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Nov 03, 2016

What Is Jobvite: A Guide to the Recruitment App and Its Integrations

What is Jobvite? We take a close look at recruitment software, how much it costs, its integrations, and what other users think of the app.

Karen McCandlessAnalyst

Recruiting the right talent is key, but something appears to be broken with companies' hiring processes. According to Gartner's 2016 CIO Agenda Survey, 22 percent of CIOs see skills and resources as the number one barrier to their success, yet 7 percent report "personnel/workforce" as close to the top of the list of things they disliked most about their job.

This doesn't just apply to enterprises; small businesses need to rethink their recruiting practices too.

One way to enable companies to overhaul their hiring strategies to attract top talent is to implement cloud-based recruitment software. One such solution is Jobvite, notable as it not only topped our Applicant Tracking Category Leaders for Q4 2016 but also racked up a near perfect score for integrations.

Here, we take a closer look at what Jobvite is, how much Jobvite costs, its integrations, and what other users think of the recruiting software.

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What is Jobvite?

Jobvite identifies itself as a social recruiting system that harnesses the power of analytics and reporting to provide better insight into candidates and hiring processes. It also includes a recruitment CRM, video interviewing capabilities, social referral programs, and onboarding functionality.

The Jobvite platform encompasses six different elements:

  • Jobvite Refer: A tool that allows your employees to easily share job opportunities across their social networks as well as send private interview invites to candidates.

  • Jobvite Engage: A talent sourcing tool that enables you to find candidates more easily by scanning potential prospects across communities and job boards, such as LinkedIn and Indeed.

  • Jobvite Hire: An applicant tracking solution that comes with configurable workflows, a searchable candidate database, resume parsing, and advanced candidate reporting and analytics.

  • Jobvite Video: An on-demand video recruitment solution that allows you to weed out unsuitable candidates while saving both you and the candidate time and money, as well as allows more people to give feedback on interviews.

  • Jobvite Brand: Allows companies to create fully-branded, SEO-friendly career sites online, on a mobile app, and across social networks.

  • Jobvite Onboard: A tool that helps keep your employees up to speed by providing a new hire portal that can be personalized according to location, role, and responsibilities.

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How much does Jobvite cost?

After scouring Jobvite's website for the product's pricing, it seems that this information is only available through a sales rep, no matter what the size of your company is. A post on Quora suggests that Jobvite costs $400 per month for companies that have up to 80 employees with a $1,200 activation charge. This information is from 2014 so it's likely prices will have changed since.

If you are interested in implementing Jobvite, we recommend you contact the company to get the most up-to-date information. The app does offer a free trial if you'd prefer to get your feet wet first before making a decision.

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What do the users think - Jobvite reviews

One important resource when looking to implement or switch your business software is the opinions of other users - both positive and negative - which is where GetApp aims to help. Jobvite scores 4.08 overall.

The applicant tracking system is particularly popular with small businesses, as most reviewers working for companies with less than 200 employees rate Jobvite as excellent or very good.

According to Jobvite reviews on GetApp, its pros include:

  • Easy to learn

  • Excellent customer service

  • Personalized templates

  • Ability to keep all recruitment information in one place

Greg Curran, Director of Production for The American Wedding Group, says: "Jobvite is an excellent way to organize everything about your recruitment campaign and allow you to be able to always access it from any computer at any time. It is easy to learn and use and the support is excellent! The way you can run recruitment can mirror a similar marketing campaign."

Jobvite's cons include:

  • Not user friendly for searching and reports

  • Needs more customization

Lisa Herz, University Recruiting Specialist at IXL Learning, says: "Overall, Jobvite does what it needs to do, but there are no extra bells and whistles. Outdated UI and not very easy to customize. Reports are not very helpful either."

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Top Jobvite integrations

Making sure that your recruiting and HR software integrates with the rest of your technology stack, such as your accounting software, CRM app, or IT management system, is crucial to the smooth running of your business. Jobvite integrates with 40 percent of the most popular apps on GetApp, with some top names such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook highlighting its social nature.

The app is strong in HR integrations, working well with popular software in this category including:

Another category with strong Jobvite integrations is IT management, as the software works well with Bitium and Workato. Other important integrations include NetSuite and SocialChorus.

Our users have also expressed their opinions about Jobvite integrations.

Josh Emkes, HRIS Analyst, describes Jobvite as being "integration friendly."

Lucy Denis, Senior HR & Recruitment Executive at onefinestay, says: "We have also synced Jobvite to a recruitment calendar so we can view who's in when at a glance."

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Next steps

Jobvite is just one option for a recruitment system, but it's important to shop around before making any decision. As a next step, we recommend checking out:

This article was originally published in June 2016 and has been updated.

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