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Sales productivity platform with built-in AI

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Cien overview

Cien is a sales productivity software that offers small and medium-sized businesses an intelligent platform from which to measure, analyze and predict sales activity. Incorporating artificial intelligence (AI), ROI tracking technology and a user-friendly interface, Cien aims to deliver a simple sales productivity solution. Operating as a mobile web app, Cien affords users the flexibility to check sales information and gain customized sales advice on the move from any laptop, tablet or mobile device.

In order to enhance sales productivity, Cien equips users with automatic forecasting, ROI tracking, and individual feedback functionality. With its integrated AI engine, Cien allows users to identify sales patterns and forecast sales results. Through team sentiment analysis, Cien enables users to measure intangible productivity factors such as team mood, work ethic, and closing ability.

Cien employs personalized screens for reps, managers and executives to obtain valuable information and advice on a daily basis, and features planning tools and a mentor module to assist users in determining sales actions. With individual feedback support and built-in ROI tracking, Cien also enables users to recognize opportunities for improvement and view investment progress.


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Cien screenshot: Implement team sentiment analysisCien screenshot: Commit to sales actions using Cien MentorCien screenshot: Access sales information from any smartphone, tablet, or laptop

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Cien offers 2 price plans.

Annual plan: $39 per user/month
Monthly plan: $49 per user/month

Cien features

Activity Tracking
Real Time Data
Sales Analytics

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Additional information for Cien

Key features of Cien

  • Data encryption
  • Secure data storage
  • Security & encryption
  • Performance metrics
  • Productivity reporting
  • Real time data
  • Real time monitoring
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Pattern recognition capabilities
  • Feedback management
  • Activity tracking
  • ROI tracking
  • Planning tools
  • SSL security
  • Password management
  • Pipeline tracking
  • Sales action management
  • Pipeline management
  • Resource allocation
  • Action planning
  • Tailored screens for reps, managers & execs
  • Team sentiment analysis
  • Productivity metrics
  • Machine learning technology
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Cien provides tailored screens, allowing reps, managers and executives to gain daily sales information and advice.
Cien facilitates team sentiment analysis, enabling users to measure the human factors that impact sales including team mood, product knowledge, and work ethic.
Cien provides automatic forecasting functionality serving to help users identify sales patterns and predict sales results.
Cien offers a mobile web app, permitting users to access sales information and receive sales advice at any time from their smartphone.
Cien utilizes machine learning technology, providing users with the tools to adapt their application to suit the specific needs and requirements of their business.