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Audio-Visual Guidance to your Website

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Toonimo overview

Toonimo humanizes the web user experience with engaging digital walkthroughs. The SaaS platform enables organizations to add an overlay of human voice and customized graphical coach marks that engages visitors, showcases key offers and guides users through website funnels. Toonimo offers a comprehensive analytics dashboard in order to track user engagement and conversions. Driven by an intelligent decision engine, Toonimo personalizes the web user experience, encourages self-service, increases conversion rates and improves user engagement.

Organizations are constantly struggling with the ongoing challenges of high customer service costs to provide support to their online users and losing out on potential sales revenue due to complex online processes. Toonimo enables organizations to increases sales, reduce customer support costs and personally guide users through complex online sales processes, onboarding a user (e.g. first time visitor to a new platform) or completing a form.

Toonimo simplifies the user experience with a digital concierge-like walkthrough experience. The visitors experience the website as if someone is sitting next to them and personally guiding them on how to complete a form or use a product or platform. Toonimo does this by adding an overly of human voice and graphic annotations. Our patent pending technology analyzes the page in real time, and constructs natural language sentences accordingly.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada and 5 other markets, Europe, Germany, Japan, Latin America, United Kingdom

Supported languages

Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish and 22 other languages, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Taiwanese, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian
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Toonimo reviews


Very good

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

A very good demo/walkthrough software

Reviewed 2018-04-03
Review Source: Capterra

If Toonami's feature set is what you are looking for, it is actually a VERY nice tool. Super easy to use. In a very short time, almost any user would be able to create very good interactive tours of a site. My one caution on the tool is understanding if it has the right feature set for your needs. The tool is not as simple to extend features as other tools.Toonimo is a very simple demo/walthrough software that even the most inexperienced user could use to develop very effective and crisp tours for their site.

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Audio-Visual Guidance to your Website

Scott Axcell

Simple, Effective, Fast

Reviewed 2015-02-05
Review Source: GetApp

We have a great product, but it can be difficult to explain its unique advantages succinctly on our site in the few seconds that a casual visitor spends browsing. With Toonimo's help we have been able to do this, and as a result have seen conversions increase by 30%. From our initial conversations with Toonimo it was clear that theirs was an innovative solution which required very little work on our end and it seemed cost effective from the get go.

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Audio-Visual Guidance to your Website

Sari Holtz

Great service, cool product

Reviewed 2015-02-13
Review Source: Capterra

Working with the Toonimo team has truly been a pleasure. The team is both eager and willing to suggest new ideas to us, and to implement ours, even when it's technically difficult or different than expected. Most importantly, our contacts are extremely responsive and available to us which has made it easy to get things done in a timely and comfortable way.

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Audio-Visual Guidance to your Website

Ben David

Easy to use. Great support

Used weekly for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-07-14
Review Source: Capterra

I been using Toonimo tool for 3 months. really satisfied with the product. The product improved my conversion rate in the website

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Audio-Visual Guidance to your Website

Toonimo pricing

Pricing options
Free trial

Toonimo is a SaaS product. We work with you to customize a plan to fit your specific business needs and volume and to ensure you get cost effective results. Custom plans are available on a cost per usage or unlimited usage for our top tier customers.

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      Toonimo features


      Access Control (38 other apps)
      Activity Dashboard (55 other apps)
      Automatic Notifications (53 other apps)
      Content Management (58 other apps)
      Custom Forms (46 other apps)
      Customizable Branding (79 other apps)
      Customizable Templates (74 other apps)
      Data Import/Export (49 other apps)
      Discount Management (38 other apps)
      Drag & Drop Interface (54 other apps)
      Electronic Payments (56 other apps)
      Order Processing (38 other apps)
      Product Catalog (52 other apps)
      Reporting & Statistics (38 other apps)
      SSL Security (40 other apps)
      Search Functionality (52 other apps)
      Social Media Integration (37 other apps)
      Third Party Integration (78 other apps)
      eCommerce Management (49 other apps)

      Competitor Feature Comparison

      A/B Testing
      Event Tracking
      Order Tracking
      Performance Reports
      Text to Speech
      WYSIWYG Editor
      Learn moreCompare App
      A/B Testing
      Event Tracking
      Order Tracking
      Performance Reports
      Text to Speech
      WYSIWYG Editor
      Visit WebsiteCompare App
      A/B Testing
      Event Tracking
      Order Tracking
      Performance Reports
      Text to Speech
      WYSIWYG Editor
      Learn moreCompare App

      GetApp Analysis

      When web visitors are bombarded by a dizzying array of features, they have the tendency to retreat. Toonimo is a web-based application that acts as a pathfinder for visitors, helping to showcase key features and decrease website drop off. Using a combination of human voice overlays and custom graphical coach marks, Toonimo guides online visitors through the most important features in a website and provides assistance when necessary.

