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Sarbacane logo

Sarbacane® - Emailing, SMS, automation & conseils marketing

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Sarbacane is an emailing & SMS marketing solution for the most ambitious, who want to succeed and be RGPD compliant.

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Cooperate logo

Marketing Project Management App

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Cooperate is a marketing project management app. The cloud-based platform is designed to help users align marketing & sales, manage global, as well as local, marketing efforts, setup & track goals, & track people, content, assets & campaigns in one place.

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Rannkly logo

Improve brand reputation

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Rannkly is an online reputation management tool that helps businesses shape, redefine, and improve their brand’s reputation

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AdClarity logo

Competitive Digital Ad Intelligence, Desktop, Mobile + Video

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AdClarity is one of the leading Competitive Intelligence SaaS Solutions for Digital Media. With AdClarity you can see which campaigns, creatives and traffic sources (i.e. websites that sell ad inventory) are working best for your competitors, and where they're not cost-effective.

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PathFactory logo

Give your B2B buyers frictionless buying experiences

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PathFactory is a Content Insight & Activation Platform that delivers the on-demand experience for B2B by enabling buyers with the most relevant information at every step of their unique journey.

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TrustSpot logo

#1 Ecommerce app to share real life customer experiences

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TrustSpot helps you collect and display user-generated content including photos, videos, ratings and reviews, and product Q&A.

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Folloze logo

The ABM Sales Platform

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Accelerate Sales With Your Content

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Curata logo

Content marketing & content curation

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Curata provides a content marketing platform that enables marketers to grow leads and revenue with content, including: curation to fuel content engines; editorial calendar and workflow to optimize content creation; and analytics to learn what works and to drive decisions.

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Stackla logo

User-generated content (UGC) platform for enterprise brands

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Stackla is the world’s smartest visual content engine, helping modern marketers discover, manage and display the best influencer and user-generated content across all their marketing touchpoints — from ads and emails to websites and commerce.

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Eilla AI logo

AI Platform for M&A, VC and PE

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Eilla is an AI platform powering the M&A, VC and PE deal workflow. It mirrors highest quality industry professionals to automate mundane tasks and support complex decision-making.

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yawave logo

Java/React-based SaaS user interaction suite

learn more
yawave is a user interaction suite which can be easily integrated via embed code or plugins. It promotes lead generation, fan engagement, content efficiency, awareness and customer experience.

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Letterhead logo

Newsletter management platform

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Optimize newsletters with Letterhead, the all-in-one SaaS platform for managing, creating & monetizing. Streamline email campaigns & drive growth, engagement, and revenue.

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Users also considered

Marketing visualization & collaboration platform

learn more
ATOMIZED is a marketing visualization & collaboration platform designed to help brand & agency teams with staging, planning, and workflow functions

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Marigold Engage by Sailthru logo

Marketing automation for e-commerce

learn more
Marigold Engage by Sailthru is a marketing automation software and multi-channel personalization tool that serves growing e-commerce and media brands. The software allows you to personalize customer experiences on every channel, including email, website, mobile, social and offline.

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SocialFlow logo

Social media optimization platform for brands and publishers

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SocialFlow’s technology solutions measurably improve your Brand’s ability to be successful in using social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. We improve user engagement with your content, and therefore increase the rate at which users take action.

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GetBravo logo

User Generated Video

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Instantly capture video from customers, users and fans - right over the web.

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KickoffLabs logo

Viral Contests, Landing Pages, Popups & Forms for Lead Gen.

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Use KickoffLabs to quickly set up lead capture, viral giveaways, and product launches where fans become influencers! Run these campaigns with dedicated landing pages, pop-ups, or embedded widgets on your own website or domain.

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SnapApp logo

Interactive content creation & marketing

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SnapApp enables users to create interactive marketing content, and integrates with CRM, marketing automation and content management software

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iPaper logo

The digital catalog platform built for retailers

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Digital catalog platform that lets you automatically convert your flat PDFs into a fully interactive experience built to capture tour target audience attention with inspiring and branded content.

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YourShowroom logo

Sales Content Management Platform

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YourShowroom is a holistic content management platform for marketing and sales that enables centralized content design, organization and distribution in a single hub. With the associated “Showroom App”, sales reps have access to all relevant content at any time, anywhere.

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Wobb logo

Influencer marketing platform

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Wobb enables marketing managers to connect with influencers for their campaigns, and provide them with a centralized platform to participate in multiple campaigns, submit their work for review and approval. It facilitates transparent and time-bound engagement between brands and influencers.

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emlen logo

Content creation and engagement monitoring software

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emlen is a content engagement software designed to help businesses create, distribute, and manage sales and marketing content via a unified portal. The platform enables enterprises to build interactive and unique emails, videos, and other types of content with links and attachments to record experiences and engage with B2B buyers.

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Users also considered logo

Cloud-based 3D architecture software

learn more is the easiest-to-use 3D content creation platform in the world. Create customizable 3D visuals of your products in minutes. No 3D skills required.

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Mintent logo

Optimized Content Marketing Platform with Analytics

learn more
Mintent's content marketing platform includes tools for planning, producing, distributing and measuring content. Mintent has the smartest content marketing calendar in the world and proprietary content performance analytics. Integrations with Hoostuite & WordPress facilitates content publishing.

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Moon Boots logo

Web-based and content centric social media platform

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Moon Boots is a private content centric social media platform that allows users to share their ideas, thoughts, and experiences with network of friends and followers. With Moon Boots, you can create and share content in a deeply secure and private environment, without the distractions and noise of traditional social media platforms. Join our community today and discover the power of meaningful connections through shared content.

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