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Mar 20, 2020
Project Management

3 Top-Rated Project Management Apps for Team Collaboration

Remote teams need tech that fosters efficient project management and team collaboration for successful project outcomes. Here are three top-rated apps that could help.

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Successful projects imply business growth. If businesses have inefficient project management processes and are not focused on improving organizational capabilities, they’ll see weaker project outcomes and eventual failures.

To avoid and mitigate project failure, you need to understand the factors that lead to weak or failed project outcomes. These include inadequate preparation and planning, poor collaboration and communication, and a disregard for warning signs.

Start by ensuring that each project has specific goals that are quantifiable and measurable. These goals must be realistic, time-bound, and aligned to overall business objectives. 

However, even with clear goals in place, if your project teams and stakeholders are not aligned on the goals and collaborating effectively, outcomes will suffer. Team collaboration is as essential as goal setting and progress tracking for successful project outcomes.

The good news is that there are tools that can help you manage projects efficiently and support team collaboration through it. 

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3 top-rated project management apps for team collaboration

In this article, we’re looking at three top-rated apps for team collaboration (presented alphabetically below). We’ve selected these apps based on the features they offer, their overall rating, and the number of reviews on GetApp. Find the detailed methodology at the bottom of this page.*

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Asana: Break big projects into manageable tasks

Asana is a cloud-based solution that offers team collaboration and communication features that help with project and task creation, task prioritization, goal and milestone tracking, task assignment, status reporting, and more.

Here are some useful features in Asana for project management and team collaboration:

  • Prioritize daily tasks using the “my tasks” feature and use the timeline to show the team how different projects fit into overall company goals.

  • Create project boards and star projects, people, and tags for visualization and management.

  • Set project permissions and assign project members and followers. Break projects into tasks and subtasks, add goals and time frames, and upload project-related files or attachments. Categorize a group of tasks or tag similar tasks into groups.

  • View the complete history of tasks and project-related updates in the activity feed. Be notified about changes in projects and tasks via the Asana inbox and email notifications.

  • Track time with the built-in time tracker tool, Harvest. Gather and share results on a project’s progress with the team.

Asana to-do list to manage workload screenshot

User feedback trends

Based on an analysis of reviews on GetApp, here’s an overview of general user sentiment:

  • Reviewers like that they can coordinate across multiple locations, reducing the time spent on face-to-face meetings, conference calls, and commuting.

  • Users like the personalized calendar view with color-coding for quickly visualizing workloads.

  • Users say Asana’s real-time reminders and alerts help them stay on track with their assignments and deadlines.

  • Some users mention that the ability to tag people in comments improves communication.

  • Some users feel that the interface could be simpler and that it takes some time for new users to get used to.

Who should consider Asana?

Asana is well-suited to businesses that have teams that are spread across different time zones and locations and working on the same projects. It’s ideal for midsize to large organizations, as it enables managing an unlimited number of projects simultaneously.

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ProofHub: Track time and due dates to deliver projects on-time

ProofHub is a cloud-based collaboration and project management solution that provides project planning, workflow management, task scheduling, deadline tracking, and time tracking.

Here are some ways you can use ProofHub for project management and team collaboration:

  • Set start and due dates for tasks and provide time estimates for each task to avoid overruns. Track actual time spent on tasks using a built-in timer and record it on timesheets for accurate billing.

  • Use Gantt charts and Kanban boards to visualize project plans, create task workflows, and track task dependencies. Modify charts and boards by moving tasks via drag-and-drop functionality if deadlines shift or task requirements change.

  • Create discussion topics for sharing important updates, project ideas, relevant files, and documents with participants to collaborate and keep them updated. Archive these discussions and pin highlights for easy reference.

  • Use project roadmaps to see project milestones and burn-up charts to compare completed work against the total work to be done. Use insights to adjust project plans for on-time delivery.

ProofHub Gantt charts to plan project workflows screenshot
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User feedback trends

Based on an analysis of reviews on GetApp, here is an overview of general user sentiment:

  • Reviewers find the tool user-friendly for streamlining and organizing tasks. They like the functionalities for making company-wide announcements, creating to-do lists, and chatting in groups.

  • Users like that they can track time, generate reports on overall project progress, and tweak workflows to get things done in optimum time.

  • Some users like ProofHub’s Gantt charts and Kanban boards for tracking project timelines and tasks.

  • Reviewers feel that the tool’s integration options are limited, restricting its capabilities and making it less scalable.

  • Some users report wanting more customizability of the content approval process and the ability to manage document access to collaborate with external stakeholders.

Who should consider ProofHub?

ProofHub is suited for smaller teams that wish to manage simple projects with few requirements or teams that lack technical expertise. 

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Trello: Make work management visual and comprehensive

Trello is a cloud-based app that offers visual task management. It allows organizations to manage tasks, share updates, and communicate across teams. 

Here are some ways you can use Trello for project management and team collaboration:

  • Stay updated on projects with the project board. Drag-and-drop contacts onto your board to collaborate with them.

  • Add cards (which represent tasks) to the board, tag other members, create checklists, and add labels and due dates. Upload file attachments and collaborate on them.

  • Receive in-app, email, or mobile push notifications to stay updated about projects and tasks.

  • Use dedicated email addresses to reply to Trello cards without opening the app.

Trello task status dashboard screenshot

User feedback trends

Based on an analysis of reviews on GetApp, here is an overview of general user sentiment:

  • Reviewers report positive experiences with Trello’s task boards, task labeling, and commenting features, as they feel these boost collaboration and idea-sharing within teams.

  • Some reviewers say the tool offers quick implementation, registration, and workflow setups with cards, checklists, and notes for reference.

  • Several users say that the tool is user-friendly and doesn’t require much training for new users.

  • Some users report the need for a flexible and customizable notification scheduling feature.

  • Users would like to be able to navigate through the long list of ideas and information on each card by simple toggling. 

Who should consider Trello?

Trello is suited to smaller teams for managing simple project workflows involving a few stakeholders. Larger teams may find it difficult to manage complex projects and workflows that have many stakeholders.

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Next steps

This article offers comparisons of tools that make SMART project management and collaboration easier. To learn more about such tools, check out the following links: 


  • We conducted secondary research of posts that featured project management tools, which produced a list of 39 products. (research conducted on March 13, 2020)

  • Out of those 39 products, we narrowed the list to the seven products that were most popular based on search engine results (excluding software vendor page results) on Google.  

  • We then evaluated these products based on their overall rating, number of reviews on GetApp, and their feature offerings. We selected the top three products that offered features for collaboration and project management and had an average rating of 4+ and 40+ reviews on GetApp.

  • The “user feedback trends” section for each product is based on an analysis of feedback (for the feature discussed) from users who left reviews on GetApp.

  • Additional information in the article is compiled from vendor websites and other secondary sources, wherever mentioned.

NOTE: The content in this piece that provides opinions and points of view expressed by users does not represent the views of GetApp.

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