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Arena Solutions enables companies to design, produce, and improve innovative products quickly. The Arena product realization platform unifies PLM, QMS, and ALM. Our proven solution allows every participant throughout the product design and manufacturing process to work together. With Arena, teams accelerate product development and delivery to increase profits. Our customers deliver products that change the world.


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Michelle Lee

PLM Project Mgr

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-09-23
Review Source: Capterra

I have implemented Arena PLM over the years. The basic PLM information is easy to create and control. The new features and functionality always make for a centralized location for all information on Products in all lifecycle phases. Supplier access allows seamless communication for critical changes incorporation to product lines throughout various product lifecycles. Change Order/Deviation/ Corrective Action Request interface for contract manufacturer to collaborate actions to take on factory floor with critical actions for inventory dispositioning, for material planning and procurement. Centralized location for compliance documentation associated to items within a product. Workflow for Change Orders and Change Requests. Redlines for all Change Order controlled revisions on BOM's. The system is easily modified for unique requirements per company policies. Cloud application eliminates maintenance and hardware requirements which reduces IT cost. Incorporation of best business practices for the release and controlling all product data. New enhancements make this PLM a gem in a fast pace industry.Ease of use and all the features to control changes of product lines. On cloud enhancements and maintenance done by software provider. Many ways to make this software

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Arena Solutions

Control Your Product Development

Jeff Sinn

Arena is a FANTASTIC solution for the small to midsize company

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-06-28
Review Source: Capterra

Ability to manage the product record and collaborate with supply chain partnersIn the startup environment with fewer than fifty employee Arena is simple to deploy, maintain, and exceptional for collaborating with key supply chain partners. Arena's ability to scale with the growth of the company and our expanding supply chain is critical to our success. As the company evolves and grown to more that 200 employees, Arena can evolve and keep pace when your business model. The ability to add additional features such as Quality, speaks well for the capability of the Arena Solution to grow.

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Arena Solutions

Control Your Product Development

Roget Ratchford

Proud customer for fifteen years

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-10-11
Review Source: Capterra

For a decade and a half the various modules and services of Arena PLM have been at the hub of my engineering activities. At multiple companies and across several industries this software has been able to deliver powerful, enterprise level cloud-based lifecycle management solutions in a reliable and user friendly manner, and I am amazed by the quality of support. As far as I'm concerned, Arena is one of my core suites in ANY venture, the one quantity I can depend on because it just *works*.The sheer flexibility and ease of use, combined with a low barrier to entry and learning curve. Combine that with both desktop and mobile accessibility and you have a best-in-class offering.

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Arena Solutions

Control Your Product Development

Yuliya Lukyanenko

Easy to use, very user friendly software.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-02-16
Review Source: Capterra

I use the software since 2014 and I love it. As I already mentioned, it's super user friendly and it takes no time to work comfortable with it. I contact support service few times and received the feedback in less then 24 hours. I like that developers listens users inquiries and improve Arena in new releases. Also it's very important that they provide webinars before software updates and send video that Administrators can share to all users.

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Arena Solutions

Control Your Product Development

Bradley Clark

Great for planning an expansion without risking huge CapEx.

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-11-27
Review Source: Software Advice

Overall this is a really great product. The high level actions are easy to understand, and there are even graphics that can be used as specific inputs and outputs so that a presentation can have products rather than widgets. Also, the negatives of the strange statistical anomalies really are not a big deal. An experienced operations manager or engineer will know what to pay attention to and what is noise. This program's biggest upside is its ability to provide a testing ground for potential upgrades, expansions, or new factories, facilities, etc. without needing to spend huge dollars on a physical pilot or building or the labor cost of a time study or statistical analysis from a Black Belt or other highly paid employee

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Arena Solutions

Control Your Product Development

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The $89 per user per month rate is a blended average based on our most typical Arena PLM account configuration, which includes various license types at slightly different costs.. Customer configurations vary and Annual subscription required.

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Arena Solutions Pricing Reviews

  • Approval signature flow works very well. Analytics is very powerful, but of course it comes at extra cost
  • Visibility on key information that we need and ease in the set up of new account for access . Turn around time is short and approval process is easy to manage
  • Ease of use and all the features to control changes of product lines. On cloud enhancements and maintenance done by software provider. Many ways to make this software
  • The sheer flexibility and ease of use, combined with a low barrier to entry and learning curve. Combine that with both desktop and mobile accessibility and you have a best-in-class offering.
  • Spellcheck. Minimal issues
  • No historical record on pricing and Arena pricing could only keep the price of one source , does not allow weighted cost for dual or multiple sources .
  • The notification emails are too frequent and can be very cryptic as one learns the system. There is not bulk permissions update, so when vendor has a new person come on board, that person has to be manually added one-by-one to every Engineering Change Order they need to view.
  • There are a couple of feature enhancements that I've been waiting for a while now, but I also recognize that 1) there are workarounds for those missing elements that are functional, just not pretty and 2) Arena support has shown a clear track record of listening and responding to customer feedback, so I'm fairly confident I'll see those new addons someday.
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Arena Solutions features


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Bills of Material
Multiple Projects
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GetApp Analysis

For manufacturers and engineers, accurately tracking a product’s lifecycle is integral to success. Unfortunately, many manufacturers use simple spreadsheet software to track processes, with limited transparency for some team members and even less visibility for suppliers.

