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DoJiggy Pledge

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DoJiggy Pledge overview

DoJiggy Pledge is a cloud-based peer-to-peer fundraising and crowdfunding solution which provides users with customizable, mobile-responsive websites for organizing, managing, and promoting their fundraising campaigns. The software is suitable for nonprofit organizations, community groups, churches, and schools, and can be used for events including walk-a-thons, golf marathons, fun runs, bike-a-thons, cook-offs, community service projects, car wash-a-thons, and many more.

DoJiggy Pledge includes personal fundraising pages for participants, with a built-in control panel allowing each fundraiser to manage and customize their page, add offline pledges, and email their friends. Fundraising thermometers visualize individual and overall progress towards the fundraising goals, and top individual fundraisers and teams are displayed on the homepage. Donors can give one-time donations, or pledge ‘per unit of effort’, where the amount pledged increases per mile, lap, or other unit.

DoJiggy Pledge gives administrators control over event information, fundraising goals, and registrations. Free and paid event registrations can be offered, with customizable registration fees, and money can also be raised through the selling of products such as T-shirts and other apparel, event-specific merchandise, or lunches, and event sponsorship packages. Volunteer registrations can also be managed through the event site. Credit card processing allows donors to pledge or donate online, and individual, team, and general donations are supported. Reports on participants and finances are generated automatically, and can be downloaded.


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DoJiggy Pledge screenshot: A fundraising thermometer and the top individuals and teams are displayed on the event homepageDoJiggy Pledge screenshot: Free and paid registrations are supported, with customizable registration feesDoJiggy Pledge screenshot: Each participant is given their own customizable fundraising pageDoJiggy Pledge screenshot: Site visitors can view a list of participants, and visit their fundraising pages or make a donationDoJiggy Pledge screenshot: General donations to the overall event total are also supportedDoJiggy Pledge screenshot: Various sponsorship packages can be offered and sold through the siteDoJiggy Pledge screenshot: Products, such as apparel and merchandise, can also be soldDoJiggy Pledge screenshot: Volunteer signups can be managed through the event siteDoJiggy Pledge screenshot: Users can manage event information and contact detailsDoJiggy Pledge screenshot: The dashboard gives users an overview of event statisticsDoJiggy Pledge screenshot: Participants' personal and contact details are stored in DoJiggy Pledge

DoJiggy Pledge reviews

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Chris Miller

Great Customer Service and Support

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2019-02-27
Review Source: Capterra

I received terrific customer service and support from CSR. With his help, I was able to launch our school's Read-a-Thon for over 300 students within a week and a half. Starting from scratch from a non-digital pledge system where the kids used paper pledge sheets and collected checks and cash, I had a million questions in configuring the new DoJiggy system. CSR responded to each inquiry rapidly and with great detail--he is a superstar! Some features that I love: *The ability to start with a free trial to test features and then convert that trial to a full account without losing any work I'd done *The data mapping template was easy to use and made import pretty simple *Once the basic info was in the system, pledge pages were immediately ready to use. We have some families who use the generic pages with the basic info we preloaded into all of them, and others who got really into customizing their pages *Reports have been easy to run and the DoJiggy WePay payment processing has been easy to use *Again, customer service & support were the deciding factor for me when evaluating online pledge options. I can't recommend CSR enough.

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Mylien Miyata

Need flexibility

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-12-12
Review Source: Capterra

Since we pay the same amount regardless if we are a first time or returning user we should have flexibility to change the template (not just the color scheme). We also need to be able to filter reports according to our needs vs. running three generic report to meet our needs.quick customer service response

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Virginia Falkner

School Jog-a-thons

Reviewed 2017-01-18
Review Source: Capterra

We use the software for our school jog-a-thon fundraiser. Only the kids who will be collecting pledges online create pages. Some of the features are really good: - the ability to connect to PayPal which is what we use to collect donations online and keeps things all together - the ability to create "teams", which in our case are classrooms, that complete for the most money raised - the ability to have the administrator assign kids to the teams since most people forget to select their teams when they sign up - the ability to create a page template which makes it easier for the kids to start their pages - the tracking software and reports are super helpful - we are able to enter offline (cash or check) pledges as well so we can track the entire jog-a-thon with the software - we are able to create a whole site around the donation software which allows us to get information to the participants especially the leaderboards We do some tricky things that the software cannot handle well: - allowing a donator to make 1 donation that gets split between siblings - allowing a donation to a team without a specific student being selected - sometimes when the donator has issues with PayPal, they will try to enter a donation multiple times and the software counts all of those incomplete donations to the student (they can be manually cancelled by the adminstrator but this creates more work and artificially inflates the students numbers in the short term) Overall, the software has been very helpful and helps us expand our reach for our school jog-a-thon by allowing kids to email the page to relatives or friends that are not local. We have definitely raised more money with the DoJiggy software and it has made it worth the costs for us.

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Nathan Searle

Perfect for an Organization Like Ours!

Used weekly for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-12-13
Review Source: Capterra

We are small, all-volunteer non-profit. We were looking for an affordable alternative to the host site we had used while previously affiliated with a national organization. Dojiggy is much more affordable than the software/service we had previously used. Based on our first event, we found Dojiggy easier to navigate, more user-friendly, and more personally customizable than our previous software, despite being much cheaper. There continues to be a learning curve, but Dojiggy staff are quick to respond and very helpful. There is a very thorough and invaluable FAQ as well. While we find that there are still improvements to be made, our experience has been entirely positive and we feel that Dojiggy will not hesitate to act upon our requests and suggestions. We plan to continue working with Dojiggy and would recommend it to any fundraising organization.Simplicity in editing and using the site for web registration, pledging, and donating.

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Richard Lee

SEA Paddle NYC

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-01-06
Review Source: Capterra

SEA Paddle NYC is one of the premier stand up paddle events in the world. We have used dojiggy as our pledge page for years due to its ease of use for participants. From the organization's perspective the reports and specialized tools are very comprehensive and flexible, it is a great fit for our event and I would give dojiggy a great recommendation. Generally works seamlessly.

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DoJiggy Pledge pricing

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$499/year for 100 fundraisers.
Additional licences for fundraisers are available in packs of 50, 100, 250, 500, or 1000.
A fee of $0.20 per card transaction is added for clients not using DoJiggy Merchant Services.

DoJiggy Pledge features

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Additional information for DoJiggy Pledge

Key features of DoJiggy Pledge

  • Customizable website
  • Online registration
  • Personal fundraising pages
  • Progress tracking
  • Shareable links
  • Offline pledge tracking
  • Personal page control panel
  • Registration fees
  • Minimum fundraising goals
  • Event management
  • Sponsorship management
  • Product sales
  • Email management system
  • Auto-generated financial reports
  • Auto-generated participant reports
  • Confirmation emails
  • One-time donations
  • ‘Per unit of effort’ pledges
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DoJiggy Pledge supports ‘per unit of effort’ pledges which are multiplied for every lap, mile, or other measure, one-time donations, and the addition of offline pledges to participants’ overall fundraising totals.

Each participant is given their own customizable fundraising page, with a personal control panel allowing participants to add offline pledges, email friends, and manage their page.

Users can offer free and paid event registration, with the ability to configure registration fees, define minimum fundraising goals, and control all event, location, and contact details.

Users can sell sponsorship packages at different levels, and sell products to participants, such as T-shirts, water bottles, and lunches.

DoJiggy also offer online merchant services, allowing users to process credit card payments securely online without requiring a third party payment processing solution.