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CHEQ Essentials logo

Prevent Click Fraud in Real-Time

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Protect your PPC campaigns from bots and competitors with ClickCease. Drive better marketing results with cleaner traffic.

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Spider AF logo

Spider AF is your all-in-one Ad Fraud Detection Tool

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Detect, block, and prevent digital ad fraud. Stop fake and malicious clicks from stealing your budget. Simple =JS tag and Google Ads API integration for quick automated real-time blocking. Eliminate fraud and start securing channels to focus your marketing efforts on. Learn more about Spider AF.

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TrueClicks logo

PPC marketing campaign management software for Google Ads

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TrueClicks helps organizations create, launch, and manage pay per click (PPC) marketing campaigns. Designed for Google Ads, it lets users track campaigns, view activities, and configure account preferences to optimize advertisements’ impact and engagement with the target audience.

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Amanda AI logo

Cloud-based display advertising software

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Amanda AI is a cloud-based marketing software that helps businesses automate tasks, such as creating exclusion and remarketing lists and monitoring stock level checks. By automating paid marketing processes on Google, Meta, and Bing, users can optimize daily advertising budgets and create finance lists.

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Adplorer logo

All-in-one system for local online marketing

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Whitelabel advertising platform and agency management system for SMB agencies and multilocation marketeers.

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ClickGUARD logo

Waste Less, Convert More

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ClickGUARD is a fully automated, powerful protection tool that enables businesses to run secure & effective pay-per-click campaigns. The software eliminates unwanted clicks on your PPC ads, cleans up your traffic, and saves your budget for your real audience.

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PPC Ad Editor logo

Pay-per-click (PPC) management platform for advertisements

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PPC Ad Editor is a Pay-per-click (PPC) management platform designed to help businesses across multiple industries create, review and share advertisements, streamline collaboration across teams and set up compliance approval workflows. Its built-in visual ad builder allows content creators to import bulk sheets or Google Ads Editor files to design and edit advertisements, keywords, and extensions using a web browser.

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Similarweb logo

Website & app traffic data analysis

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SimilarWeb is a global multi-device market intelligence company used by hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide, to discover, track, and grow their digital market share

SimilarWeb Pro provides a global view of endless website and mobile app data based on the largest user panel in the industry. The app aggregates all competitor intelligence and makes it completely transparent, helping you to optimize your onsite content and online marketing efforts.

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Fraud Blocker logo

Fraud protection software

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Improve your ROI with an AFFORDABLE click fraud prevention tool. Starts at just $49 with a 14-day Free TRIAL. Don't overspend on a fraud solution. Try ours today.

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Campaign Automator logo

Cloud-based campaign building and automation platform

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Campaign Automator is a campaign management software that is designed for businesses industries including automotive, eCommerce, real estate, and travel. Marketing professionals can update various campaign elements, such as ad groups, keywords, extensions, and languages.

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Optmyzr logo

Tools for PPC Pros

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Don't waste your time on repetitive tasks in Google Ads. Our PPC automation tools are built to save you time! Our tools include a historical Quality Score Tracker, One-Click Optimizations, Custom Reports, and Unique Data Insights.

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SE Ranking logo

An all-in-one SEO platform for agencies and SMB's

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Discover your competitors keywords and ads for paid and organic search with SE Ranking

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Adalysis logo

PPC ads management solution for Google & Bing search engines

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Adalysis makes managing your Google Ads & Microsoft Ads accounts easy and profitable. It's easy enough to use for beginners but has the power expert PPC users require.

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Users also considered logo

Project Management Made Easy

learn more is a cloud-based Work OS, where teams create workflow apps in minutes to run their processes, projects, and everyday work.

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Semrush logo

SaaS solution for online content marketing

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Semrush is a leading online visibility management software-as-a-service platform.

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Google Ads logo

Online advertising solution for businesses

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Google Ads lets you create ads that appear in Google search results for certain keywords in certain regions, driving more qualified traffic to your website.

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Serpstat logo

Cloud-based search engine optimization (SEO) software

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Serpstat helps businesses track, organize, and analyze data related to the performance of websites across various search engines. The keyword research functionality lets users gather and compare trending keywords based on search volume, cost-per-click (CPC), competition level, and other factors.

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Opteo logo

Google Ads management tool

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Opteo is a Google Ads management tool for freelancers & Digital Agencies which makes improvement suggestions backed by statistically relevant data

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AgencyAnalytics logo

The All-In-One Marketing Reporting Platform for Agencies.

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AgencyAnalytics is the all-in-one PPC reporting dashboard that impresses clients and saves time. Connect to multiple data sources & easily create automated, cross-channel PPC reports. Designed to showcase your agency's full marketing impact.

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NoviSign logo

Digital signage for kiosks

learn more
NoviSign Digital Signage is a cloud-based solution which helps businesses in education, communication & restaurant sectors manage content on kiosk devices to promote digital campaigns. It lets users design social walls & slide shows via multiple social media platforms to attract customers.