Arena Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) offers a cloud-based solution to the engineers, internal staff, and supply chain partners who have a vested interest in the lifecycle of a product. From concept to product support, Arena PLM can help businesses of all sizes get products to market. With a variety of modules to fit different business needs, Arena PLM can help with everything from purchasing to bill of materials control.

What is Arena Solutions?

With more than 70,000 users around the globe, Arena PLM strives to make collaboration and tracking easier for engineering and manufacturing firms of all sizes. Through Arena Exchange firms can add supply chain partners to give them up-to-date information on product creation and production. Users have control of bill of materials and change management through the app, with the flexibility to meet a variety of businesses’ needs.

Arena PLM centralizes bill of materials, giving users the ability to view purchase orders, promised receipt dates, and cost estimates based on purchase transactions. By using this software, businesses of all sizes can avoid missed deadlines, supply chain under-utilization, and numerous production failures due to poor planning and miscommunication. By putting Arena PLM into practice, businesses will provide a central point of information for everyone involved in the process, preventing costly errors.

Who is Arena Solutions for?

Arena PLM is recommended for organizations with between 15 and 2,000 employees. Everyone within an organization can benefit from the app, although it is most suited for engineers and those who work in operations.

Users in all industries are benefiting from Arena’s products. However, the company sees the most usage in organizations that specialize in high tech, consumer electronics, life sciences, consumer products, transportation, and industrial.

Main features

Bill of Materials Management

Bill of Materials (BOM) is an important part of any product manufacturing process. BOMControl helps businesses manage their item masters, approved manufacturers’ and vendors lists, and documents in files in one central location. This is the core Arena product, removing outdated spreadsheet-based products with a powerful tool for organizing item production.

Advanced search options make finding suppliers and parts in BOMControl easy. The app also offers side-by-side comparisons to let users compare multiple products to find the best one to meet their needs. Datasheets can be attached to each product to give a detailed description of that item.


All allowed team members have access to in-depth information on each item in the BOM, including any notes that have been entered by others. These notes can give fellow users insight into a product’s specifics, including any defined issues with those products. All communications are centralized in one place to ease the process of providing high-quality customer service.

One of the best features of Arena’s products is that it provides businesses the ability to add access to outside parties. In addition to internal staff, data can be shared with suppliers, contract manufacturers, and partners to give up-to-date information on every product. This means everyone involved will always be working with the correct information, avoiding costly delays due to misunderstandings.

Change Management

As a project progresses, engineers often need feedback from the team. Managing multiple email requests can not only be counterproductive, it can also keep some members of the team out of the loop on what others are requesting. Arena PLM documents all requested changes and their corresponding actions in the system to help both team members and engineers track requests.

Making things even easier is Arena’s voting system, which presents changes to team members and asks them to approve, reject, or comment on them. To keep projects moving along smoothly, Arena sends reminders to team members who have not yet voted to remind them their input is necessary to proceed.


For most businesses, managing multiple projects and associated resources is a daily challenge. Arena Projects automates the process by giving users the ability to input projects and manage them in one central location. Through Arena Projects, leaders can assign tasks to specific team members and track the progress of those tasks.

The project module also allows team members to view up-to-date progress reports on all tasks. By connecting the product record to the product schedule, users can gain insight into the overall progress of a project. Over time, this visibility will allow businesses to realign their strategies to be more effective in bringing a product to market.


Through Arena PLM’s reporting module, businesses can gather information on the change lifecycle of any production process. The report will include all submitters and approvers, as well as the turnaround time for each approval. This information can help a business gain insight into the change process in order to pinpoint any slowdowns or bottlenecks.

Once complete, the report will appear in the user’s dashboard, where it can be downloaded and opened in Excel. This information can then be distributed to other team members.


Arena PLM works with a variety of the top purchasing, ERP, inventory management, and accounting tools on the market. Data in Arena can be exported to a business’s existing databases to ensure all data is where users will be searching for it.

Among Arena PLM’s many integrations are NetSuite, SAP Business ByDesign, Microsoft Dynamics, QAD, and Expandable. With NetSuite, data can be integrated in both directions, ensuring both Arena and NetSuite have the latest information. Data can also be exported to SAP Business ByDesign to prevent the need to duplicate efforts, saving time and expense.


Businesses with more than 25 employees pay an average of $79 per month per seat. This is a blended average, based on the typical Arena account configuration. Depending on the configuration requested by a business, this pricing may vary. An annual subscription is required to use Arena.

For businesses with less than 25 employees, pricing is based on configuration. Arena will work individually with each business to find a pricing model that works with its budget.

Bottom line

  • Automates product lifecycle management
  • Bill of Materials tracking allows businesses to easily find information about products
  • Project management gives managers the ability to assign and track tasks
  • By adding outside vendors and suppliers, businesses can keep everyone up to date
  • Compliance tracking means audits will progress more smoothly

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Key features of Arena Solutions

  • BOM management
  • Compliance Management
  • Change Management
  • Demand Analysis
  • Supplier Collaboration
  • Quality Management
  • Document Management
  • Item Management
  • Project Management
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Supplier Collaboration
  • API


Arena invented Cloud PLM over a decade ago enabling engineering & manufacturing teams with their extended supply chains to simplify bill of materials and change management for companies of all sizes. Arena’s cloud PLM applications have over 70,000 global Arena PLM users who have affected 2,000,000 change orders, 6,000,000 design files and 20,000,000 item records.