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Workflow management for post-acute care providers

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Brightree is a complete, integrated business management solution designed by a provider who understood the unique workflow of our industry. Brightree is proven to streamline operations and maximize cash flow and profitability.

The core Brightree solution includes billing, inventory management, A/R management, point of sale, marketing management, scheduling, reporting tools, and much more.


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Stacy Hicks

Brightree is the best healthcare software out there

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-10-23
Review Source: Software Advice

I do not work for the company that had Brightree any longer and I truely miss it. The software I use now is awful! (Homecare Homebase)From my past experiences Brightree is the easiest, most user friendly healthcare software available. Each admission is separated so you are not guessing. Information you need is readily available. You don't have to search and search. I love that the cert period is at the top of every page. All physician orders are in a neat, tidy format and can be sent/resent from your PC as well as tagged as received signed by physician all in one place. Visit management is my favorite. It is easy to differentiate between a regular visit and an oasis, and if the visit is open or closed. The order frequency is shown without digging for it and the clinician responsible is clear (all very helpful for the billers). Communication notes are also neat in appearance, in one place and can be filtered. Scanning documents into the system is easy and multiple docs can be scanned at once as separate documents. The medication profile is also neat and easy to configure. Same with the diagnosis profile. The scheduling console is so easy, immediate updating, all the field staff has to do to see their visits is sync their device. New referral input is seamless. As long as you have the information to put in a referral can be complete in minutes. The support that you get with Brightree is outstanding. If there are any questions or issues the staff is helpful and polite, and will have a resolution quickly.

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Jason Colbert, CHPCA

Brightree Hospice software is well worth the investment.

Reviewed 2015-09-30
Review Source: Software Advice

As the Chief Executive Officer of a hospice program, one of my priorities is to select and utilize a software vendor which stands behind their product, proactively researches and implements enhancements ahead of ever changing regulatory requirements, as well as provides exceptional customer service support to our team. Brightree Hospice software not only meets these requirements, they exceed them. The reporting features is one of my favorite components Brightree Hospice offers. It has been a vital instrument in efficiently managing our multifaceted hospice program, which consists of home hospice services, general inpatient and respite care in our freestanding hospice house, medical equipment management, our transitions program, as well as our palliative care program. The Dashboard feature is helpful as it allows me to quickly identify trends in our average daily census, length of stay, etc. Implementation of the software was not nearly as complicated and chaotic as I expected. Each person assigned to our implementation team from the project manager to the Dawn, our on-site trainer, were very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. The entire Brightree Hospice team worked together to insure our implementation was a success. I highly recommend Brightree Hospice software to any hospice program which is not just looking software but a dedicated partner in the successful execution of the clinical, back office, billing, and administrative complexity of hospice care.

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Lisa Martin

Billing Perspective Review

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-02-01
Review Source: Software Advice

My review of the Brightree EMR program is from the billing perspective. I began with this program when it was CareAnyware and transitioned to Brightree and remain a current user today. I am one of the Super Users in our organization and assist with troubleshooting issues and training staff on a day to day basis. This program is a comprehensive clinical, operational and financial system in a web-based environment. The automated billing functionality allows increased efficiency in our office. Electronic patient records provide our agency with the necessary documentation to produce clean claims sent to Medicare and Medicaid as well as commercial insurance companies. This is very important in today's healthcare setting with an increased focus on medical record reviews/audit requests. The billing process is completely automated and is set-up according to individual payor rules including calculation of PPS adjustments and accurate reflection of AR balances which automatically adjust contractual adjustments as well. Auto-posting of PPS remits allows more time to be spent on collections. Finally, most all system updates are performed by Brightree. With the ever-changing regulatory world, it is imperative you have a system that remains on top of these changes, however, small or large they may be. Our agency prides ourself on regulatory compliance and Brightree's diligence in updating their system with the current changes allows us to remain confident that our claims and clinical documentation meet these standards.

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Candice Johnson

Very Pleased with Brightree

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-02-24
Review Source: Software Advice

I am very pleased with the reporting capabilities. Compliance is such a vital part of healthcare. I am able to write reports easily if I need to pull additional data in. We started with Brightree 11/2014 and hit a few bumps in the beginning when our "power users" didn't complete the training and we could only do the basics. We have been pleasantly surprised by the support we have received to understand the capabilities and what drives the data. I have also used Brightree University regularly for step by step instructions that can be printed or forwarded to other employees. I like the continuing changes that make the iPad and the desktop version more parallel to each other. I also like the Bereavement Mailing tool which draws information regarding family relationships so the letter is more personal. I am very happy with our current Account Manager who is VERY supportive and will step in after one email. I am excited that the program can do so much and the future enhancements will be very beneficial.I like to be able to pull a wide variety of reports with a few keystrokes. Our quarterly meeting with our Account Manager is terrific. We can get help with useful tools and find out whats coming next.

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Amanda Lawrence

Best homecare software yet!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-02-17
Review Source: Software Advice

I've been using Brightree for a few years now (since it was called CareAnyware), with two different homecare agencies. I absolutely love how the staff seem to be up-to-date on rules/regulations and, as such, make sure our clinicians have the most accurate documentation as possible. Being able to document against a patient's Care Plan is definitely HUGE plus. Unlike some other homecare software companies, clinicians cannot close (complete) their documents until all required fields, such as the Care Plan, have been filled out. I'd have to say my favorite part of Brightree would be order compliance. Visits cannot be scheduled unless a frequency order has been written & it helps clinicians see if they had too many or too few visits. Another favorite part of the software is the ability to track orders properly. As it is a large part of my job, being able to see when an order was written, sent, received, etc is awesome. As far as I'm concerned, Brightree is the perfect fit for our needs as a homecare agency! Compliance!

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Auditing (266 other apps)
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Monitoring (201 other apps)
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Reporting & Statistics (268 other apps)
Third Party Integration (251 other apps)
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  • Brightree is your end-to-end billing and business management
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Brightree's cloud computing model allows us to seamlessly connect your core operations with best of breed applications such as eClaims clearinghouses, document imaging solutions, ePurchasing, and point of delivery handheld applications. Brightree can also allow you to easily outsource your patient and commercial billing.

Brightree is your end-to-end billing and business management solution! More than 22,000 users at 1,200 providers across the USA process over $5B in claims annually via Brightree.

Brightree offers daily private, online demonstrations of our product. Contact us to schedule a demo of Brightree to see how we can reduce your DSO by 20% or more!