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Sailthru overview

Sailthru offers a marketing automation and multi-channel personalization solution for growing businesses. The software provides a life-time view of all customer data, including behavioral data, purchase data and consumer interest data. Sailthru captures both implicit and explicit data from across all channels and touchpoints to build complete, 360-degree customer profiles.

The in-depth customer data provided by Sailthru is turned into actionable insights by providing unique, 1:1 personalized content and product recommendations. These can be delivered across channels, both online and offline, including mobile and social. The results of delivering this personalized content, recommendations and offers is then analyzed and turned into real-time reports presented through the Sailthru real-time dashboard. The Sailthru Smart Data™ reporting and analytics tool provides real-time as well as long-term marketing and customer data and insights.


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Sailthru screenshot: Sailthru's Transactional Email Report - Delivery RatesBusiness Insider Sailthru TestimonialSailthru screenshot: Building reports in SailthruSailthru screenshot: Finding a user in SailthruSailthru screenshot: Automating campaigns and building lists in SailthruSailthru screenshot: Setting email preferences in SailthruSailthru screenshot: List Performance Reports in SailthruSailthru screenshot: Transactional Analytics Report in SailthruSailthru screenshot: Campaign data segmented by engagement level - Campaign report in SailthruSailthru screenshot: Sailthru campaign summary pageSailthru screenshot: Custom query builder in Sailthru

Sailthru reviews

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Mel wilson

Not Bad made job easier!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2019-03-31
Review Source: Capterra

I loved being able to build have everything together and use it simultaneously. I was able to keep track of my customers so much easier.

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A very important tool for a newsletter-focused company

Used weekly for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-12-07
Review Source: Capterra

This software lets our company run all of its newsletters for our various properties, and is extremely flexible in separating out our lists. It's also been helpful for maximizing our send rates and minimizing deliverability issues with the email services providers. Their customer service knows what they're doing, and they often run webinars to help further optimize and use their many features.

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Brenda Monterrey

Great platform but needs improvement in customer service

Used weekly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-11-20
Review Source: Capterra

Ease of use, constant updates, a lot of training and webinars available

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Tobias Walter

Unsatisfied with reliability of product & customer service

Reviewed 2014-12-05
Review Source: GetApp

The feature set seems (and is) very good - split-testing transactional emails; very intuitive email nudge systems; personalized send time; etc. We have experienced almost constant problems with the reliability and bugginess of the product: uploads and downloads get stuck often, reports don't run correctly often, we had (single) incidents where code in subject lines wasn't resolved correctly and even twice that we weren't able to send campaigns for 2-3 days. That's an absolute deal-breaker in my opinion for an email marketing tool, paired with the fact that they are not seeing that as a problem and are not willing to work with you on considerations for their fall outs. It takes their support/sales staff at times week to get back to you.

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Arush Soel

Important for tracking progess of newsletters

Used monthly for free trial
Reviewed 2018-10-15
Review Source: Capterra

Simple and easy to use user interface Formatting display looks with charts and graphs included Gets better results in case of analytics and content managing

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Sailthru features

Real Time Data

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Additional information for Sailthru

Key features of Sailthru

  • Email marketing campiagns
  • Branded email templates and subscription centers
  • Use behavioral data
  • Activation audits and lifetime value assessments
  • Consumer interest data
  • Advanced analytics and marketing strategy support
  • Customer purchase data
  • Lifetime view of customer data
  • Real-time product and content recemmendations
  • Capture implicit and explicit data
  • Android and iOS mobile SDKs
  • Complete 1:1 personalization
  • Targeted social offers
  • Individual device reporting
  • In-feed sign up forms
  • REST API technology
  • Long-term and real-time data analysis
  • Account management and success team support
  • Actionable marketing insights
  • Multi-channel, online and offline personlization
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Sailthru Smart Data™ : This is Sailthru's business intelligence solution that provides actionable, proprietary consumer insights.

360-degree Consumer View: Sailthru utilizes cross-channel data to consolidate user behavior, consumer interest, purchase data and any other key metrics you define to build a lifetime view of each of your customers.

Personalized Customer Experience: Sailthru uses customer data to build 1:1 personalization based on limitless variables and complete interest graphs. Offer individual recommendations, offers and content to each of your customers.

Multi-channel Content: Use Sailthru's Android and iOS mobile SDKs to deliver personlized push notifications and SMS. Serve targeted offers, in-feed sign up forms and specific content to social audiences. Personalize and automate email campiagns.

Account Management: Sailthru provides an integration consultant, project manager, implementation engineer and creative services designer, as well as 24/7 support, training programs and individual courses, an expert analytics team and creative services team for ongoing advice.