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Calendly logo

The world's #1 meeting & appointment scheduling platform

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Integrates with Greenhouse, Responsly, PerfectApps, …

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Google Calendar logo

Web-based time management & calendar application

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Integrates with Greenhouse,, Telenotes, …

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UKG Pro logo

HR, Payroll, Talent, and Workforce Management

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Integrates with Greenhouse, Asurint, Workleap Onboarding, …

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Access PeopleHR logo

Straight-forward cloud-based HR software for SMBs.

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Integrates with Greenhouse, Recruitive, Google Workspace, …

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Honeit logo

Interview Collaboration for Recruiting, Hiring & Research

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Integrates with Greenhouse, Loxo, Zapier, …

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GoodTime Hire logo

Stop scheduling interviews, start building relationships.

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Integrates with Greenhouse, Codility, inspace Visitor Management, …

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inspace logo

Workplace Platform: Transform any office into a smart one

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Integrates with Greenhouse, IFTTT, Microsoft Azure, …

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Prelude logo

Platform designed to streamline recruitment processes

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Integrates with Greenhouse, BlueJeans Meetings, CoderPad, …

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