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Flight by Canto

Digital asset management & collaboration for marketing teams

4.5/5 (12 reviews)

Flight by Canto overview

Flight is for the creative team that is ready to graduate from basic cloud storage. Teams who are looking to gain greater control over their digital assets.

What sets Flight apart from regular cloud storage is it's visual UI. Users can upload photos, videos, docs or really any file. Photos like JPGs or PNGs and videos files like MP4s are displayed in a scalable gallery. Open PDFs directly from Flight.

Organize files into specific folders and albums. Users with admin permissions can decide which users are allowed upload, edit, write or just read.

If you have content that needs to be distributed to certain team members, set up a portal so that those members can only see certain parts of the system, not all files. Portals can also be used for the Public to only view and download files.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada and 9 other markets, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

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English, Chinese (Traditional), German, Spanish
Flight by Canto screenshot: Login from any browserWhat is Flight? Cloud Digital Asset Management in 2017Flight by Canto screenshot: Upload by drag-n-dropping filesFlight by Canto screenshot: Visual gallery of all of your filesFlight by Canto screenshot: Files are available to everyone or no one, depending on set permissionsFlight by Canto screenshot: Custom branded client portals Flight by Canto screenshot: Access images on Flight from both Wordpress or InDesign pluginsSimplify Team Collaboration with Flight by CantoWelcome to Flight!

Flight by Canto reviews


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Austin Stallard

A great DAM for businesses of any size

Reviewed 2017-04-13
Review Source: Capterra

We have used Canto Flight for about one year, and it really has helped us tremendously in managing and sharing our image assets. The Flight staff were very helpful in helping us get familiar with the product, and are there anytime we need answers. First, the pros: Flight is very easy to use, especially since the last update. Many of the features are self-explanatory, and if they aren't, it's pretty easy to figure them out. Sharing is also very easy, as we can just send a link that expires at a certain time to any customer that requests them. Another great feature is that our Flight catalog syncs with Dropbox, which we use to set up the file structure and organization. This allows us to organize in a local environment, which then uploads to Dropbox, and then to Flight. Also, these syncs happen on the back-end, so you don't have to stay logged in waiting for it to finish. Another tool that we use quite often is the portal feature. This allows anyone who has access to log in and directly download any asset they need from your library. There are many options that allow you to customize how much access these end-users have, and it makes it very convenient when customers are constantly needing new product images. Now, to the cons: most of the big cons were fixed with the latest update, in which the user interface was greatly improved. However, there are still a few quirks that can trip you up. First off, assets are only loaded one hundred at a time. This means that if you are wanting to select all of your assets, it will only select the ones presently loaded on the screen at that time. To solve this, you simply have to scroll down until every image is loaded, and this can take forever if you have thousands of assets. The only other thing that is a little inconvenient is the coloring of some of the confirmation boxes. Sometimes they look grayed-out, or un-clickable, even though you can and should click on them to submit your action. Again, a minor thing, but it can be confusing. Overall, Canto Flight is a great product that uses a very flexible pricing method, and is a very good choice for small-medium size businesses. I would highly recommend it to anyone, and I am sure we will continue using it for years to come.

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Gabrielle Chen

Great product & services

Reviewed 2016-11-29
Review Source: Capterra

We are a government organisation dealing with new migrants and refugees, and have migrated from cumulus to flight for a more flexible and cost effective digital management solutions. My experience with flight has been great, canto offers regular updates and new releases which really strengthen the functionality all the time and their partner Databasics deliver great support and customer services. Since introducing Flight to the organization, it has great streamlined our digital assess management process, solved the problem of large file sharing, and made collaboration with external parties a lot easier than before.

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Melinda Jensen

Easy cloud storage and file management

Reviewed 2016-12-15
Review Source: Capterra

This software solved two problems for us. With a good internet connection, and of our sales team members can now access our library of marketing materials without having to bother with a VPN into an internal drive. In addition, we no longer need an FTP service, as we can send files to vendors and partners directly from Flight. The software is easy to use (no training required). The search is fast. The folder organisation is customizable and pretty standard. It's a handy system.

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Michael G

I feel smarter already

Reviewed 2015-07-27
Review Source: Capterra

We were struggling trying to manage so many DropBox folders and grant access to users who only needed basic access or were working with us temporarily (contractors). We started using Flight to replace DropBox, but found it also helpful for managing all the different versions we were trying to manage via email for approvals. Highly recommended for anyone who works on a team with creatives!

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David Jackson

Major flaws with uploading capabilities

Reviewed 2016-05-04
Review Source: Capterra

Tool is pretty strong as far as basic features, however some major issues: 1. Uploading tool constantly freezes and does not complete uploads. 2. Version control is very limited. You must drag individual files onto previous file profile to update versions otherwise, you just get tons of duplicates. 3. Can't manage folders and files. Managing files and folders is almost impossible. If you create a folder or album and dump files into it, you must delete every file or folder beneath each folder individually to delete the parent folder. You cannot just delete a parent folder and expect the sub-folders and files to be deleted. It throws and error and it's a limitation of the tool.

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Flight by Canto features

Customizable Branding
Drag & Drop Interface
Real Time Analytics
Third Party Integration

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Additional information for Flight by Canto

Key features of Flight by Canto

  • Select specific files
  • Access permissions (role-based, group-based, folder-based)
  • Social sharing
  • Direct links & download links
  • Role-based permissions
  • Universal metadata support
  • Advanced search
  • Keyword management
  • Brand portal
  • Commenting and approvals
  • Interactive analytics
  • Batch upload
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-Experience your photos, videos and docs in Flight’s visual cloud gallery

-No software to install or maintain locally.

-Distribute brand assets and files securely to your entire team

-Version Control of file history

-Accessible from any browser with an internet connection

-Flight's cloud is built on Amazon AWS.

-Easily sync your assets to Flight from Box, Dropbox or Google Drive