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Finale Inventory

Cloud-based inventory management for growing businesses

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Finale Inventory overview

What is Finale Inventory?

Finale Inventory is an intuitive cloud-based inventory management system that is easy to use while designed to scale to the demands of a growing business. Handle all stock movements from purchasing through to sales.

From the ShipStation inventory management integration, QuickBooks integration, and Kitting (Product Bundling) feature, Finale offers a comprehensive solution for multi-channel ecommerce retailers. Finale Inventory makes it a snap to manage inventory across all the marketplaces (e.g. eBay, Amazon, Magento) products are sold. Prevent overselling and receiving negative reviews by having Finale sync inventory stock levels backs to selling marketplaces. Additionally, Finale can support 2 Million products and 1/2 millions orders / month for high volume customers.

For warehouse distribution companies, Finale offers a solution that is second to none. Finale Inventory offers a comprehensive out-of-the-box barcode solution that doesn't require a small team of expensive integration consultants to get everything up and running.

Finale Inventory supports many barcode configurations - whether users print their own labels, or use the manufacturer applied barcodes, use serial numbers, product IDs, lot IDs, pre-printed barcode labels, or generic sequential barcode labels - Finale has it covered. Finale also includes lot id tracking, serial number tracking and multi-location support.


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Finale Inventory user reviews

Value for money
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John Roman

Great product, but more importantly, great leadership!

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2021-02-06
Review Source: GetApp

The software works exactly how it was intended to! Working with Finale leadership to setup our customization was a breeze! Great product and a great team!

I have nothing negative to share about this product! Love Finale!

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Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Blythe Haney

Finale has improved everything in our company

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2021-02-09
Review Source: Capterra

Finale was introduced to our company after a long, tedious process of finding and then trying to implement another IMS (Fishbowl). I was skeptical of the great reviews and claims from other users since I had really been put through the wringer by another company during implementation. After going through a demo and poking around a bit, I was sold. Importing all of the data was a breeze, the user interface is intuitive and for me, the best part is that if I did hit a snag, I could be on a screen share with a Finale rep in no time and they would patiently walk me through it. I'm not exaggerating when I say Finale made everything better. It has transformed the way we do business by allowing us to manage our inventory accurately across multiple sales channels and provide a better experience for our customers.

Finale implementation is quick and pretty simple. We use it with ShipStation and the learning curve was practically non-existent because it's so intuitive. Importing data is just a matter of copying and pasting a spreadsheet into their import tool. This makes adding and updating products/customers/vendors/etc. a breeze. I also generate invoices from Finale. We have pretty long production lead times on the majority of our products so predicting stock outs is very important to us and we can trust Finale to calculate that information correctly. The basic reporting is good but the ability to customize existing reports or create your own is excellent. Most importantly, their level of customer service is absolutely top notch.

We did have some hiccups with marketplace integrations but we able to work with Finale to create workarounds that have been fine.

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Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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cameron larsen

Is slower than God

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2020-07-25
Review Source: Capterra

Was pretty easy to use, although cumbersome with all the screens you have to use to add on product, cannot add inventory from the item page, so quite a few unnecessary clicks there. Also goes into negative inventory which for us means when there is an error we have to manually reset items to zero, would be nice if there was an option to just have inventory go to 0. Also be nice if it has a seasonality feature for ordering, like we need more of this widget for winter etc.

It stalls out constantly, no matter the browser no matter the computer, especially on weekends basically unusable, and by the time email support gets back to you it is better again, but they never admit an issue or offer a fix or apology.

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Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 1/10

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Craig Chambers

Have multiple sales channels? Finale works!

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2021-02-19
Review Source: Capterra

Overall I have to say one of the most impressive experiences with Finale is its people. It's a small group of people who work personally to help you get set up and learn the system. They know their stuff, are professional and friendly. It really is like they are a part of your own team. Their customer service is fantastic, they respond quickly and can get you moving in the right direction right away. You get the feeling that they want to help you be successful.

The software is impressive because it works. Our previous inventory management software would have "glitches" sometimes it didn't sync our five sales channels so we were constantly experiencing inventory issues. That stopped with Finale and our numbers have been spot on since. One thing that makes Finale a winning choice for us is that it integrates with Square which we use for POS in our brick and mortar store. Finale keeps our store, website and internet marketplaces inventory synced in near real time.

I have to force myself to come up with things I don't like about Finale. But if I could have a wish list, I would like it to automatically sync new products every few minutes like it does with inventory rather than nightly. Although, you can manually initiate the sync. A little more automation with sales channel associations and expected product cost would be nice too.