      Designed for any organization with complicated sales and onboarding processes, and products, Toonimo is used most frequently by airlines, telecoms, insurance companies, SaaS firms, and electronics stores. The cloud-based platform uses patent pending technology to analyze webpages in real time and construct natural language sentences.

      What is Toonimo?

      Toonimo improves the user experience for website visitors through the use of guided digital walkthroughs of key features, which personally explains how to take advantage of important features, such as online bill paying or service update tools. Businesses can also use Toonimo to help their customers understand how to order products through their websites or download new software platforms.

      The digital walkthroughs that Toonimo generates can improve the overall web user experience and help visitors get some of their more basic questions answered before they reach out to customer service agents for personalized support. Toonimo also benefits businesses by reducing website bounce rates and increasing conversions.

      Who is Toonimo for?

      • Experience level: All experience levels
      • Industry: All industries, including telecom, retail, travel, insurance, financial, transportation, education, and technology
      • Business size: All business sizes
      • Departments/roles: Customer service, sales, marketing, IT
      • Example customers: Amazon Webstore, Cellcom, Royal United Mortgage

      Main features

      Human Voice Walkthroughs

      With Toonimo, visitors experience websites as if an instructor was sitting alongside them and guiding them through the experience. Turning text into speech, human voices can be set up to personally explain to online visitors how to complete forms or use digital products.

      Toonimo allows you to add an overlay of a human voice to the pages of your website where visitors are experiencing the most frustration. For example, if you’re noticing visitor drop off on your checkout page, then that might be a good place to add a human voice.

      Graphical Annotations

      Graphical annotations are another way that Toonimo guides visitors through complicated web experiences. Using circles, arrows, and other graphical imagery, the app draws attention to the areas of a webpage that visitors need to focus on.

      Using Toonimo’s WYSIWYG editor, you can create and edit your own user guides. Toonimo’s editor includes a script management tool and graphic design elements, allowing you to seamlessly break down individual web pages and processes into easy-to-follow instructions. Graphical annotations are designed to work on mobile and tablets, as well as desktop computers.

      Behavior-based triggers

      Toonimo’s decision engine is able to process inputs from multiple sources. This enables it to trigger a range of outcomes to visitors when they click onto an organization’s website.

      The SaaS app can process information from web pages, visitor locations, and external sources through its own API. Using Toonimo, you have the ability to configure the experience that each of your visitors will see depending on real-time journey information.


      Toonimo’s platform has A/B testing capabilities built in, allowing users to generate detailed performance reports based on the effectiveness of the guided scripts they have created.

      Prior to the implementation of your walkthroughs, Toonimo encourages you to predefine key data points like engagement, website sales, return on investment, and event tracking. You can export the data and integrate it with your existing reporting system at any time.


      Toonimo works on any website, app, or platform. The company offers an API for users.


      Bottom line

      • Uses human voice to walk visitors through complex online processes
      • Ability to personalize details such as names, bill totals, and services
      • Reduces website bounce rates and increases conversions
      • Fills the gap between self-service and agent-service
      • Suits all industries, including telecom, retail, travel, insurance, and financial

      Videos and tutorials

      Additional information for Toonimo

      Key features of Toonimo

      • Audio-Visual Walkthroughs
      • Text Bubbles Walkthroughs
      • Custom-built messaging
      • Behavior based triggers
      • Complete Analytics Dashboard
      • Fully adaptive for Mobile
      • Seamless integration
      • A/B testing for different scripts
      • Editor
      • Full multilingual support
      • Custom graphic annotations
      • Human Voice
      • User Personalization


      Reduce support costs

      Guide users through complex funnels

      Improve user engagement

      Drive conversion rates and upsell

      Improve customer experience

      Increase sales and revenues

      Encourage self service

      Onboard new subscribers

      Increase customer retention

      Introduce new features