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SpyFu logo

SEO and advertising research tools

learn more
SpyFu combines SEO, PPC and keyword research and gives actionable advice for improvements to advertising strategy

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NinjaCat logo

PPC & SEO reporting platform for agencies

learn more
NinjaCat is an all-in-one reporting, call tracking, and call monitoring solution for tracking pay-per-click campaigns, SEO, AdWords, and more for digital marketing agencies. The platform provides tools for PPC reporting, budget monitoring, call tracking, campaign monitoring, SEO reporting, and more.

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Madgicx  logo

The 1st AI-backed All-in-one Marketing Platform

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Madgicx is like 7 AdTech products for the price of 1. Instead of looking for multiple point solutions, use a powerful all-in-one platform for Automation Tactics, AI Audiences, Ad Creation, Creative Insights, Bidding and Budget Optimization, and a Strategic Dashboard.

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ReportGarden logo

Marketing Agency Software for Management & Reporting

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Powerful Paid Search Marketing Reporting Tool With Pixel-Perfect Technology

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Wordtune logo

AI-powered reading & writing companion

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Wordtune provides AI-driven rewriting suggestions, and summarizing features to enhance productivity.

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Here's what we'll cover:

Buyers Guide

PPC Software

What is PPC software?

PPC software, or pay-per-click software, simplifies the process of managing online PPC advertising campaigns by assisting businesses in creating and optimizing PPC ads that appear on search engines, websites, and social media platforms when users type specific keywords or phrases. The key features of this software include keyword research, ad performance tracking, budget management, and integration with other marketing systems.

By tracking PPC ads, the software enables businesses to only pay for actual clicks to their websites from potential customers. It also assists businesses in measuring campaign performance and creating bidding strategies to outperform their competitors online.

What are the core features of PPC software?

  • PPC campaigns: Optimize and manage PPC campaigns by automating keyword research, ad creation, bidding strategies, and budget allocation. The software analyzes ad campaign performance data to identify opportunities for improvement while reporting on key PPC metrics such as cost per click and conversion rates.

  • ROI tracking: Monitor and evaluate the return on investment (ROI) for PPC campaigns to ensure efficient use of the advertising budget. ROI tracking allows marketing teams to optimize ad spend by identifying high-converting keywords, analyzing performance metrics, and adjusting bids based on conversion data.

  • Campaign management: Create, organize, and optimize PPC advertising campaigns across platforms. Advertising campaign management ensures targeted PPC ads reach desired audiences by automating keyword research, ad copywriting, budget allocation management, and performance analysis.

What is PPC software used for?

PPC software allows users to create, monitor, and manage their PPC advertising campaigns across platforms, including search engines and social media. However, there can be multiple use cases for the software. We analyzed reviews from users of PPC software on GetApp to identify a few common use cases:

  • Competitor analysis: PPC management software can help businesses identify the most competitive keywords, driving traffic to their websites while keeping an eye on competitors' strategies. By providing valuable insights into organic and paid competitors, their ranking keywords, and the ads they run, PPC software enables companies to optimize their campaigns and target the right customers.

  • Ad targeting: PPC software tools can be used by advertisers to create, manage, and analyze targeted campaigns across multiple platforms, reaching specific audiences based on demographics, interests, and location data. With detailed analytics, businesses can track ad performance, measure effectiveness, and make informed decisions to maximize their advertising budget.

  • Content creation: PPC management software can help creators, marketers, and businesses looking to optimize their online presence by providing valuable data and AI-driven content generation. The software enables users to create engaging and high-quality content and craft SEO-optimized titles and meta content for websites and blogs. 

What are the benefits of using PPC software?

  • Optimizes ad campaigns: A key benefit of PPC software is its ability to optimize ad campaigns. The software ensures ads reach highly targeted audiences at the right time through data-driven insights and efficient advertising campaign management. This helps increase conversions while minimizing costs associated with ineffective marketing strategies or wasted clicks from irrelevant users.

  • Automates the keyword research and selection process: PPC software lets marketers identify relevant keywords that target specific audiences. The automated tools within the platform analyze search trends and competition data, enabling users to make informed decisions about which keywords will yield optimal results for ad campaigns. This process helps save time while enhancing PPC campaign effectiveness and maximizing ROI.

  • Enhances ad targeting through precise demographic and geographic data: PPC software utilizes demographic and geographic data to help businesses reach their target audience. By tailoring ads based on specific criteria such as age, location, or interests, the software ensures PPC campaigns get better engagement and higher conversion rates.

  • Simplifies bid management and cost control: PPC software provides a centralized platform to monitor ad spend, optimize bids, and track ROI. It allows advertisers to set daily or monthly budgets for PPC campaigns while offering data analysis on performance metrics. This ensures marketing efforts are tailored toward high-performing keywords while keeping costs in check.

