Pump It Up With These 5 Apps for Personal Trainers

May 24, 2017

If you're a trainer feeling weighed down by paperwork, a personal trainer app might be just the thing you need to lift your spirits.

Suzie BlaszkiewiczSenior Analyst

If you're a personal trainer with a slew of clients under your weight-lifting belt, you're probably starting to feel the pressure of keeping those clients organized. From workout plans to payments, meal tracking to making schedules, balancing your tasks can soon feel heavier than your 250 lb bench presses. If you're a personal trainer feeling weighed down by your paperwork, a personal trainer app might be just the boost that you need in order to fuel your burgeoning personal training empire.

What does a personal trainer app do?

Personal trainer apps can help independent or gym-based trainers manage their client rosters in every aspect of the training process that doesn't involve the gym floor. They're made to help with the logistical side of a personal trainer's job, with functions that include:

  • Scheduling clients to avoid conflicts

  • Tracking client progress to give tailored recommendations

  • Nutritional and exercise templates

  • Mobile apps where clients can access workouts and progress reports

  • A payment portal where clients can pay for their sessions

The idea is to streamline processes so that both the personal trainer and the client benefit from tailored programs, improved communication, and better results.

What are the best personal trainer apps on the market?

Based on functionality and user reviews, I've put together a list of 5 of the best personal trainer apps.


PTminder is the top reviewed personal trainer app by users. It comes with scheduling, client management, workout, and meal plan features for both independent and gym-based trainers. It's streamlined interface is accessible both on the web and through its iOS and Android apps. With its mobile apps:

  • Clients can book themselves into classes and get automated text reminders notifying them of their training session or upcoming classes.

  • Trainers can set up packages and sessions for clients to sign up to.

  • Clients can make payments for their training sessions via credit card or direct debit.

According to one reviewer:

"I have a small or business and also run fitness classes from home. I also work in a large gym part time contracting. Pt minder has more features than the software we use at the gym. It has taken my business to a whole new level and ease of use is fantastic. When I'm out doing fitness classes in the community I can access my database through my phone and do things immediately. The finance software is an added bonus. All in all its worth it's weight in gold!"

Pricing: The Free plan is good for new trainers, with access for 1 trainer and 2 clients and all the features available in every pricing plan. The next price point is $39 a month for unlimited clients and multiple trainers, with an additional $10 per month per trainer. The enterprise plan, which runs at $75 a month, allows for custom branding.


Trainerize is another popular app for personal trainers among reviewers. Tailor-made for online personal training, the app offers a ton of features from client engagement to client management, and even business growth in the online training space.

  • Client engagement includes setting up training plans and having a messaging system between trainer and client.

  • Client management lets you monitor client activity and client files, as well as attach images as progress reports.

  • Business growth includes payment options via Shopify, PayPal, or Stripe, as well as marketing materials available that include linking social media profiles, video materials, and custom branding.

If you're part of a gym that's already using other software, you can integrate Trainerize with apps including MINDBODY, MailChimp, and Zapier.

Says one reviewer:

"I have been using Trainerize for nearly 3 years and would highly recommend it to any fitness professional. Building workout programs is simple and makes running the business much easier, while at the same time giving me the edge to not only expand but deliver personalized programs and RESULTS for my clients. It has been the driving force behind my online product and puts me head and shoulders above other personal trainers in my area[…]"

Pricing: The Free plan gives an unlimited amount of trainers for 1 client, with access to online workouts and its mobile apps. The Pro plan costs $18 a month for up to 15 clients and includes a custom branded website, while the Studio plan is $54 a month for up to 200 clients and access to a custom branded mobile app.

My PT Hub

My PT Hub is another top choice app for personal trainers to help them stay organized while keeping their clients in check. From inputting client data, choosing tailored workout and nutritional plans, getting users set up with mobile apps, and tracking client progress with visual charts and photos, My PT Hub takes trainers through the entire client management process.

  • Scheduling features help to create workout plans, schedule appointments, and assign clients their workouts and meals.

  • Create training packages and accept one-off or recurring payments, as well as collecting and storing billing and invoicing receipts.

  • Create your own unique app logo to brand your personal trainer business or use your gym's branding.

If you think you might have trouble setting yourself up with personal trainer software, many users have noted My PT Hub as offering great customer service.

One reviewer says:

"I signed up to My PT Hub just over 2 months ago and I can honestly say it's awesome. It has really helped me step up my business, but more importantly I have now managed to add another 15 online clients. I had one question for their support team and within minutes, my questions was answered via their online chat."

Pricing: The Free plan is good for 2 clients, 10 workout and nutrition plans, a free custom URL, and free client monitoring. The Unlimited plan is $10 for unlimited clients, workouts, and is fully featured.

PT Distinction

PT Distinction is a personal trainer app that's ideal for online coaching. With branded apps for Android and iOS, integration with your website and email, as well as training videos, meal plans, and scheduling, PT Distinction helps trainers stay organized and grown their own branded business.

  • Create groups for training programs, sessions, or questionnaires and send things out to multiple clients at once.

  • Create a membership site from your website to grow your business through email marketing and payment portals, as well as marketing training from industry experts.

  • Use custom forms to store customer data including medical analysis and consent forms, as well as client progress charts and reports.

One reviewer notes:

"I use this software to offer a higher priced package to my Bootcamp clients and for my purely online clients. The groups feature combined with the fact that I can add extra coaching via email, video PDF or text makes it stand out massively for my needs. On top of that the fact that it can be completely customised and branded with my stuff is very important. I also really love the exercise videos and the fact that I can add my own without the need for YouTube and the distractions that brings for my clients! When needed the customer service has always been very fast and helpful."

Pricing: PT Distinction starts at $19.90 per month for 3 clients, with additional clients free for the first month and then $6 each. The Pro plan is $60 a month for 25 clients, and additional clients for $6, while the Master plan will cost you $80 for 50 clients and $1.60 per client per month after that. All plans come with same day email support.

Total Coaching

Total Coaching is a web-based personal trainer solution for trainers, nutritionists, and teachers. It allows trainers to create workout plans, meal plans, and communicate with their clients on the progress of their program via instant message, which is accessible through an iOS and Android app.

  • It includes a catalog of 3D-animated exercises, as well as a database with over 25,000 foods for clients to be able to track calories.

  • You can track client progress, or your own business' performance, with custom graphs.

  • If you're a trainer at the gym, you can brand the app with your gym's own branding.

Says one reviewer:

"I love this software because it saves me so much time when creating programs for my clients. It's easy to view how each client is doing each week, their comments, and if they need any changes. I always get rapid replies from the developer to any software issues. The app is easy to use."

Pricing: Starts at $49 a month for up to 21 clients and 3 trainers. Additional clients are $3 each.

Still looking for apps for personal trainers?

  • Take a look at this checklist to make sure that you're looking for the right set of software features.

  • Check out our software category page for other personal trainer software options.

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