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Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Joe Cushing

A Hidden Gem

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2020-01-23
Review Source: Capterra

Since its inception into our business, Finale was incredibly easy to use, simple and straightforward. With an excellent support team and support documentation, we were set up in less than a single day. After that we barely had to get in touch with support, as the self administering factor of Finale is what makes it so great.

Finale is incredibly easy to use and provided our company the ability to scale up by using additional features of the product over time. Our inventory is always spot-on as the integrations with various merchants and other software is excellent.

The only issue we hold with Finale is their lack of support for iOS and iOS browsers. One could easily integrate the standard browser interface into Finale with some changes and allow those who have an iOS or Mac-based environment be able to use their existing hardware with off-the-shelf scanners.

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Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Finale Inventory pricing

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Bronze: $99/month or $999 annually
Silver: $275/month or $2750 annually
Gold: $449/month or $4490 annually
Platinum: $649/month or $6490 annually
Custom: Contact Finale inventory.

No long-term commitments. No set-up or hidden costs.

Finale Inventory features

Data Import/Export
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Inventory Management
Inventory Tracking
Real Time Data
Reporting & Statistics
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GetApp Analysis

Finale Inventory is an intuitive cloud-based inventory management system that is easy to use while designed to scale to the demands of a growing business. It removes the complexity of inventory management and easily handles all your stock movements, from purchasing to shipping your orders.

Finale is an ideal inventory solution for wholesalers, distributors, warehouse management, multichannel eCommerce sellers, and many other types of businesses. Key features include order management, barcode systems, inventory management, stock take, lot tracking, shipment tracking, and many third-party eCommerce integrations. QuickBooks inventory management and QuickBooks stock control make Finale Inventory an ideal solution for businesses that already have order management records entered into this accounting software, as well.

What is Finale Inventory?

Finale Inventory eliminates the complexities typically associated with selling on multiple online marketplaces. The cloud-based inventory management software seamlessly handles incoming and outgoing orders, and it works with businesses to simplify all aspects of eCommerce operations.

Using Finale Inventory for purchasing, inventory control, shipping, and order fulfillment, companies should be able to consolidate orders for streamlined processing. A number of third-party integrations allow for the centralization of orders and inventory when businesses sell on multiple channels, including Amazon, eBay, and the most popular shopping carts.

Who is Finale Inventory For?

  • Experience level: All experience levels
  • Industry: Manufacturing, retail, eCommerce, and distribution industries
  • Business size: Small businesses, mid-size businesses, enterprise businesses
  • Departments/roles: All departments
  • Budget/point: Starting at $99 per month
  • Example customers: StrongerRX, GoVacuum, Rayno Windown Film, Miami Restaurant Supplies

Main Features

Order Management

Order management software typically encompasses all of a business’s dealings with its suppliers and clients or customers. Whether a business focuses on the purchasing side of the interaction, the sales side of the interaction, or both, Finale Inventory has the tools available to create sales orders and POs, generate invoices, create quotes, track records, send shipment, and receive shipments from purchase orders.

The reorder functionality allows you to set reordering thresholds for each product to avoid stock-outs, and quickly calculates what needs to be ordered for any given supplier to save you valuable time creating the purchase orders.

Wireless Mobile Barcode Systems

Finale’s custom scanner software works with any Windows mobile barcode scanner to allow warehouse workers to perform operations quickly with fewer errors. Functions such as receiving, picking, conducting stock takes and stock transfers are quick and easy. After they’re finished, simply sync from the scanner to Finale making the changes available to everyone.

You can leverage existing UPC codes to simplify the set-up. If the products do not have barcodes, Finale can generate custom ones that meets your needs.

Stock Auditing Capabilities

You can quickly audit and understand any stock discrepancies with the new stock history reports, which is helpful because it can be arduous to understand who did what when many users make stock changes (such as purchase order shipments, stock transfer, stock changes, stock takes, and sales orders shipments).

All stock history is tracked by user and timestamp, which allows you to easily investigate any order or warehouse worker issues that might arise. Finale makes it easy to get you the data you need to take the appropriate action.

Lot and Serial Number Tracking

Finale Inventory allows you to create and track your products via batches, lots, or serial number. It ensures clear traceability of your products and makes it easy to track per-product information from receiving to shipping.

