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Complete retail order management & point of sale

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Ordorite overview

Ordorite is a retail order management solution for supply-to-order retailers that integrates in-store and online sales and stock to help improve end-to-end business processes, management & reporting, and reduce operational costs. The platform offers a wide range of flexible features designed for fast-moving companies, allowing users to efficiently capture business processes and assist in strategic decision-making.

Ordorite allows for efficient sales processing with features including an integrated point of sale system, multiple store and franchise setup, customer detail / sales history, promotions and discount controls, and more. Purchasing features include container and purchase order management, forecasting and stock replenishments, budgeting, multi-currency, and exporter management.

Production and shipping features enable users to add items to a production schedule, track and import batches produced, estimate packing requirements, prepare packing lists, and track delays and changes to key dates and quantities. Delivery and logistics features help manage the delivery of stock for better control of delivery dates, as well as route planning, delivery truck management, and more.

Ordorite enables organizations to manage all stock from a single source. Users can add and categorize new items and upload product images, trace stock movements with a stock ledger system, create and manage stock locations, and more. Integrated data analytics dashboards show KPI points with customizable charts and graphs, including business intelligence reports with heat maps and customer profiling, and a variety of other analyses and reports.


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Ordorite features

Activity Dashboard
Customer Database
Customer History
Customer Loyalty Program
Gift Card System
Real Time Data
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Key features of Ordorite

  • Gift card management
  • Layaway management
  • Ordering automation
  • Gift card management
  • Mail order / catalog
  • Purchasing
  • Retail management
  • Merchandise planning
  • Retail analytics
  • Touch screen
  • Customer account profiles
  • Loyalty program support
  • Returns tracking
  • Pricing management
  • Real time stock
  • Management reporting
  • Integrate instore and online sales
  • Advanced algorithms
  • Target marketing
  • Customer data
  • Business intelligence integration
  • Integrated Point of Sale
  • Support for digital signature pads
  • Support for POS spool printers
  • Business Dashboard reporting
  • Dynamic reports (e.g. heatmaps)
  • Advanced stock replenishment reporting
  • Customer profiling and analysis
  • Production schedule module
  • Item tracking
  • Integrated promotions functionality
  • Sales targets reporting
  • Performance and growth analysis
  • Delivery logistics, planning, & scheduling
  • Support for collections and store take-away
  • Support for multiple stores/outlets, users, and user types
  • System permissions
  • Integrated search functionality
  • Customizable lists and filtering
  • Sales processing
  • Purchasing
  • CRM
  • Finance management
  • Warehouse management
  • Stock & product catalogue
  • API
  • Integration with accounts systems
  • Budgeting
  • Multi-currency
  • Barcoding / mobile scanning
  • View customers balances, activity history, notes, orders
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With Ordorite, sales staff can work with customers, both new and existing, to manage orders and payments, and plan everything from deliveries to custom purchase orders

Sales Managers can report on daily and accumulating sales, process cancellations and returns, and monitor all ordering activity and payments.

General managers have access to a suite of reports from all aspects of the business, enabling them to examine the profitability of items, ranges, departments, stores, promotions, and more.

Odorite enables deliveries to be planned in advance and the locations of items and their component boxes identified.

Orodite is a enterprise system that scales to millions of data points, with custom features that can be developed for specific needs, streamlining the customer experience.