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ClinchPad overview

What is ClinchPad?

ClinchPad is a cloud-based sales management software for small businesses and helps in sales pipeline management, contact management, and reporting. The product is positioned as an alternative to traditional CRM systems and offers an intuitive user interface as well as other features such as filters, charts, dashboards and notifications.

ClinchPad helps users to manage all sales pipelines from a single point and supports visualization of the sales pipeline. The software allows users to track and filter leads in the sales pipelines, identify bottlenecks in the sales process and centralize all sales operations. The tool helps in communication between the sales teams by integrating Gmail mailboxes to the CRM system and attaching all relevant emails to the respective leads. Users can also add meetings, emails, and calls made to a lead as well as delegate sales operations to other team members. ClinchPad offers dashboard and reporting features to track daily updates, search the sales funnel and analyze sales operations. The product generates sales activity reports that provide metrics and insights on sales operations based on geographic zones, products, date range and other parameters.

The software integrates with a number o​f third-party applications including MailChimp, Olark, Campaign Monitor, Google Drive, Google Calendar and Zapier, among others. ClinchPad is targeted at small businesses and has over 1000+ customers including UNIGLOBE Travel and Intelligent Netware.


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ClinchPad screenshot: ClinchPad helps to delegate sales operations to team membersClinchPad IntroClinchPad screenshot: ClinchPad helps to manage contacts and organizationsClinchPad screenshot: ClinchPad helps users to manage sales pipeline and leadsClinchPad screenshot: ClinchPad helps users to track dealsClinchPad screenshot: ClinchPad integrates with Gmail, Google calendar and Google Drive, among othersClinchPad screenshot: ClinchPad offers sales dashboard and reporting featuresClinchPad screenshot: ClinchPad provides instant notifications whenever there is an activity in the sales pipelineClinchPad screenshot: ClinchPad's dashboard feature provides a single view of all sales operations

ClinchPad reviews


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Christine Fabbio

The easiest sales tool that any business will ever need

Reviewed 2013-09-19
Review Source: Capterra

I loved the visual interface and simple pipeline based lead tracking that is offered by clinchpad. It was so easy to setup that within minutes I was up and running the sales for my company. I have to say that after trying so many sales tracking tools, I was impressed by their simple, clean, and intuitive interface. I have now been using this for over 3 months and have moved to their paid plan. Never for once since I started using clinchpad have i thought of switching. I would highly recommend ClinchPad for any business.

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Greg Warden

Sales lead tracking has never been simpler

Reviewed 2013-09-19
Review Source: Capterra

I was able to setup within minutes and their free 100 lead plan allowed me to complete freedom to review the tool. I was using spreadsheets for sales tracking and this tool was like a godsend for my company. Highly recommended!!!

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ClinchPad pricing

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Bronze (ideal for individuals): $9/month

1 user, 2GB storage, unlimited leads.

Silver (ideal for small businesses): $19/month

5 users, 5GB storage, unlimited leads.

Gold (ideal for large businesses): $49/month

15 users, 10GB storage, unlimited leads.

Platinum (ideal for enterprises): $99/month

33 users, 20GB storage, unlimited leads.

ClinchPad features

Activity Dashboard
CRM Integration
Contact Database
Data Import/Export
Sales Reporting
Sales Tracking
Third Party Integration

Activity Tracking (78 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (63 other apps)
Collaboration Tools (63 other apps)
Contact Management (85 other apps)
Customizable Templates (65 other apps)
Lead Capture (63 other apps)
Lead Management (82 other apps)
Real Time Data (69 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (80 other apps)
Sales Analytics (76 other apps)
Search Functionality (83 other apps)
Workflow Management (62 other apps)

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Additional information for ClinchPad

Key features of ClinchPad

  • Regular data backup
  • Team collaboration
  • Contact management system
  • Sales CRM
  • Filter leads in sales pipeline
  • Centralized document storage
  • Attach emails to leads
  • View leads in the sales pipeline & assign users to leads
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Create notes such as minutes of meeting
  • Instant notifications
  • Sales reporting
  • Deal tracking
  • 256 bit SSL security
  • Integrates with third-party applications such as MailChimp
  • Sales dashboard
  • Import contacts from CSV files, Excel or Google
  • Daily activity reports
  • API
  • Collect data using custom fields
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● ClinchPad is a C​loud-based alternative to traditional CRM systems and offers features such as sales pipeline management, lead assignment, sales team management and reporting.

● The product helps to manage all stages in a sales pipeline and has a centralized email inbox and online contact manager to store, manage and share contacts online.

● The software integrates with a number of third-party applications such as MailChimp, Zapier and Wufoo, thereby expanding its sales operations and CRM capabilities.

● ClinchPad offers dashboard and reporting functionalities that provide actionable insights and help to track progress in deal closing.

● The tool offers a centralized contact management system to store customer information and helps to organize and group leads based on sales channels or geographical zones.