Manufacturing Builds

Finale makes it quick and simple to create finished products. Its Build module extends the end-to-end processes with specialized capabilities for manufacturers, wholesale distributors and others that need to assemble products or perform basic manufacturing activities to fulfill orders.

As finished goods are built, Finale automatically deducts component items from your inventory and alerts you when it’s time to re-order, or when there aren’t enough components to finish an assembly.


Finale Inventory offers an API, based on REST principles, that developers can use to extend the service or integrate it with other third-party applications. Finale Inventory also offers integration with QuickBooks.

New integrations with third-party accounting, CRM, and shipping applications are being added to Finale Inventory on a rolling basis.


Finale Inventory uses a subscription-based pricing structure. The company’s most basic plan, the Small plan, costs $99 per month. A Standard plan costs $199 per month. Companies that are interested in Finale Inventory’s largest plan, the Enterprise plan, can call for specific pricing information. Free trials are available, as well.

Bottom Line

  • Inventory management tools adapt to meet the needs of businesses
  • Real-time inventory syncing with channels such as Amazon and eBay
  • No long-term contracts, just month-to-month service
  • Integrates with QuickBooks
  • Flexible system handles special requirements

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Additional information for Finale Inventory

Key features of Finale Inventory

  • Integrate with ShipStation
  • Ecommerce inventory management
  • Packing slips and bill of ladens
  • Product kitting
  • Lot / batch tracking
  • Multiple pricing tiers
  • Lookup / record inventory by scanning by UPC barcode
  • Amazon FBA support
  • Bulk import
  • Fexible picking & packing options
  • Dynamic reorder calculations
  • Automatic updates
  • Reordering functionality
  • Builds for light assembly or manufacturing
  • Accounting integration
  • Application integration
  • Assignment management
  • Auditing
  • Barcode scanning
  • BOM (bill of materials) for manufacturers
  • Data syncrhonization
  • eCommerce integration
  • History tracking
  • Inventory tracking
  • Invoice management
  • Barcode label printing
  • Logistics management
  • Multi-channel management
  • Multi-location
  • Order management
  • Permission management
  • POS
  • Square POS Integration
  • Purchase order management
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Quote management
  • Real time data
  • Receiving
  • Returns management
  • Sales reporting
  • Search functionality
  • Shipping management
  • Summary reports
  • Supplier management
  • Third party integration
  • Traceability
  • Transaction history
  • Purchasing management
  • Data import/export
  • Serial number tracking
  • Barcode support
  • Custom fields
  • Inventory replenishment
  • Sales order
  • Stock management
  • Restock forecasting
  • Filtered views
  • Replenishment orders
  • Reporting & statistics
  • Monitoring
  • Document management
  • Multi-warehouse management
  • Inventory management
  • Data migration
  • Customer management
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Centralized Inventory Tracking

Sync both offline and online orders in one central location. For online sales, Finale will sync with the user's shopping cart (e.g, Volusion or Magento) and marketplaces (e.g. Amazon and eBay) via the ShipStation inventory management integration. For offline orders, Finale will sync Square POS orders. Prevent overselling and receiving negative reviews by having Finale sync inventory stock levels backs to the Amazon, Woocommerce, Magento, and other popular shopping carts and marketplaces in near real-time.

Easy Migration From Excel (or other inventory management systems)

Finale Inventory was designed to accommodate companies that used Excel as their initial inventory management tool and need to migrate to an inventory management system to support their growing business.

Multi-location Support

- Monitor inventory levels by location
- Receive or pick inventory at each location
- Quickly transfer products from one location to another

Easy Customization (because each company is different)

Whether it's adding custom fields in a master product list, customizing purchase or sales orders, or customizing reports for a user's exact needs, Final Inventory makes it easy to customize the software.

Lightning Quick Search / Filter Capability

We designed the software with speed in mind. We want users to spend time leveraging Finale to make data-driven business decisions as opposed to seeing the loading spinner and waiting for results to return.

Extensive Shipping Capabilities

Final Inventory has extensive packing and capabilities which goes beyond the basic operation of printing a pull sheet, picking the products and shipping the package.

Case Packing Functionality

Finale Inventory give users the ability to track case stock items separately from open stock. This makes a complex task of sending a case to the wholesaler and an individual unit to a retail customer a straight forward operation.

Extensive Reporting

Finale Inventory comes preloaded with 20+ common inventory, purchase, sales, and accounting reports. If users do not see a report that meets their exact requirement, Finale has a feature akin to Excel pivot tables that allows users to create custom reports to match their exact need.