What are the potential issues with PPC software?

  • Platform policy mismatch: Advertising platforms frequently update their ad policies, features, and APIs, which may affect the functionality or compatibility of PPC software. Businesses should regularly check for software updates to ensure the software remains up to date and compatible with platform changes.

  • Budget mismanagement: Budget mismanagement can lead to overspending and ineffective marketing campaigns. Without proper oversight, costs may spiral out of control or funds could get allocated inefficiently. Such mismanagement could result in reduced ROI and diminished trust from stakeholders who question the effectiveness of their advertising investments. Businesses must prioritize accurate budget management when using PPC software to ensure optimal results and financial transparency.

  • Ad disapproval or suspension: Ad disapproval or suspensions can negatively impact a business's online presence and revenue. Disapprovals or suspensions occur when ads violate platform guidelines or contain inappropriate content, leading to decreased visibility and customer engagement. Advertisers must strictly adhere to platform rules while using PPC software. Otherwise, they risk facing penalties that could hinder their marketing efforts and overall success.

How much does PPC software cost?

Most PPC tools on the market are priced on a "per month" basis, and their entry-level pricing plans range from $16 to $208+* per month. An enterprise product that's priced higher may include additional features such as search console tracking, localized SEO optimization, and unlimited keyword tracking.

*The pricing included is for the entry-level/lowest-priced offerings found on vendor websites as of June 8, 2023.

Which software tools integrate with PPC software? 

Several software solutions offer integrations with PPC software to enhance campaign management, analytics, and keyword optimization. We looked across thousands of reviews on GetApp from users of PPC software to identify products that users frequently mention integrating with their PPC tools.

  • Slack: Slack is a communication and collaboration platform that integrates with PPC software and enables advertising teams to create dedicated Slack channels to discuss PPC campaign strategies, provide feedback, and facilitate ad approval and review processes. Additionally, its file and screen sharing features help team members exchange crucial ad campaign data.

  • Google Analytics 360: Google Analytics 360 is a business analytics platform that integrates with PPC software and enables users to set up, analyze, and track ads. The software can also track user engagement, conversion rates, and other relevant metrics to refine marketing strategies and optimize PPC campaigns.

  • Google Drive: Google Drive is a cloud storage and sharing platform that integrates with PPC software to help users store crucial data related to PPC ad campaigns. The software lets users create multiple folders and organize their advertising assets under different labels. Users can also set access permissions for the files they store on Google Drive to add a layer of security to their data.

  • Trello: Trello is a project management platform that integrates with PPC software and helps businesses manage and plan ad campaign projects. The software centralizes all PPC project-related tasks and lets project leads assign them to individuals while keeping track of task progress.

  • WordPress: WordPress is a content management system that integrates with PPC software and provides seamless tracking and analysis of visitor behavior, including metrics such as bounce rate, time spent on pages, and acquisition channels.

*We identified the five integrations mentioned most often in verified reviews of PPC software published on GetApp within the past two years.

Considerations when purchasing PPC software

  • Analyze the efficiency of keyword research and optimization. Keyword research and SEO optimization are crucial when purchasing PPC software, as they impact campaign effectiveness directly. These features help identify high-performing keywords, reduce cost-per-click while maximizing ROI, and provide valuable insights to optimize PPC ad performance. Ensuring these capabilities can result in more targeted campaigns with better overall marketing results.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of ad creation and management. An effective PPC tool should let you create multiple versions of ad copies and customize your ads based on the device and location of your target audience. Additionally, intuitive management features, such as click-through-rate tracking and cost-per-conversion tracking, help monitor performance metrics efficiently, leading to informed decision-making to drive better results for your PPC ad campaigns.

  • Assess the quality of PPC reporting and analytics capabilities. PPC reporting and analytics features help optimize ad campaigns and identify keyword search trends. They also allow businesses to generate reports showcasing user interests based on their search history. These insights enable marketers to allocate budget effectively and improve ROI by targeting audiences that are most likely to convert. 

  • Determine compatibility with various advertising platforms and networks. A PPC tool that's compatible with multiple advertising platforms and networks ensures seamless integration, maximizes campaign reach, and optimizes ad performance. Additionally, choosing a compatible PPC solution helps avoid potential technical issues related to browser compatibility and network or firewall restrictions while allowing seamless management of multiple channels from one PPC platform.


Products evaluated for the pricing calculation were taken from GetApp's PPC software directory. The pricing ranges exclude freemium versions of the products. The features highlighted were identified based on their relevance and the percentage of products in GetApp's directory that offer them.

Note: This web analytics software buyers guide was authored by GetApp's content team. We develop our guides using the author’s expertise, insights from 2M+ unique user reviews, and our proprietary data science algorithms to identify trends in user sentiment, preferences, and priorities. Some text was generated with assistance from AI tools.