one-click deployment, and central application management. Enterprise-grade technology hides complexities, but also offers exceptional developer support.

What is Mendix?

Mendix was created to solve the problem of businesses going digital. It is more than just a platform or a software company—it actually helps drive digital innovation, and has already done so for more than 500 companies.

Combining agile project management, visual modeling, and one-click deployment, Mendix empowers teams to build their own powerful apps in a matter of days or weeks, not months or years. Mendix augments existing IT and encourages collaboration between departments. Its deployment models support on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments.

Although there is a rapid expansion of application development tools, Mendix is the only solution to offer a complete platform that drives digital innovation through the entire app lifecycle, from coming up with ideas and collaboration, through planning, building, and even app deployment.

Who is Mendix For?

  • Experience level: All experience levels
  • Industry: Business services, construction, education, energy, financial services, insurance, life sciences, logistics, manufacturing & CPG, media, non-profit, public sector, retail, telecom
  • Business size: Mid to enterprise companies
  • Departments/roles: All departments
  • Budget/point: Tiered pricing starting with a free edition
  • Example customers: Merck, New Balance, ING, Agis

Main Features

Agile Project Management

Agile project management enables Mendix users to stay on top of their development projects. Organizations that use Mendix are able to estimate and plan sprints and future releases, while also monitoring progress using scrum boards and burn-down charts.

You can set up your own project and team using Mendix’s agile project management tools. In addition to capturing and prioritizing user stories, you’re also able to use social collaboration tools for smarter business communication and continually iterate apps through direct user feedback loops.

Visual App Development

One of the secrets to Mendix’s power is its visual app development capability where organizations are able to build omni-channel apps very quickly.

When you use Mendix to manage your development projects, you get access to top-grade developer support. This includes eclipse integration to extend models with code, branching and merging for distributed development and hotfix delivery, version management for models and code, real-time consistency checks, live debugging, and component-based development with app store integration.

One-Click Deployment

Business users can run their applications with a single click while automated provisioning of application environments and developer sandboxes for instant testing are two of the ways that Mendix makes DevOps more efficient.

You can choose between a public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise, and use Mendix’s Build Server API to test automation and continuous integration before your app goes live. You can also run your innovation on any device, including mobile smartphones and tablets.

Central App Management

Mendix offers tools that enable users to manage all of their applications (mobile and desktop), configurations, and resources for a unified, centralized dashboard. This central app management feature includes backups, logging, and monitoring in real-time.

Central app management allows you to build, share and run custom apps without relying on your organization’s traditional IT resources. Not only does this increase organizational agility, but it also unlocks creative potential within the workforce. App environments are configurable to a user’s needs.


Users can integrate with other apps through Mendix’s API. It also supports the open OData standard for ease of bringing data from a Mendix app into other applications for analysis.

Mendix is a member of Cloud Foundry, which is an open PaaS standard for deployment in various private and public cloud environments. (It supports on premise deployment, as well).


Mendix offers tiered pricing. A free edition is available, limited by use. For organizations with more complex needs, the company’s Pro edition starts at $1,250 per month.

Bottom Line

  • Helps companies focus on business growth and efficiency
  • Solves the problem of companies going digital
  • Serves a range of departments and industries, with a focus on mid to enterprise companies
  • Free edition includes everything needed to design and deploy demos and prototypes
  • Supports the open OData standard

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Key features of Mendix

  • Model-Driven Development
  • Multi-Channel, Multi-Device
  • Centralized App Governance
  • Drag & Drop Forms Builder
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Public/Private App Stores
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Mendix helps enterprises, institutions and government agencies to drive digital innovation. Our platform empowers you to bring new products to market, digitize customer engagement, and automate unique business processes.

We do this by:

Open Platform
Using an open model specification, Mendix is the world’s 1st platform to publish application model metadata which helps prevent vendor lock-in. From OData, to APIs and our SDK, you'll have the control and development flexibility you need.
Social Collaboration
Business and IT Collaboration has never been better thanks to Mendix’s built-in social collaboration features. All stakeholders across business and IT will enjoy the control and insight throughout the lifecycle of your project. Keep tabs on your projects and even collect end user feedback.
Multi-Channel, Multi-Device
Provide the great experiences your customers expect across multiple devices (desktop, tablet, mobile) and channels. Our flexible UI framework and templates enable you to create beautiful, responsive interfaces quick and easy.
Visual Application Development
Mendix’s visual model-driven development platform allows you to build even the most demanding business applications with unprecedented speed. Visual modeling brings 6x higher productivity. From simple to the most complex projects, the platform offers exceptional developer support.
1-Click Deployment
Efficient DevOps! Deploy instantly with Mendix’s 1-click deployment. Use the Mendix Cloud or your private cloud with the security and scalability global enterprises expect, or leverage your own infrastructure and run your apps on-premise. Mendix is a proud supporter of the Cloud Foundry Foundation to host and scale your applications on AWS, Pivotal, HP and others.
Central App Management
Manage your applications, configuration and resources from one central dashboard. IT teams can ensure management, documentation, maintenance and security in one place.
Enterprise Integration and Security
Easily integrated with your existing systems such as SAP,, Oracle, FICO and many others and access your data where you need it. Enterprise-grade security will then keep your application and data safe.