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Make Online Learning Easy – Review of TalentLMS

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 12 December 2012

Setting up a learning course for your employees or customers is a lot of work. TalentLMS feels it offers a simple way for you to develop a program of study and an attractive platform for your students to take it. I've encountered some pretty ragged looking training sites when I've taken classes online. I'm looking forward to checking this out.

Setting Up A Course And Administering It Is Complex.

Coming up with the content of a course is hard enough. In addition you need to make it available on computers and mobile devices in a usable, appealing set-up. Figuring out which individuals are taking the training and if they are absorbing the content makes it a complicated job requiring several different talents.

TalentLMS review

Make Online Learning Easy To Set Up And Easy To Use.

If you offer online training to your employees, customers or other group members, you want a platform that makes it easy for you to set it up and easy for your students to access. You want to know who is taking the classes and how they are doing with learning it. The goal of the TalentLMS site is to bring simplicity and ease-of-use to the whole process.

Import The Information, Customize It, Track Your Students Easily.

TalentLMS (Learning Management System) lets you import from YouTube, Slideshare, Wikipedia and other sites. This simplifies getting the material for your course, letting you use what is already available. From the dashboard you set up the information in libraries of files. It's easy to change the appearance of any element of the course from the theme label on the dashboard.

TalentLMS is cloud-based and the courses function naturally on mobile devices as well as on computers. It lets you check how your students are doing with tests that you can set up and re-use in a variety of ways. You can ask for input from your learners via surveys. On completion you can offer certification.

It's easy to get one click statistics and reports from the dashboard. You can create any number of categories of students and control the content each has access to. The platform lets you create branches of the main course, each under your control but with its own URL, theme and users.

The dashboard lets you keep track of progress for each user individually. Reports are available on each user, groups, courses, tests and more.

The Basics: What Does It Look Like?

This screen shot shows how easy it is to choose and import a YouTube video.

Building the course is easy using files in a library that you create.

You can check your users and what they are doing easily from the dashboard.

You can make each course look just the way your want from the theme label in the dashboard.

TalentLMS knows many students use mobile devices.

Reports in several forms are easy to check from the dashboard.

Easy To Set Up, Easy To Administer, Easy To Take The Course

TalentLMS saw how complex it can be to prepare and administer an online course. They are targeting users looking for ease of use for them and for their students. One happy customer summed it up as "no distraction, full concentration. Good balance in beauty, simplicity and efficiency."

Importing files of all types is trouble-free. It is simple to change the appearance of a course, to interact with students and check stats. The learner has a good experience from any device. If you want ease of use, TalentLMS is worth a look.

Support is available from video tutorials, FAQs, a Knowledge Base plus online help.

Will It Fit Your Budget?

TalentLMS offers a free plan good for five users and ten courses requiring no credit card for sign up. They offer monthly paid subscriptions for larger groups depending on the number of users and courses. You can upgrade or downgrade easily.

Is It For You?

If you are looking for a service that makes it easy to create and administer courses that are attractive and convenient for students using computers or mobile devices, TalentLMS is worth investigating. Since they give you the chance to create up to ten courses, no strings attached, you have a chance to thoroughly test its features to see how it would work for your group.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 5/5, value 5/5 and ease of deployment 4/5


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